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When I was 20, I bought my three year old cousin clothes for Christmas; cute clothes, but clothes. She opened the gift, took one look, said, “these aren’t presents”, threw them to the side and moved on to the toys. Since then, except for very small kids who don’t know the difference, maybe first Christmas or first birthday, I’ve refrained from buying clothes as gifts for kids.

Well this Christmas I broke my rule. I gave Threadless longsleeve tees to some of my favorite cold weather kids. Now, most I gave as a side gift, if you will, in addition to a toy. The idea being the parents would like the Threadless Kids tees, but the kids wouldn’t feel cheated by clothes. Well guess what. The kids loved the shirts! Henry took one look at Mammoths Were Hippies and freaked out that I had remembered that Wooly Mammoths are his FAVORITE (I didn’t, but he’d just seen a great exhibit at The Field Museum and is totally into them). Greta said, “This shirt is just like Olive’s!” having previously seen my daughter in Running Rhino. 4-year-old Tyler exclaimed, “I’ve wanted walkie talkies my whole life!” upon seeing his gift and then insisted on wearing Partly Hungry Skies to school refusing to cover it up with a sweater.

As a mom of the cutest girls in the universe (I mean, what mom’s kids aren’t the cutest?) I’m used to the “how cute”, and “awh isn’t she sweet” comments from complete strangers. I expected the “where did you get that shirt?” from other parents at the playground. But I have to admit I’ve been gleefully surprised by the response of other kids to the Threadless tees. I am talking about little kids, 2, 3, 4, 5 years old here. A little boy saw Olive in Mammoths Were Hippies at the Aquarium and exclaimed to anyone who was listening, “Look at her shirt! It has TWO elephants on it, and one has long hair and a headband”. I think some of what we here at Threadless HQ sometimes miss out on some of the IRL (in real life) commentary from kids who can’t yet express themselves in the blogs and comments of our online community.

So I ask you, what have you heard from the kids you know in response to the Threadless Kids shirts?

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briancook profile pic Alumni

I gave one of my Self Portrait shirts to a kid I know - his mom reported that he won't take it off to let her wash it, he wears it 24/7 until she can throw it in the wash when he's in the bath! :D

bortwein profile pic Alumni

My daughter loves to wear her Threadless tees I have bought her. When I got her Dandy Lions, the first time she put it on she walked around the house roaring like a Lion. She is 2.


each of my kids got three keyboard cat moon for xmas. they werre happy.

and i hadn't realized how many tees i'd bought them until i did a quick count of my daughter's 20 tees :) i love threadless

skaw profile pic Staff

here's my daughter reviewing some threadless tees. fun stuff :)

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cute vid! i bet arli choose which designs to print!



Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

I've only bought stuff for babies, so far none of them have pooped on it, so I think that means they approve!


my nieces loved their shirts xmas 2009. The youngest was 3, and would like to show it off to me when she'd wear it. I've never seen them respond positively to clothes, but they loooved the designs on their shirts: "Rainy Days" and "Playin' in the Sprinkler". the 3-year-old especially loved her "donut" shirt, I mean, what kid wouldn't love an ice cream cone and donut running through rainbow sprinkles?

the sad thing is their mother had a crappy dryer and it ripped holes in their shirts. They got a new dryer, but I've still been apprehensive of buying them clothes since then.

No xmas shirts this year, :( but I know I'll be getting them more shirts in the future.

NomadSlim profile pic Alumni

"...Playin' in the Sprinkler". the 3-year-old especially loved her "donut" shirt, I mean, what kid wouldn't love an ice cream cone and donut running through rainbow sprinkles?

That made my day.

snaggle tooth

You can see my whipper snappers rockin threadless in my product photos. The youngest def loves cookies and milk, partly because mommy owns it too, but he just talks about cookies and milk and how they love each other. Lame story. Cute kids. Hey! WIll model kids for free shirts.

Why not do a model contest a la GAP and fly some peeps to Chicago for a vote-off and you kid gets to model some threadless clothes or something?


Thanks for the comments, stories and video (future Threadless CEO?). Playin in the Sprinkler is one of my daughter's favorites too, but I think she might be disappointed this summer when we turn on our sprinkler in the backyard and only water comes out!

We have a few things up our sleeves for Kids and contests, so stay tuned!


Arli has good taste in shirts.

mavericktiger profile pic Alumni

We got some onesies for our son's birthday as a gift from the site, and my wife and I were very happy to get them.

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