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Love Trees?

by kiaora.bro / general /

soon only the memory remains - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

vote for my sub! Comment! it's had some criticism for being too ''hippie'... what do you think?

I could really do with as much feedback as poss cos it's my first sub and I have so many ideas, but some direction from the learned-masses would be wicked :)

The Story Of My Afternoon

by margolove / general /

I was playing tennis with my father (which consists of us trying to keep the ball inside of the court, as we both suck) around 5.

All of a sudden, it started to storm! I was all like, "Dad let's get off the court before we get hit by lightning! OH NO!"

So we went home, and it just started to storm harder. Then, the power went off. I went outside to marvel at the pretty clouds:

Then, it got very dark out:

After about two and a half hours of sitting in the dark, we decided to go see Little Miss Sunshine (second time for me).

Of course, this is the ONE NIGHT where I could have been doing something social and stuff (Homecoming, but I had alternate plans that I had just gotten out of since I felt like spending the night at home), and the power goes out, leaving me with nothing to do besides the stereotypical "sitting in the dark listening to sad music and reading." Annoyingly, our next-door-neighbors are on a different power grid and had electricity the whole time.

What did YOU do this evening? Did anything ironic happen?

Speaking Of Cake...

by ForeverDcember / general /

alright, so who thinks this is just pretty much one of the neatest cakes ever? My fiance is reading about it and, well the rice krispie feet sold me on it.
Angelito, will you make me one?!?!?

Maybe I Am Just Mean....

by ForeverDcember / general /

Alright, you've got me, I must just be plain mean, but I have to say it, cause maybe someone else out there is the same... sooo... Reading slogans tonight I noticed that so many are just pointless. I don't think (think, not saying that I know mind you) that the poster is trying to be creative at some points, but rather they are A: REALLY bored or B: REALLY hoping for some money.
The reason this upsets me is that you would spend lots of time reading the nonsense and might miss the ones that are actually good. Some people on here have some really clever, creative and witty slogans that should be printed or at least given a chance. But honestly, does anyone else see that there is just so much junk? Or am I just being a little too bitchy? (as a side note, no, I don't think my slogans are good, which is why I stopped posting them)

I'M Rewriting My Journal :(

by Bramish / general /

I've been keeping a journal of my adventures out here. I had around 70 pages written so far.

It appears I left it in a bar last night.

I am really fucking upset.


I'm gonna attempt a rewrite on the plane home.

I know most of you won't be able to help with this, but for those I've spoken to on msn or whatever, if you can remember any particular anecdotes, encounters, choice quotes I may have told you of, then please help jog my memory.

I should be able to remember most of the main stuff, but my memory is generally shit, hence the journal in the first place.

What I Do With Spare Editing Time

by Malcolm Man / general /

O, Hail the Render Bar

O' render bar of surreal blue, Reminding me of a barber shop pole That has misplaced its reddish hue,

Always working, ever progressing, Meanwhile my mind begins An unnatural mental regression,

But still I wait For the precious promise you hold, Jitterless, clean playback with pixels so bold,

The hours and minutes are fewer and fewer, The determined progress bar dashing forward Like a very sharp skewer,

With a burst of superhuman kinetic energy I jump to my feet, The render bar has stopped Now one hundred percent complete!

With a wild scream of joy I jump into the air, Only to be viscously plummeted Down into the darkest despair,

For beautiful clean playback is not what I would receive, Something terrible had happened That I could not believe.

I had finally died, With a hideous error message I had been hit, The last words I ever read were, "The application has unexpectedly quit."

From the cries of Malcolm Man

Hip Hip Hooray!

by seadoubleu / general /

I survived the passage through the birth canal and managed to make it another 18 years on Earth!


This birthday was crap. I was expecting something exciting. You know...since I'm 18 now.

No ciggys, no porno, no male strippers, or spray paint.

No nuthin'.

But still. It was kind of exciting. I feel like I accomplished something.

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