Choice vs. Chaos

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Arial black fonts seems VERY outta place....

Autonomus Prime

The weight of the Font fitted well with the graphic. Its sharp, precise lines was equal with the curve of the image. It adds balnace to an image where most of your attention is drawn to the arrow. the typeset is a simple form representing the simple path the image takes us through. The colours red/white represent the choice vs. chaos.

Felix Nights

Love the artwork, not sure about the font though.


Your fonts balance your artwork. Nice design.


I think it works.

Imagining it on an actual person makes me want to wear it, i think.


Colors rock. design is tight. change the font (above)

345 profile pic Alumni

(looks).. (reads).. (thinks).. love the controversial lyrics..
maybe the black behind the arrow's too far up.. 9logo looks like a little wheel that makes the whole look like something of a disproportioned motorcycle.. so (sorry: FOR ME) the image doesn't really do justice to the text.. still a very good shirt!

Autonomus Prime

the graphic represents the path that we must carve as independants to achieve success. 1 direction = 1 chance.
the ups + downs that we must overcome are just the challenges that we face throughout our lives. [ choices ].

What font can be used to describe a more simple formula than that?


This looks like an XFL jersey logo, or something. Rather guiltily, I like the image, but the self-advertising, ill-fitting text brings it down.

Autonomus Prime

XFL? hmm...
i'm not advertising myself. i'm advertising the truth.

Autonomus Prime

Autonomus Prime simply means "independence".

Prime Autonomy:
Meaning "Independence First", is what people fight for from the beginning. Rebelling against conformity. I mean, that's what we're all doing here. Trying to design an original and everlasting image of yourself. So when Autonomus appears on the shirts i design. Its merely a reminder of what we have to focus on. Our Independence.


I dig it. 5.


this is a good start. maybe take the idea to a new place, as this piece seems to lack a personal touch that i could recognize it by. nice colors


nuthin but luv for this peice, the font works well.

but i would flip the graphic 180.


I like it; it struck me as it loaded up and it would look good as a T.


Nice. I to think the font should be changed, but do keep it simple. I really can't read the message at the bottom of the design. Its too small.


che=arrows=silohuettes=played out

Autonomus Prime

guns=spray cans= "Upso" linework= played out


I don't know, "Prime". Half the time here it's just you writing (okay, 8 outa 21 comments). And I dig you're really, honestly good with words. But nevertheless, your design maybe needs a little bit working on. And kingsfunk is right, arrows aren't the last hype.
But let's be constructive and respectful: you ask which font can be used to describe a more simple formula... Well, what about the original Bauhaus fonts? Isn't Helvetica just a deduction of those?
And, btw, I agree with 345, I think the image doesn't do justice to the text. It lacks the simplicity you promote. Try to reduce it, try to get rid of those tiny little whatsoevers at the bottom(?) of your arrow, try to streamline it a little bit more...

Autonomus Prime

ok. listen, i just respond to the comments that question my design, and react to those that don't, and just say dumb shit. This place is a forum, and everybody can say whatever they want, and how many times they want. And to the topic of the font i use, what is the simplicity that i lack? People are saying that but not giving me enough input. Really, what is that missing link between the image and the type?

T02 profile pic Alumni

Looks like a package design to me, sorry .
I mean thats not bad, but its not the kind of package id wear this summer.<br /> Smart chosen colours tho.


Ok, I see you're trying to take comments serious, so I'll try to put into words what I'm feeling about your design....
I think, if you want to "reduce to the max", you shouldn't use so many different line widths. Take a look at the shadow at the bottom of your arrow: it just isn't consistent. And maybe I'm mistaken, but your arrow has sooo many different angles - it just isn't the simplicity you promote. Same with the little "thingies" - I've already mentioned them: get rid of them. There's no need of branding you're design (I assume, that's what you mean to do by adding the "heart nine").
And the issue of typo vs. design: I believe that Helvetica isn't totally out of place. But maybe you shouldn't use a condensed font. Just stick to the original Helvetica font, or take a look at Bauhaus, or maybe a Futura font. And try to give your typo and design some common ground: common line widths, or place the typo in a way that "continues" the lines and curves of your drawing. I mean: just try a few more variations. Just because you started with Helvetica Cn doesn't mean you have to stick to it like a fly on the windscreen.
Hope you keep working on it!!

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