Pop 5 Loves Threadless!!!

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The hits just keep on comin' in LOVESland because out of the blue, here comes November Loves #2 and it's a doozie. From the makers of the fastest-selling independent board game in history, Cranium, comes the new taste sensation called Pop 5! We tested it out here in the office and it's a serious blast. I successfully acted out "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" and hummed a few bars from "The Little Mermaid" theme to help lead my team to victory! I don't mean to brag but, i coulda sculpted it, too...

The theme is "It's Not What You Know, It's How You Show It" and the prizes are just incredible. Ross almost had a heartattack when he saw the signed Gary Baseman book with the one-of-a-kind drawing. I think my favorite prize is the extra game that you can give to a friend! I'm all about sharing. And so my friends, I share with you...

Pop 5 Loves Threadless


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tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

Haha oh man, board games love threadless?! Now that's kinda cool.


I love Cranium! YAY I can't wait to try Pop 5 and see all the entries!

arzie13 profile pic Alumni

That book might accidentially go missing. Baseman really signed it with a drawing!!!


Ross... how bout a picture?


Richard Tate gave a talk at an event my company threw. That man is amazingly inspiring.


Any free love gear contests to enter for this one?

Gringz profile pic Alumni

i have that book, its awesome

not signed though... sigh

mezo profile pic Alumni

What a coincidence! Every Rose Has It's Thorn was what my alarm played whern it went off this morning! I am a psychic! I am MISS CLEO.

jublin profile pic Alumni

hey mezo. check <del>yourself before you wreck yourself</del> your email in about two minutes!


Cranium is faptastic.

I might enter this one!


i love cranium

a guy from cranium encouraged me to apply for a job there once.

i was at the 23rd and jackson starbucks (here in seattle if that street intersection is not familiar to you - don't you love sir mix a lot?) and the guy said he thought I was quite clever and should apply.

woe is me and my shoddy self esteem.


They have a fantastic coporate environment. Very fun. You should send in a resume.

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

I love loves threadless. So many good ones...
I need more time!!!

starr226 profile pic Alumni

I don't want to sway any voting, Ross, but if I win, you know what'll be in it for you. If you get my meaning. Nudge, nudge.

I'm not talking about sex, by the way. I'm talking about that book, dude.


coool game!
cool competition!!


interesting site too!
I even registered. but then again, they are one of those US-Centric sites.. so I have to give a fake US adress.. :((

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

you guys are organising some very interesting new loves prizes. Nice job.


i have this book already and it is most enjoyable, even unsigned

i carnt spel

i feel so stoooooooooooopid for having no idea who this dude is...

sonmi profile pic Alumni

omg i love gary baseman!!!!


wow, I thought I would bump this cuz there's only 15! subs in for this yet?!

anyone working up something cool?


Yes, I wiped my bottom on a cloth and am vectoring it at the moment. The bits of fluff are hard to get right


whats the highest score so far for these subs, i know it wont be mine, i can hardly get a friggin 2!


i wish this got a higher score

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