street team

I think Threadless should give out some street team points for voting on a lot of tees. Like getting a point for every 1000 designs you rate. I mean voting is what keeps this site running, and I know I take a lot of time to vote every submission so I'm thinking we should get rewarded for that.

Watch this

If they did that, there'd be no more order refferings or that many taking pictures. Just the easy and quick way, which'll lead Threadless to giving out too many free shirts.



i both agree and disagree with the original statement


I think seeing your favourite designs get printed and knowing you had some part in that decision is a great reward in itself.


Why do you have two pictures of the same shirt?


actually i just realized that points idea is flawed because people wouldn't put as much thought into their votes, they would just want to rate designs as quickly as possible to get the points. so it's a flawed idea.. though it would probably benefit people like me who have no artistic skills but like looking at purty pictures ;)


One big and one little


And people would be harrassing them to put up new subs all the time.

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