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The &Quot;I Don't Know What To Call This, But It's Pretty Good&Quot; Mix

by canceromega / general /

Featuring performances like:

1) "Beg Waves" by Ponytail 2) "The Vowels, Part 2" by WHY? 3) "The Adjustor" by The Octopus Project 4) "Never Stops" by Deerhunter 5) "Don't Delay, Participate!" by Belaire 6) "Shake Shake Shake" by White Denim 7) "C. 16th ±" by These New Puritans 8) "Sad Sad City" by Ghostland Observatory 9) "The Sound" by Human Highway 10) "Muscle'n Flo" by Menomena 11) "Don't Smoke" by Mount Eerie 12) "The Hollows" by WHY? 13) "Ativan" byAtlas Sound 14) "On The Death Of The Waters" by Shearwater 15) "Gagging Order" by Radiohead

I guarantee that all of the approximately zero people that download this mix will be pretty pleased.

P.S. That Radiohead b-side is awesome. If anything, download this mix just for that song.

P.P.S. Thanks to Alwin for turning me onto Human Highway.

I Don't Know What To Call This, But It's Pretty Good Mix

Tier 3 Auction House Price Guide

by wish011 / general /

Tier 3 crafted items are really where items start to catch up to resources in value. Especially in the case of metalsmithing and tailoring, you can make a lot of money selling these products if you reach mastery in tier 3. Resources have somewhat of a weak performance compared to what you would expect for tier 3 items. While scholar resources always sell well, this is more because of the very poor amount of available nodes for these than the value of scholar products. On a busy weekend, among the resources, metals will go for the most, especially rich iron. Hides do not go for as much as one would hope, because of the many creatures that drop sturdy hides that are necessary to defeat for deeds and quests, especially in the north downs.

Jewelry sells darn well at tier 3, though you need to (as usual) aim for the mastery items. That can be a bit of a bother, the mastery items are not easy to get all the time. But you usually can purchase some for not too unreasonable prices in the auction house, and turn a tidy profit.

Heavy armors are very profitable, making a few hundred silver per mastery item. You can easily get a horse and a house just making several sets of steel armor for the auction house. Shields don't sell as well, but tools can make a steady profit. Not as good as armor, but still steady. For some reason, dwarvish armor sells better than other types, probably because the human armor looks kind of plain, though of course the stats are the same. For those who are inexperienced with purchasing the lotro gold, LOTRO Accounts and Lotro Powerleveling from LOTRO Gold sellers, there are many Lotro Gold sellers that are frauds and scams that cannot be removed from the internet. Firstly, reviews of the lord of the rings online gold sellers and hearing out what other customers have to say can be very helpful.Secondly, be sure to know the The LOTRO Gold sellers policy, whether they offer any type of refunds, guarantees and where their the lotro gold is obtained and etc. If the theLord Of The Rings Online Goldis duped, you may be at risk of losing The LOTRO Gold or even getting your account banned. The refund policy also has an important role to judge the honesty of the lord of the rings online gold seller.You can buy lotro gold from our website. And if you have any question in your shopping process, please contact our online support asap. We should try our best to service you a happy shopping here.

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Air Jordan Shoes

Ready To Go?

by againstbound / general /

So I decided to go sans shadow. I livetraced the outlines and cleaned up thing here and there and I think this is pretty much done.

I just don't know which of these to sub, feel free to ignore this, though, I can just flip a coin tomorrow.

Should I take Mr JW's generous flash offer to include detail shots? I feel like it's not that necessary.



Art Show Fart Show

by andrewmundy / general /

hey so the art show was fun, thanks everyone who came out! it really meant a lot to me,
lots of leftovers though
still for sale at discount prices!!







tomato soup



My Dog Is Gone

by ph33lth3lov3 / general /

My dog, Jake, was put to sleep while I was on vacation. He was 13, and had trouble getting around. We all knew it was coming eventually... but so soon... My parents didn't tell me until we got back, and I asked, "so when are we picking up Jake?"


He's not coming home.

Hugs please.

2 Quick Questions

by jenraskopf / general /

  1. If I can only buy one, or possibly two of the following, which should I get?

A Easy Steps B Unseen/ Unheard C Runnin' Rhino D Stalagmite vs. Stalactite

  1. If a person is trying to screw something into a wall, which is turning out to be neither your typical wood and wallboard wall, nor a concrete/brick foundation sort of thingy, what sort of wall might that be and how would one screw something into it?

Hint: I have no idea.

Everything Is Not Lovely

by xenophobias / general /

Know what stinks? Having to share a dorm and incubating baby chicks, but misplacing one where the light bulb should go and resting the light bulb in the nest after giving it a bath and a good shampooing. Before leaving to home for winter break. No it did not happen to me, but it may to my sister! I LOVE CHICKENS!

Dedicated to Tokora. Who happened to be behind my cat when she had some explosive diarrea. :( -----------------------------------n---------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------(: (I)------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------u----------------------------------------------------


by ArtemisDragon / general /

people keep on randomly cussing at me when i post in my that normal? I guess. I guess I just gotta understand that there are people who will cower behind the safety of their computer and act like they're all tough....suuuuuurrrreeee.

anyways. I'm working on a new design. this one has COLOR. wow. but i still like my black and white designs. I just got a couple threadless shirts recently, and they are awesome!!! yeah!

Holy Shit. I Broke 3.

by Demented / general /

Yay. I just found out my iceberg design broke the 3-barrier. 3.34. Woohoo. :D Thats like 0.76 higher than my previous highest score. I'm excited. I don't know why I'm blogging about this, but I guess I'm just too stoked about this not to.

Icebergs just wanna have fun - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

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