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Iron Man

The Iron Man challenge winners are here!

232 designs /
printed designs / 198,422 votes placed


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The challenge was

Create a t-shirt design inspired by Marvel's Iron Man.

Billionaire industrialist Tony Stark has created some of the world’s most powerful weapons, and the mightiest of all just might be himself. As metal clad super hero Iron Man, Stark becomes the world’s greatest fighting machine, conquering evil at every turn.

Your challenge is to design a t-shirt inspired by Marvel’s Iron Man.

Whether he’s doing battle with foes like Whiplash and Doctor Doom or running Stark Industries with the help of his trusty secretary Pepper Potts, Iron Man’s life is never dull. So harness your creative superpowers to design a t-shirt with Pow! Bang! Pop! Your design could bring you closer to Tony Stark-like riches.

Keep in mind:

  • Use your original artwork.

  • Characters outside of the Marvel universe are not allowed.

  • You may not uses characters from The Avengers or The All Winners Squad or the villain Unicorn.

  • You may not use actor likenesses or any logos in your design.

  • No political or adult content (sex, smoking, drinking, etc.) is allowed.

  • References to the Ironman Triathlon are not allowed.

  • The characters cannot be represented as children or animals.

  • Designs should be inspired by the comic, not the movies. Designs with actor likenesses or details, themes, or elements specific to the movies will not be approved.

  • Iron Man should not be represented as another object. (ie, an iron)
  • Challenge Details

    • $5,000 cash grand prize for an artist collaboration (artists split the prize)

    • $3,000 cash grand prize for a single artist

    • $500 gift code for grand prize

    • Other designs chosen for print from this challenge will receive compensation based on the product printed on & the quantity printed.

    Designs From This Challenge

    Iron Man


    Since making his first appearance in Tales of Suspense #39 in 1963, Tony Stark has helmed the multinational defense corporation Stark Industries while attempting to keep his alter ego—metal-encased super hero Iron Man—a secret. Iron Man has remained one of the world’s top super heroes for nearly fifty years, using his man-made suit of armor to banish crime wherever he goes.