• by Ewan
  • posted Aug 26, 2003

This is a re-submit.

Watch this

the great thing about this is that with each resubmission you do, the lower the score i give. excellent!

here's an idea... submit a different design you lazy fuck. or better yet, stick with the same idea of origami, but design a hawk or turtle or anything else.



shit's hot. i'd rock it. i'd wear one under another, just in case things got nutty.


kite's a bit salty. burn one dude, your designs will be cleaner and you won't be such a bitch ass. wash your trap out, you got some sand in there. peace.


i'd respond to your posts but there doesn't seems to be any english or comprehendible sentence structure in any of your posts... i'm not fluent in slang type. try again..?

i'll try it in your lingo:

word gee homey loc, salty mate, hot rock nutty yo yo yo..?



kite stfu you're an ass, nothing you've said was helpful. this resubmission is a definite improvement, it has continuity, repetition and rhythm.

p.s. kite, don't be a fag and reply to this post.

ewan much much better mang. 4


btw this shirt rules i would buy it. i wouldnt be caught wearing any of kites shirts...


BTW!! ive seen this shirt on a diff desing site !
but if you were original, i dont like it anyway, and regardless of the re-submit i grade all of themthe same, other grade lower, but nobody's gonna give u a higher score dumbut


i'd make fun of you, but with a name like 'charlie brown'... your parents already took the fun out of it.



I like it. If I'd only know how to make one.


Sorry you dont like it, but as the above says " If you're going to criticize, be constructive and respectful about it". This design is over two years old hence it's lack of originality.


You are all asses. Stop the inane bickering and one-upmanship and critique the work on the page.

If you critique lower for resubmissions, what's the point of critique? It's rather hypocritical to give someone advice on a design, and then rate their design lower when the resubmit it having made some of the changes advised for the earlier version.

Now I'll cease my hypocrisy and use this posting as it's intended. Nice clean work with good placement. I think this design has reached the final stages of its evolution.


I agree. You're all asses with way too much time on your hands. Amazing you guys can get so worked up over a t-shirt.

I think this design is very nice and wearable as well.


it's the shizzy for rizzy my nizzy. cha-ching!


i resubmitted wit a better font and its pretty different, too, just like ur chinese chik, i ddnt say anything about that one, dude
i was just sayin that if you resubbmitted the exact same thing, thats pretty crappy.


and by he way i gave u a four. hmph....



actually its charles brown but i like charlie brown so what up


didn't i said looks familiar ??? did i said you copy ? or the guy copy you ?? ................ gosh come on .. i mean no harm k


I think I'll give this a 5 just for the comments.


kite's a bitch huh, who pissed in his cheerios?

Baron Z

stop the hate, learn to skate!


I don't know what's going on. I think some people might need to brush their teeth. My dentist recommends to do so regularly.


Resubmitting is weak. If you're not gonna put enough effort into refining a design to a point where you're perfectly happy with it, don't bother submitting it. This is a design competition, not a feedback forum.

I'm sick of looking at the same goddamn t-shirts over and over.


Sekt, what you have just entered into is 'a feedback forum'. The reason I re-submitted is that the 1st time round threadless had nowhere as many members (or comments) , I thought that giving it re-exposure would give me usefull feedback on the design. I now wish I hadn't bothered.


I have a Cosmic Girl shirt from a couple of years ago that looks like that, but better.


I actually like the design and I would wear it in the Green.

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