The Internet 2.0

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The first Commandment of the Internet

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The challenge was

Create a design inspired by the Interwebz!

Hit Meme with your best shot!

The Internet is strange. It's not a real, tangible thing, and yet the impact it can have on our conversations, on our views, on our lives, is very #real. Take all the hours you spend on Internet deep dives and channel them into a design! Create an image about taking a mental health break from glowing screens and notifications, make a commentary about #FakeNews, about the strange YouTube rabbit holes we all fall into at 3 AM, about the videos of unusual animal friendships or kids falling down that we all share the heck out of, and more.

Log on, like, share, and go viral with a design for this challenge that sums up the best (or worst) of the mysterious thing we call The Internet.


Featured designs:
If the Internet Was a Pizza by John Tibbott
Internet by Bill Mund
Offline by aparaat

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