• by nopattern
  • posted Sep 25, 2003

lose that ugly ugly box behind the design. this looks ok on screen but shirt?

Watch this

second impaled monkey


I agree about the box, this was originally for a poster but I didnt have time to change things round for a t-shirt version. Will submit a renewed version soon.


poor little monkeys, threadless designers are cutting them up!


Its' got a mickey mouse vibe 2 it.

Joe Biam

I like the feel, but do something with the box. You can get rid of it if you wish but if you choose to keep it, apply it better.


What do you mean "didn't have time"? Threadless isn't going anywhere soon, as far as I know.


a big solid box that covers most of the front of the t will look bad after a couple of wash cycles. too much screen=bad. scale-back on your graphics. and please, can people stop putting knives and animals (together) on clothing? it's really distasteful.


great poster, bad shirt. leave it on paper.


The reason for the knife and needle on this tee, is that it was originally an RSPCA poster I did to raise awareness of animal testing to a younger generation, its just been edited a little bit as i wouldnt think people would want RSPCA on their shirt, also copyright issues.

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