Check Out Alex Solis’ Creepy Monster Illustrations For All Of October!

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October is in full swing, and just about everyone has Halloween on their braaaaaaaaains. That’s why, over here at Threadless HQ, Threadstaffer Alex Solis has taken on the perfect art project to put you in the spooky spirit. For the entire month of October, Alex will be (beautifully) illustrating some of your favorite creepy creatures. Check out some of his illustrations from earlier this month:





We sat down with Alex to ask him a few questions about how he prepares for All Hallows’ Eve:

What are some of your favorite horror movies?

I grew up watching A Nightmare on Elm Street. Not sure why, but my mom would let me watch those movies and I was only like 6 years old, haha!

Do you have any yearly traditions for Halloween?

My daughter and I like to make our own Halloween decorations, and we watch The Nightmare Before Christmas.

What is your favorite classic horror movie monster and why?

I love Frankenstein. My favorite part is when he throws the girl into the lake.


What was your favorite Halloween costume and what are you going as this year?

My favorite was for a bboy competition. The whole crew dressed up as greasers. Not sure what I will be this year... still thinking.

Best Halloween candy? Most overrated Halloween candy?

Candy corn is the best, until I eat more then three - then it's the worst and most overrated.

What are your Halloween plans for this year?

The Halloween party at Threadless HQ, and then trick or treat with my daughter the next day!

Follow Alex on Tumblr and Instagram to keep up with his incredible monster illustrations for all of #Inktober!

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Nice illustrations Alex. Keep up the good work!


Hijo is a sick, sick young man. He needs help. But I love him so!


Werewolf, scarecrow, Dracula


The man-faced dog in the invasion of the body snatchers, Donald Sutherland version


these are some gropey monsters what with the gropey hands and all. Nice work neat stuff. Black lagoon is always my favorite. But no wolfman?

dudeowl profile pic Alumni

awesome! Love it!

macdoodle profile pic Alumni

Love it all! Halloween is the best time of year!


I bet you could rock a couple illustrations of a demon, ghost, and someone that needs an exorcism.


Please do the troll!! Please.... :D (by the way, Alex is super awesome)

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