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Omfg Flickr Has Turned To Abuse W/Ad's

by mrwalrusface / general /

omfg i just ran across the3 website flickr's ad intervention , what a horrible path to take the website... thats all im trying to say at the moment... i should have tried to take some action, when they eliminated the pro- accounts, hmmmmmmm.its SOOO bad full scale COACH ADs and crap with them

What Music Do You Listen To While Making Art?

by emilyeaganx / general /

In honor of the music challenge and just out of my own curiosity, I'd like to know what music you listen to primarily while making art and if it changes when you're not. While making art, I tend to stick with music that's lyrically driven, it puts me in the zone and just lets me relax. Strangely enough, when not making art, I prefer heavier music that's more bass and drum driven. Is it like that for anyone else?

Favorite music when making art: Cake, Lana Del Ray, Fiona Apple, Graveyard, Ghost, Chance the Rapper, King Dude, The Doors

When not making art: Hoax, Kids Like Us, Bracewar, Cruel Hand, Death Grips, Harms Way, Reggie Watts, Trash Talk

Beware Of The Thief

by monabsolu / general /

Well, I just found out a guy sells without permission a bunch of stolen designs that he put on phone cases. I was able to recognize some artworks I've already seen on Threadless and Society6 so ... Don't know what is to be done, I guess that's common shitty business but you better check it out.


Starting To Loose Motivation For Submitting To Threadless...

by Theo86 / general /

I can't believe I am saying this but I am starting to loose motivation and asking myself why am I still submitting to threadless? I have been actively searching for a job and maybe that is taking up all my energy. Maybe I just need a break or time to play with my style. Threadless is still my favorite site on the internet.

What would you do if you felt this way?

Wacom Vs Monoprice

by FoodStampDavis / general /

Apologies if this topic has been posted before (like a million times, I'm sure.)

I'm in the market for a new tablet as my current Wacom Pen & Touch (where I always turn off the touch) looks like it's been chewed on.

I've only ever owned Wacom tablets (this is my third) but that Monoprice price is tempting. Monoprice? More like LOW price, am I right, folks? This guy knows what I'm talking about.

Anyway, give me opinions. Do I save for a new Intuos or buy a new Monoprice right now because who cares they are like a dollar.

Post-Voting Question

by Surefoot / general /

Hello everyone. Recently, I have had two designs that have completed voting and I would love to hear from the community how their experiences went post-voting. Things like how long until they heard back about if their design is being printed or not. I know that the help page states that usually within 7-90 days an answer is sent out, but I just wanted to see how everyone's experiences and time-spans varied. I apologize if this question was asked somewhere else and if there happens to be an already existing thread I would love to be redirected.
Thank you for taking the time to answer my question!

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