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The challenge was

Get a brand new artist to submit a design to Threadless.

As any Threadfan knows, we’re all about providing opportunities to artists. Printed artists score tons of cash and get to see their art on tees, pillows, iPhone cases, bags, and more, all with their name displayed for all the world to see!

Unfortunately, not everybody has experienced the awesomeness that is getting printed for Threadless. We want you to help spread the word to new artists who haven’t discovered all the ways that Threadless gets their art out into the world.

Your challenge is to get a brand new artist to submit a design to Threadless.

If the new artist’s design is chosen, you’ll each get 2,000 buckaroos.

Here’s how it’s all gonna go down:
- You share the love of Threadless and one of your awesome artist friends becomes a member. No tricky stuff with old members signing up for new accounts! We’re too smart for that.
- The new guy or gal submits a design to this challenge. *Make sure they credit you as the person who told them about Threadless in the “About Your Design” section.*
- If their design gets picked, you both score cash!

So existing Threadfans, get out there and find awesome artists! New awesome artists, join the party.

The winner received

  • $2,000 each for the new artist and the member who referred them

  • $500 Threadless gift code each

Designs from this challenge