Well, ouch.

I like the shirt; I really do. I just kind of take offence to the stereotype even though its cleverly promoted. I am a girl, yet the only thing I like from the girl side is the pony. I am into star wars [han solo's blaster right against the soldiers back], I play guitar and football and I like swords/swordplay. Is this to say I'm a man? Ouch.

Watch this
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you know they do say they are perpetuating a stereotype right there in the design title...



oh bananaphone.


i think this shirt very well tells the truths of sex differences.

except they forgot a vaccuum and oven on the girls side.


lol rooster and a mop don't forget the mop.... and ideally a french maids outfit...


god damn it...oftthecoast if you chicks are going to use put the toilet seat down... be sure to remember to lift it back up


i sit-a down when-a i pees!


that is better ofthecoast =p

oh wait...


no seriously
its so annoying to have to lift the seat up everyime i take a piss

inconsiderate woman

(yea see how stupid that sounds....yea sounds the same when woman say it)

Princess Toadstool

they forgot a dick on the mens side.

and meatballs for mario!


I'm a girl. I play the bass (ooooooh) but I don't take offense to this.
I don't play football though... I find it rather manish.
Maybe you could buy it and just say you're the blue side?


a dick???
well then in that case they forgot a vagina on the womans side

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also forgot the baking mitts and the frequent BJ's on the woman's side, although I don't know how they'd portray frequent BJ's


frequent bjs?? iunno what kinda woman you know, but please introduce me to them


umm... I found this shirt humorous because it's about the imposed gender differences made at the very beginning of all our lives- and basically how it's so dumb and people really shouldn't be concerned what category they fall under (or if they don't really fall under a category at all) and that it shouldn't depend on having a vagina or penis (or both, I guess).

American society is obsessed with sex and gender roles... and it all starts in childhood and continues to confuse people of either sex unless you can figure out that you are the only one who knows what you are and no one can tell you to be someone else. :) You're only in the general trend if you let American culture get to you.

Oh, and Roostersause (since you're the one who started this ridiculous trail of cynical/ironic humor)- the shirt isn't about expectations the sexes have of each other/expectations that society has of women and men. It's about, again, the very beginning of learning about sex differences. "I'm a girl, so I play with dolls." "I'm a boy, so I play with trucks." That's why this shirt gives a funny and non-offensive approach to the idiocy of strictly imposed gender lines. (An unfortunately harmful idiocy).



oh jeez, i had no idea
thank you so much for enlightening me

i have no idea what i was thinking


oh sarcarsm. seriously though, if you want to kill stupidity- shoot it in the face, don't flutter about the lesser learned person with humor they might not understand.


but thats what we do on this blog

we are cynical and sarcastic, and flutter around those with humor that they wont understand


Hey Jones, you might want to loosen up your schedule if you consider that a post an hour before counts as long exhausted.


i am reminded of a joke.

a guy goes into a book store to buy a gift for a friend

he cant find the book / section so he asks the lady at the counter about it

she replies - "sir this is a feminist book store there is no humor section"


cynical people wouldn't be cynical if they actually tried to change the world and enlighten stupid people- instead of just laughing at them. "hahaha, the world's messed up." And it's only messed up because so many smart people are cynical. It freakin' pisses me off.
Oh, and maddingo, if you're going to tell a joke, you have to set it up right, otherwise the punchline doesn't make any sense (you didn't say the guy was looking for a humorous book). Just saying. The joke could have been funny.


hehe, just roasting ass. Take no offense, really. And they say women are complicated. What a lie that is- I came out and said what I thought.


I agree. I would just like to see people articulate themselves better (and maybe actually know something about the subject).



It's just a shirt, people.


god people on the internet are stupid


sarcasm is becoming slightly overrated..

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oh my god...you people give me a headache


that wasn't nice.


"they forgot a dick on the mens side."

no, we like dick. they should have that on the womens side. lol.


Hehe. And perhaps they should have put breasts on the men's side.


I don't remember liking penis when I was little...

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