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100% Vector - Process Gif

by gebe / general /

enter image description here

I made this just because I learned how to make a gif XD This is the process of one of my work! Sorry for bad quality and Dribbble small format :)

11.614 vector points. You can see the entire work here!

Feel free to share your process too!

Happy Easter Everyone!

by slavinskas / general /

Happy Easter, yeah! :D In my new country, Lithuania, Easter Eggs have to be very, very colourful :))) And the most fun part is giving them to friends and family :) So have one you too! ;)

Happy Easter!

Easter Eggs must be colourful!

Haha, so it was my first 'painting' in my new studio :D Acrylic on eggshell :D

Tech Difficulties

by Starforce / general /

Hello, I'm relatively new to here and got my first art tablet (Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch) last Christmas. Well I haven't gotten to do much with it and it already got de-calibrated and I'm not sure why. I tried using my apps for the tablet's settings but it says that I don't have a qualifying tablet despite the tablet coming with the very apps. So, I was curious if any of you knew how to re-calibrate a Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Art Tablet. I apologize if I posted in the wrong section, once again I'm new to here.

Bob White The Quale Wip

by aqsmorningview / artdesign /

the boarder around the image represents clouds and the inside background will be blue representing the sky,as for everything else what do you think?

Big Joe Lift Giving You Assurance Of Quality

by adam.pinto.963 / general /

Big Joe lift makes some big waves in the market because of the assurance of quality which they bring in to you. The forklifts have significant amount of fame as well as importance in the very arena of industrial sector. They do have a strong hold in the industrial sector on various natural reasons. Reliability aspects appear to be on top of the pile.

Simplicity in action

A Big Joe lift is presumed to entitle you with a significant amount of simplicity in action. May be, it is one of the reasons that it is going to strong in the thriving as well as evolving industrial sector. They are designed in such a way that users do not find least amount of trouble while trying to use the contraption. Because of the standard mechanism they find the stuff or the contraption real easy while handling it. You would not be required to learn rocket science in order to be able to operate it. That is a guarantee.

Run time

Apart from the significant amount of simplicity in action, the contraption gives you maximum ratio of run time. Because of the greater run time as well as superior speed it surely rules the industrial sector as well as constructional fields.

Safety ensured

A Forklift meets one of your basic needs during the operations on the field. As you engage in handling the contraption you can rest assured of your safety. It has been built keeping your safety aspects in mind only. If you make it a point to learn the control features by heart then your safety will not be any problem at all.

Flexible cost factors

While talking about the Big Joe Forklifts you have to reflect on the supple cost factors for sure. In spite of giving you an array of significant and beneficial features these contraptions are available at an inexpensive price range.

Great productivity

Form productivity aspects you are not going to find any amount of trouble at all. Here is a look into the productivity aspects.

With the help of the contraption you are going to control damages
You will deal with building blocks effectively
The storing methods are also going to be effective
You are going to be happy facing less amount of trouble with space constraints

All the aforementioned aspects point out at the effectiveness of Big Joe Forklifts. Having them in your stride will be a money making, profitable as well as safe option.

Big Joe Forklifts - Fork Lifts from Material Flow. Material Flow & Conveyor Systems is your source for wholesale discounts on Big Joe Forklifts,Drum Forklift Attachments,Fork Extensions,Genie Telehandlers,Manual Stackers,Material Lifts,Omega Lifts,Power Stackers,Specialty Lifts,TCM Forklift Trucks,Used Forklifts,Vestil Forklifts.

Pallet Racks Help In Shelving Goods And Meaningful Warehouse Storage

by adam.pinto.963 / general /

While we consider a business of import and export of stuffs, or maybe a manufacturing unit, the first thing that comes to mind is the necessity of a warehouse. Now, with all kinds of investment plans, and modern technology, plush office spaces, beautiful people to work with, nothing makes it complete without a place to store your products. I mean, you cannot do a business to import or export stuff without a place to store them in between, and neither can you think of manufacturing your products without a plan for their storage. Now a warehouse or multiple warehouses, whatever you have, does have a limit to their area of storage, but your business products will not. Hence, a plan needs to be in place for Shelving this products in a way to fit them in your warehouses.

A Well Thought Of Shelving Plan

When we consider the need of unlimited storage spaces in limited area of warehouses, the one thing that comes in my mind id a Pallet Rack. This is a primary component to maximize your limited storage space, resulting in diminished storage cramps, and improving the space for storage, a new start of hope, with productivity rise, and a better throughput with systemized approach. Have you ever considered the analytic series of questions where you get a lot of "if A is related to B as D is related to E", a Pallet Rack is related to a Warehouse as are bricks related to a building. Both work to offer the support and structure to the entity in general.

Increasing Demand For Storage Space

If you have a business in the industry of material handling, then you well understand the speed with which every business owner, including you, are in a mode of expansion of their current facilities and buying new warehouse space to meet the market demands. With the change in fulfillment of rapid orders, conversations to procure fresh forms of Pallet Racks, is frequent. The demand in new forms of system and technology is in the air. Although people are still considering the selective racks, but the major percentage of activity has shifted to "multi-level pick systems" and "flow systems" in order to focus on rapid movement.

Types Of Racking Systems Available

With Pallet Racks changing designs and the use of forklifts growing high, we need to have a look at the new generation racking devices in offer. The most commonly used are the Selective Racks, typically used in time of racking in narrow aisles used for creating the best possible space available. Then there are the Pushback Racking systems and the Drive-Inn Racks and so on.

forkliftmf - Pallet Rack is the standard in storage for warehouses, plants and many other industrial and commercial applications. In addition to selling pallet rack, Material Flow employs a team of experts that are capable of designing and setting up your pallet rack system.

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