Internet nutrition

come on, this submission is impossible to score without knowing what the text reads...

Watch this

there is a zoom...


the idea is really good but...i'm not feeling the internet as a can, a product, a breakfast food or anything...
the idea is not coming across in the design.


the zoom ain't good.

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RE: ZOOM - It seems fine to me - either right mouse click on the image and select "Zoom In", or hit the (?) in the left corner and drag a box around the text...

Hope people can read it!? It would be fine if read at actual tee size (did a test print!) :]


note to Threadless: fix zoom.


zoom worked for me.


note to threadless users: you don't need to click the (?) button to zoom in - you can drag a box from anywhere on the design.

anyway, i like the design.

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Lots about the ZOOM function, anything about the design, text or theme??? Next tee I design I think I will just have "ZOOM" written across the front (hehe) ;]


I think it is great...way to go Barn!


i really like the concept, but does the internet deserve such a harsh critisism?

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Really, it’s just a tongue in check view of the Internet - taking the piss out of its annoying, darker side. Personally, I love it (use it everyday) and am a fully blown addict. But man, how much crap emails and bad Web stuff is out there!?! I cringe at some of the spam I receive every morning!? I’m sure I didn’t order the extra large donkey loving Viagra kit… ;]


It's a really funny shirt, and really accurate too (i'm happy someone pointed out the incessant cheap ticket ads), but I just don't know if it's anything i'd pay to wear or even want to wear on my shirt. It's not really quick to see, it's more of an art piece than a T design. I'd hate to be stopped everywhere by people wanting to read all that.

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That's a good call and the trouble with tee's that have text on them. Have also thought that about some of the other designs in the competition which have more controversial text or imagery (esp. political).


ha ha.. don't normaly like joke shirts but it's not bad.


love it love it love it


Great work Hey Barn...
Clever comments also. Keep up....


i think it's very good. also the text, very well-written, and ironical. great work Hey Barn (also if you forgot alcoholic rate of the internet!!! ;-) (sorry for my english)

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