Threadless Newsletter, And Why We're Saying Goodbye (To Some).

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Hi! Liz here, I am the sender of the newsletters here at Threadless. Love me? Hate me? Either of those I can take, ignore me, well that hurts.

Here at Threadless we want to give you news, how you want, where you want. You want Facebook updates but hate getting email? That's fine by us. What is important is we keep you interested and give our community everything it needs to thrive, grow and be, well a community.

On Wednesday we sent out what will be the first of our "Breakup" emails asking people who have not acted on an email for a long time to either click, or we'll stop sending. We are taking a proactive step to stop sending emails to our newsletter subscribers who aren't reading them. There are some boring technical reason as to why this will benefit Threadless, but more importantly we want to work within our community to give them the information they want, when they want it, where they want it.

We are also thinking of ways to redesign the newsletters to maximize know, give you the content you want to receive. So tell us, what do you want to see in the newsletters? What do you not want to see?

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reags profile pic Alumni

More 'behind the scenes' pics and snippets of the office fun @ Threadless HQ.

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

'behind the scenes' stuff is awesome!!!! and features on designers? you could do features on both printed and unprinted designers who submit regularly and have a recognisable style and stuff, and are active in the community. Maybe. Or something.

jublin profile pic Alumni

yeah I enjoyed the designer spotlight in the last interview. Those are fun. Anything that I wouldnt normally see just by checking out the threadless homepage.


coupons that don't expire so quickly!

d3d profile pic Alumni

i get it to two different addresses that forward to the same inbox every time and could do without one, but i definitely still want to recieve it.

snaggle tooth

Why don't you send it out prior to the shirts coming out on Monday?


i'd love to get newsletters on wednesdays and sundays. i hate having to wait until monday :/ also i'd love to see more reprints in the newsletters, (a good way to find the forgotten ones would be searching for the ones with lots of comments but little publicity) and special insider coupons that keep us hooked!

Mya Jamila

"'i' before 'e' except after 'c'."

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Sneak peeks of new Threadless contests and events that are gonna make their way onto the site one day, the next week's winners in clever, nearly obscured and hidden ways.

Also a poll would be fun, either about changes on the site (example: Do you think a week of voting time for designs is a) the perfect amount, b) five days would be better, c) three days is more than enough) or just something random and silly.

But definitely designer spotlights are super cool, as well as sloganeer spotlights would be most welcome as well :)

westond profile pic Alumni

Maybe sneak some stuff from Craig's Threadless 365 into the newsletter? Maybe some small shirt spoilers, that might get people excited. Since there's no place to discuss it through e-mail, they'd have to go to the blogs to find out what it is! More participation! Genius.

briancook profile pic Alumni

Breaking up is hard to do - you guys have balls.

Also - I love the highlighting of designers! That's pretty sweet!


I always look forward to Threadless emails... and what celandinestern said.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

The blogger spotlight and Designer spotlight were two of the best thing I have seen in a while


The spotlight features are really fun and interesting!


I loved the artist spotlight, what a fantastic addition. It's the first time I did anything with the newsletter other than just look at the new designs.


Maybe also spotlighting the awesome community with his/ her designs, photos, blogs or short interview.


Aagh! What happened to showing me the actual new tees in the email? I want to see what came out, not just get some secondhand link to what's already on the website.


spotlights! And I agree with what celandinestern and FREAKINAWESOME said.

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