Interview With Artist Rafael Pereira!

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Threadless Abmassador Tom interviews the aesthetically astute Rafael Pereira aka hafaell.

First of all hi and welcome to the interview!

Hey, hey! Wow! Awesome. Let me answer these questions right now!

Your avatar has somebody in a gas mask. Is that you?

Yes, that's me with my beloved mask.

Would it be fair to say that some of your prints have a comic book aesthetic to them?

Yes, I can't deny that I have been influenced by comics. I love to read them and I spend a lot of time studying each panel, trying to understand how each artist comes up with those results. Splash pages are my favorite, and also the covers.

What topics do you usually cover in your work?

Human figures, sci-fi, nature and elements of industrial counter-culture.

Many of your artworks contain a dark atmosphere or a morbid theme, would you like to expand on this?

Hmm, it's hard for me to talk about this. My life is kinda complicated, dark and full of...I'm kidding. Actually, I believe this comes from the things I like to read and watch. I'm a big fan of fantasy literature, especially science fiction and horror.

How often do you think about death?

I've always thought that it is something eventual and it's not something which is a constant. Maybe it is one of my least important problems in life, in fact it might not even be a problem.

Is your personal artwork different from your submissions at Threadless?

Nope, the work that I submit to Threadless is a lot like what I do everyday. The aesthetic stays the same, it's just the medium that is different.

Could you explain the concept behind 'After All'?

The concept for After All was 'born' when I was watching the news about the nuclear catastrophe in Japan. Rather than making the design specifically about Japan, I wanted to create a post-apocalyptic atmosphere. The couple would be like two survivors, I guess.

'To Rip' is a collaboration with Threadless artist Matihole, could you tell us how that partnership works?

Mathiole is one hell of a friend. We're in fact roommates now, but back then when we made 'To Rip', we lived in different cities and everything happened through the internet.

What was it like working with Matihole on your 'Join The Awesome' design?

‘Join The Awesome’ was our third collab. He had the idea and he made a collage showing the composition. I did the sketch from that, then I made the final pencil work and then he added the final touches and of course colored the design magically.

"Join The Awesome" is available as a tee!

What is your favourite Threadless tee?

It's hard to pick just one, because I have so many favourites. 'Movies: Ruining the Book since 1920', is my favourite I guess.

'Fryderyrk' is a rock poster style design about Chopin, what kind of music do you like to listen to?

IDM, Industrial, Ebm, Dub, Death metal, Prog metal... There's a whole lot of stuff. Music like this often inspires me to create designs such as Fryderyk. Even though it's not classical music, I try to create a link between the feeling of the music and the art itself.

"Fryderyk" is available as a tee!

Do you think that there's a chance that a zombie apocalypse could ever happen?

I hope so. I'll do pretty much everything to join the living dead.

Cheers for taking part in the interview, and good luck with your mayhem filled post-apocalyptic visions of the future!

Interview by Ambassador Tom Bryce

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jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

one of my favorite artists on here. so good.

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

definitely one of my favorites on here :) and a really fun read!

ellygeh profile pic Alumni

Parabéns Rafa! Big fan of your art!! Really inspiring stuff!


Awesome interview, mindblowing artist


fantastic artist, I really like the style he draws!


One of my favorite artists. Congrats Hafaell!


Cool !!

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