Vote 5 on "W. Don't Care"

So, here goes my first submission. Hope it wins. And I hope you hope that too.



Watch this

I'm waiting for a sub around the note Dubya wrote asking Condi for a permission to have a wee wee.


No I shant vote at all on this shirt. I don't like threadless as political forum.


george w bush doing care about black licorish

how the hell do you spell licorish


Licorice / liqourice.


^liquorice that is.


Is this a federal spending joke? Black ink is when you're out of debt.


No, redsugar, it's not about Fed. Spending. It's my take on the recent Kanye West deal.

And RJ, I know this isn't a political forum, but design is about capturing your culture and making it iconic. Like it or not, Bush is a part of Pop Culture.

It wouldn't kill any of us to laugh at ourselves a little bit. If you don't, next thing you know, you're listening to too much AM radio.


I've been working all day and my brain is fried. I heard the Kanye West quote, but I don't get the ink part.

At first I thought he just knocked it over and was sneaking away like he didn't do it, which I thought was funny, but that's not political. So I'm guessing it's not that either...


Tanya, I feel your pain on the fried brain (Mmm, rhyme-y). I highly recommend going on a cruise at your earliest convenience. It buries the needle on chilled out. Very refreshing.

Anyway, the ink part. George not caring about black ink is about as substantiatable as Mr. West's claim. He didn't kick the bottle over, he sees it there, spilling, and walks away. Why? Because that souless monster doesn't care about black ink.

That's my timely little joke.


Dubya as pop culture, instead of venom. That's new. :o)

And yes, a cruise sounds like a great idea.

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