Odd Couples

The Odd Couples challenge winner is here!

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printed design / 78,208 votes placed

The challenge was

Create an odd couples t-shirt design.

A unicorn and the Tooth Fairy having a tea party. Little Red Riding Hood and George Washington competing in a decathlon. The Loch Ness monster and Genghis Khan doing a jigsaw puzzle together. These pairings don’t make a lick of sense. And we freakin’ love ‘em.

Your challenge is to pick any two unrelated characters or figures and show us how they’d interact. Would they be BFF or mortal enemies? Would they fight? Hug? Compete? Quilt? You’re the only one who knows.

Make sure to obey the rules of parody in this challenge. If you’ve got a question about a certain character and whether or not we’re able to print them, ask Rachel and Dan in this blog.

Now get to work. You’ve got two very important folks to introduce.

The winner received

  • $2,000 cash

  • $500 Threadless gift code

  • A pair of drumsticks and a remote control helicopter

  • 100 buttons of your design and a set of kickball bases

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