L but M???

well today just arrived my new I HEART THREADLESS tee and I was little surprised cause I wear girl L ( I have two AA ladies M (I order them hoping that maybe I gonna surprise but didn't :)) and I measured I I HEART THREADLESS L with AA ladies M and I can say that is even smaller then the other one (AA size M)!! It is definitely shorter! I read some blogs from guys who order this shirt and they say that their is too long, but my definitely is too short???? And it is very tight around the belly, well it is the same size like AA M (bit bit smaller). Never mind, my pillows on my belly can be seen more and it is a shorter (so I guess I shouldn't never even think to wash it, and that will be no big problem cause I have more than 20 threadless tees). THAT will be my sexy tee :))
But to other girl a message. If you wear L like I , then order new threadless tee XL..

Watch this

yeah, the girl's tees run pretty small. Hopefully they're going to fix that.


Are the new Girly sleeves too short for a guy? How do they compare to AA Girly?


there is a huge blog about the girl's sizes being way off. Shimala said they are being worked on and some improvements are being made... which ones, we don't know yet.

But yes, girls shirts are running a size or two to small, too short, and too tight....


the sleeves are pretty short, almost half sleeves, depends on what kind of guy you are to pull that off... also keep in mind the new shorts are cut tighter in the waist and then wider at the hips... also a little awkward for a dude.


I wear a M in AA and I ordered a M in I heart Threadless then exchanged it for a L and I just got it and it is smaller than my AA mediums.


Umm I hate that sentance I wrote, it hurts to read it lol.


I wear a AA small... bought a Threadless small, and pretty much can only wear it if I ever decide to dress like a whore for Halloween or eventually become a Threadless loving hooker... we'll see.


I preferred the smaller girly sizes on that shirt. I thought it actually fitted better, but I seem to be in the minority.


^ you're not the only one, I love the new M. I normally wear AA M and found the new Threadless M to fit better.


I am not a small girl, i wear the girly XL normaly. if threadless is going to make there shirts smaller then I will not buy them. I like long shirts, I think that the AA one are short as it is.


really? weird. I wear a girly M in AA and I got a M in this one too and it's fine. It is a bit more fitted but it's still okay.

I actually like the fit of this one better.


i know this how nothing to do with anything

but you're really pretty


Yeah I just read this blog and cancelled my order. Unfortunately, I can't afford to buy any shirts that could potentially not fit. :(


I actually like the smaller size. It looks good on me. But I tend to be rather skinny due to a lack of funds. College is a great diet.


I always order girly AA mediums, and they usually fit ok, besides the fact that no two sizes are exactly the same.. You know how AA is. Order 2 of the same size and you get one that's bigger and one that's smaller.
But anyway.
I was planning on ordering the I Heart Threadless tee just to see how the new girly shirts fit, but decided against it after reading how short everyone says they are. I want a shirt that's long and fitted please. Not short, baggy, boxy, or has the tendency to bunch at the waist.

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