Killer design

too busy, drop the white out and simplify, otherwise I like.

Watch this
Joe Biam

good comment. knocking out the white will eliminate the clipart feel it has.


Yes, drop the white.
Maybe the text, too? Just for the sake of it.


telling people it's a "killer design" is like wearing a "Damn I'm Good!" tshirt. It's ok...


I almost stepped in that today.


killer design could work if it had a dave carson-white zombie-wayne gacy feel...right now it's too

Joe Biam

Its dead Point. A play on words. The white is making it hard to make out.


I agree with some of those comments. Unless of course "Killer Design" is a name of a company then it works out well. Also, you're gonna kill youreslf or someone screen printing this and it probably won't come out exactly how you see/want it. Some of those details look pretty fine. The typography is a bit weak too. Does tracking mean anything to you? Course it's hard to see behind the design anyway, could get away with it I suppose. This is just really complex for a t-shirt. I like it though as a design.


sweet jesus it's hideous. I'm almost scared to click 'next submission' such is the volume of tripe here.


looks like killer design got involved after the original print was done, close up not needed


That's really too much.

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