Thanks Steve

  • by filete01
  • posted Oct 17, 2003

Oh yes, we were all expecting this sooner or much sooner..

it would be funny to wear but I'm not much of a baseball fan.

Watch this

Why isnt it in the center? I also think that this idea could be implemented a little bit better.


I just felt sorry for the poor kid...This is for you Stevie B. Go Marlins!


I was watching this game the night it happened. I think this is funny and I'm sure the marlins might like to have one of these.


I might put some text along with it saying "Thanks Steve" or something. I think it might visually balance it out. I don't know, I like the figures but the white railing is kinda distracting. Maybe just change the color of that or something. Funny though, it definately gets the point across if you knew what happened. So maybe some copy would help.


So what happened? I'm not a baseball fan but I'm curious now.


I like it... it's a great use of few colours. I agree with ConceptHue, I think "Thanks Steve" to the left and bottom of that slightly would compromise the balance. It shouldn't be in the centre, though, because that would just kind of wreck the disposition that the shirt symbolizes. I like it.


Ooh ooh make it either the same blue as the one you have on it already, or a dark red. Maybe dark green. No no, stick with blue or red.



They Cubs were ahead by three and this catch was going to end the 8th inning. It was in foul territory and he was about to catch it but then a Cubs fan knocked it away. The Marlins went on to score like 8 runs that inning and won the game and the series. Unfortunately he will probably have to move away from Chicago...


Actually this catch would have been the second out of the 8th.


ah yes, great night for the fish indeed. I dig the shirt/illustration. One thing though, I don't think there will be
many buyers from the Chicago area but it will be a smash hit down here in South FLA!!! nice work!

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