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Back From Spx. Have A Design Pending Approval!

by ben.bishart / general /

went to SPX in maryland last weekend to sell my books and try and get my new one SOMETHING LIKE FALLING picked up by a publisher. made a limited edition print, and only one version of it for a TSHIRT for myself. everyone obviously wanted the shirt and not the print haha, so i felt obliged to get it up here on threadless to be voted on, ill let you know if it gets accepted, and hope everyone will vote for it! check out my website you can see it there, it is the first thumbnail, called STRANGE LOVE. check out my graphic novel while youre there NATHAN THE CAVEMAN, at

you can see a video review here.

how was that for a first blog? too many links haha.

Winners And Losers

by Flightless Bird / general /

My first design lost. :(

But I found this and it made me laugh. My old roommate/friend/boyfriend's lover took this photo and put it on flickr without me knowing. And it's true-I'm not the most organized person-especially when it comes to filing.

I put up another idea for critique. I made it as a fabric pattern and it made awesome wall paper-it needs work and I have no idea what to do with it......

E=:P ... Celebrity Likeness... Oh Well..

by phillydesigner / general /

E = :P - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More


ORIGINAL: I've been working on another design for the Geeks theme. I know ASCII has already been done, but I wanted to try this idea out anyway. It would be a one-color oversized/belt print. The image is public domain by my best research estimations. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. (*Image would obviously need to be licensed for reproduction)

Question About Score And Overall Threadless Evaluation

by gtanime / general /

Hi guys, I was just wondering... I have seen a lot of designs with a final score of 2,50 to 3.50 (average... I couldn´t find a better score) without been chosen to get printed.

Anybody knows how Threadless selects the best design? I mean is a lot of really good designs been trowed away with a good score... I still dont understand.

Also I have another question. I got a few designs declined telling me that I need to work more on them. It was a very simple design.. minimalistic, and I have seen lots of them getting printed... Anybody knows in what they based their opninions?

I am ain´t mad nor upset.. I just want to know what are the "rules" or anything that I need to follow to stop getting these awful messages after a week waiting for aproval.


Who's A Fan Of Arrested Development Here?

by Mr. Fre / general /

Because this shirt has just been selected to be in the running, but the only chance it's got to printed is if all the AD fans united and vote the hell outta this:,designs


A Question About Clipping Masks In Illustrator

by WanderingBert / general /

So I don't use masks often in illustrator, but have been starting to more recently.

Could anyone in the know help me with a couple of questions...

1- If i'm using clipping masks in a design and it gets picked up by threadless do the clipping masks affect the screenprinting process in any way (this hasn't happened yet so don't get any bright ideas ;)

2- is there a way I can merge the mask and the layer it's masking so that it becomes just a normal layer, and gets rid of all the previously hidden stuff I didn't want?


I like threadless. It is neat.

For Whom The Bell Tolls

by lemonalle / general /

this is a game where you tell me what order you would end up killing the cast of saved by the bell if you were stuck on an island with them.

in order from first to last:

  1. screech -- eww
  2. kelly -- too stupid
  3. zack -- total a-hole
  4. jessie -- criminally annoying
  5. lisa -- i don't want to talk about clothes
  6. slater -- at least he could lift heavy things


by SandraClark / general /

Anger can be like a virus that stays with us and eats at us and makes our lives miserable. Some days seem OK and then other days can be terrible. Those are the days when we find that old habits and attitudes come back to haunt us. Are you wondering do I need anger management ?

It's important to remember that these habits and mistakes are causing us more harm than good with our health and our social/family/professional life.

Here are some don’ts for anger management:

Don't confuse finding out who's at fault with solving the problem. You can't let your focus on laying blame prevent you from moving towards solving or dealing with the problem at hand. You need to take your focus off of that and instead focus on dealing with and fixing the problem in front of you.

Don't tell people what to think. Don't tell people how they should be feeling. The only thoughts and feelings you can own and control are your own. All they from you need in regards to their feeling is acceptance.

Don't keep bringing up mistakes from the distant past that you allow to still bother you and use as ammunition in arguments years later. Keep yourself in the present. Be with the person you're with right now and make things work.

Don't bully or belittle. Try to act like an adult rather than a kid on the playground.

If you've been trying for a while to keep things under control and it's not working, don't give up. The solution to your problem is out there. There are anger management courses online that give you all of the resources you need to start changing your life around and improving your relationships tonight.

Do I need anger management should no longer be a question you're wondering about.

Redo Geek

by John Will Balsley / general /

Here's a slight revision and resubmission to the Geek contest, I had to add a few things as well as fix a few problems.



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  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5
  6. 6
  7. 7
  8. 8
  9. 9
  10. ... 87