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Searching And Dreaming Big!!!

by jautyz / general /

Ever since i was really young, I have always dreamt really big. I believed that dreaming big will get me places. It does most of the times. Right now I am searching for freelance jobs and such to start saving money to do something big! AND yes BIG is the word of the day. It is really hard to juggle both college and my searching situation. But hey, if what it takes to get closer to that dream is to be a juggler then let Jauna be a juggler! I shall juggle my way to the top! :)

Just Starting Up...

by Nasuoni / general /

I've been buying Threadless shirts for years (something like 5 or 6 by now) but I'm just starting my hand at trying to actually make designs to be printed. All critiques and comments are loved and appreciated. THANK YOU!

Wip Expecto Patronum

by Dangerbunny / artdesign /

I know there's a glut of Harry Potter themed designs here, but to my knowledge no one has done this particular take on it yet. I'm an animal nerd, so I really like patronuses. My experience with Photoshop is fairly limited, but I'm going to try and color it that way instead of using Illustrator. I'm thinking I'll hand-ink the sketch and go from there. Still not entirely sure how I'm going to handle the rest of the shirt, but I'm thinking of continuing the smoke in a sweeping S curve down the the bottom left of the shirt. I might have it coming from a wand, but I'm worried that might be a little cheesy. We'll see. Working on this is far more interesting than studying for school anyways.

Let's see if I can correctly add an image.

Does Shrinkage From Washing Make These Shirts Unwearable?

by xashdownx / general /

I've bought 50+ shirts/hoodies from threadless. I LOVE the idea and the designs. The problem is the shirts just shrink so much after a wash, even on cold. I'm 6'1" and the shirts end up being belly shirts. I've had to give almost all of them away.

I don't want to stop making purchases, but I've had little choice as the shirts don't fit me. I wear a L and the XLs just seem to be bigger around the chest and abdomen, not longer. I contacted a threadless representative who told me there where no plans for making Large Long shirts.

I'm wondering if this is a common problem or is it just me? I mean if there is the demand I'm sure threadless will be happy to start offering Long versions of their shirts.

Pac-Man Hoodie Up For Voting :D

by rq_ / general /

Hi there! I have my first designs up for scoring :D

It's a series and I would really appreciate the help, I would comment and vote on yours too if you comment on mine, promise! :)

Not really much too say other than that lol.. better get back to work before the boss catches me!

These are the links, thanks!: Hoodie Cherry tee Ghost tee


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