• by element8
  • posted Oct 15, 2003

fantastic, even though the dna strand is a little hard to make out.

Watch this
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I like, this gets a good vote from me. I think I'd actually buy this. Nice one :]


Looks great! Could maybe be stylized or cleared up a little as mentioned above.


I dig the use of dotted lines for sure, but when it comes to the center icons It feels a bit to much like "clip art" to me, sorry if I have offended? I know that the word "clip art" is fighting words, so I hope I have not offended.


The dotted-lines are there only to explain "where" the elements are positioned. They will not be printed.


Nice shirt, i'd buy it. Luvly work as usual.


I would buy this...but in a different colour...any plans for that?


good concept and execution
i have one problem, the DNA is the only object breaking the box
all or nothing baby.


i really like the idea, but the images don't seem to all be in the same style. i think thats what gives the clip art feel. also, is that a sony ericsson? cos it kind of looks like one, and i'm not sure they'd be too pleased...




..always such nice and good work..as usual!!


I'd call it evolu-shirt.

[maybe the human race wouldn't be too pleased with your use of dna.....]



I think there's too many elements here which take away from the composition. I'm also not sure about the dashes. I think it just makes things too busy. I don't understand the reason behind the dots either but I really enjoy how you made use of the back with the question mark. I just don't like the pixelation of it. Cool idea though.


uh.. i like it a lot!


i love this pictograms!

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