• by Sysgal
  • posted Jul 21, 2003

submit it in the gay department


your style rox but you need to focus on ideas that many people agree on.y not just keep the girl and add some obscure symbols?


Watch this

sysgal's comment is valid, if a bit conservative, a series of these would be worth doing. exploring all the potential themes available to this image.


like your style


Ooh like in spiderman, but with 2 girls :-)


The thing about people not agreeing on certain themes on shirts can go either way really... like, it's interesting how guys would wear a shirt that has a girls bathroom symbol on it or if my friend Ryan wears his rainbow colored "PRIDE" shirt even though he isn't gay.

There's something about wearing a shirt that represents your opposite opinion that is far more sly than someone wearing something that represents themselves. I'd wear a christian shirt, but people seem to get down on them - why? It seems odd that people would be afraid to wear a christian shirt...like...because people might think they are christian? If anything, it would make a more profound statement of objection being that you'd willingly wear a shirt with a cross on a checker piece that says "King Me" ...that said...

I'm not all about homosexuality, but I dig this shirt...


archpark has a point...a good one.


that girl is hotyall!


I like how it sort of looks like a playing card. Nice concept.


i love the design, the style is f-ing fanatasic...who doesn't like 2 hot girls?


really good. who cares about making designs that lots of people agree on? you'd never make anything if you always did that. But could the girls be clearly different? At the moment they look like identical twins. (Guys, is that an added turn on? twin on twin?)


My favorite. Looks like the designer (tee-hee).

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