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A Threadless Que Fala Portuguãªs Do Brasil!

by nickelljosh / marketing /

Bandeira do Brasil

Já tem um tempo que nós lançamos a versão em Português do nosso site E pra nós é um verdadeiro orgulho poder conversar de forma muito mais direta com vocês, Brasileiros!

Estamos bastante animados com o feedback constante de vocês em nossos perfis sociais nacionais. Ainda não conhece? Visite, siga e torne-se fã agora!



E detalhe! Ao curtir nossa Fan Page no Facebook você pode levar um vale-compras de $5 pra economizar em nosso site, corre lá!

Queremos ouvir cada vez mais de vocês e contar com a sua participação pra continuar criando as estampas mais fantásticas da Terra! Tragam todo esse brilho e essa garra Brasileira pra nossa marca.

Nós literalmente amamos o Brasil!

Threadless Newsletter, And Why We're Saying Goodbye (To Some).

by lizatthreadless / marketing /

Hi! Liz here, I am the sender of the newsletters here at Threadless. Love me? Hate me? Either of those I can take, ignore me, well that hurts.

Here at Threadless we want to give you news, how you want, where you want. You want Facebook updates but hate getting email? That's fine by us. What is important is we keep you interested and give our community everything it needs to thrive, grow and be, well a community.

On Wednesday we sent out what will be the first of our "Breakup" emails asking people who have not acted on an email for a long time to either click, or we'll stop sending. We are taking a proactive step to stop sending emails to our newsletter subscribers who aren't reading them. There are some boring technical reason as to why this will benefit Threadless, but more importantly we want to work within our community to give them the information they want, when they want it, where they want it.

We are also thinking of ways to redesign the newsletters to maximize know, give you the content you want to receive. So tell us, what do you want to see in the newsletters? What do you not want to see?

Threadless Kids! And Kids.

by lizatthreadless / marketing /

When I was 20, I bought my three year old cousin clothes for Christmas; cute clothes, but clothes. She opened the gift, took one look, said, “these aren’t presents”, threw them to the side and moved on to the toys. Since then, except for very small kids who don’t know the difference, maybe first Christmas or first birthday, I’ve refrained from buying clothes as gifts for kids.

Well this Christmas I broke my rule. I gave Threadless longsleeve tees to some of my favorite cold weather kids. Now, most I gave as a side gift, if you will, in addition to a toy. The idea being the parents would like the Threadless Kids tees, but the kids wouldn’t feel cheated by clothes. Well guess what. The kids loved the shirts! Henry took one look at Mammoths Were Hippies and freaked out that I had remembered that Wooly Mammoths are his FAVORITE (I didn’t, but he’d just seen a great exhibit at The Field Museum and is totally into them). Greta said, “This shirt is just like Olive’s!” having previously seen my daughter in Running Rhino. 4-year-old Tyler exclaimed, “I’ve wanted walkie talkies my whole life!” upon seeing his gift and then insisted on wearing Partly Hungry Skies to school refusing to cover it up with a sweater.

As a mom of the cutest girls in the universe (I mean, what mom’s kids aren’t the cutest?) I’m used to the “how cute”, and “awh isn’t she sweet” comments from complete strangers. I expected the “where did you get that shirt?” from other parents at the playground. But I have to admit I’ve been gleefully surprised by the response of other kids to the Threadless tees. I am talking about little kids, 2, 3, 4, 5 years old here. A little boy saw Olive in Mammoths Were Hippies at the Aquarium and exclaimed to anyone who was listening, “Look at her shirt! It has TWO elephants on it, and one has long hair and a headband”. I think some of what we here at Threadless HQ sometimes miss out on some of the IRL (in real life) commentary from kids who can’t yet express themselves in the blogs and comments of our online community.

So I ask you, what have you heard from the kids you know in response to the Threadless Kids shirts?