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Sh*t The Internet Says

The Sh*t The Internet Says challenge winner is here!

257 designs /
printed design / 50,634 votes placed

Dat Ass Doe!

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The challenge was

Submit a design inspired by all the WTF comments, abbrevs, and LOL nonsense we say on the internet.


Love it or hate it, the internet is full of ridiculous terms. There’s simply no escaping a sea of “words” that likely make everyone at Merriam-Webster shudder, including such masterpieces as “oh hai” “bae”, “on fleek”, “turnt up”, “ROFL”, “Srsly”, “haz”... and so many more. Your challenge is to embrace these language-shaming terms and for once, reign upon them some sort of respectful value through the next great design.

Show us what this verbal internet sillyness means to you by turning it into awesome art. Experiment with typography to provide this strange world of hashtags and absurd slang something to be proud of. Create a design that makes you feel… #blessed.

Go design like a boss, friends. YOLO!

Challenge Details

  • $1,000 cash

  • $1,000 Threadless gift code

Designs from this challenge