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Under The Glow Of Streetlights

by Chipmnk / general /

I came back to my off-campus-but-on-campus apartment about an hour ago. Make that empty apartment. My three roommates are gone, probably off partying or something. It is a Friday night after all.

Anyway, I'm bored. And pretty lonely. No one to talk to here other than my imaginary friends and the heap of garbage in the corner that sort of looks like a dead moose, and it quite possibly could be.

Someone entertain me...?

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I'M &Quot;Tary-Fied!!&Quot;

by heyheyitsme / general / I slightly exaggerate, but I AM "Terrified" and "Tarying" (Procrastinating) on my latest commission!! It's a house portrait measuring 24 X 50 inches, quite a lot of brickwork and trees/foliage which they really want captured. EVERY TIME I start a new painting, I always have the same "terror": Will I be able to pull it off this time? What if I spend 20 hours on this and find I've goofed it up beyond redemption? Watercolor is very unforgiving, and it feels like such a puzzle of layers and techniques......ANYONE ELSE ever feel this way on whatever they are working on? So...I'm gonna talk myself through this one...paint a little, then while it's drying and I'm "thinking" out my next move on the piece...I'll reward myself by taking a break on Threadless:)

Here are some pictures of the initial stages (I already made one mistake I'll have to correct, missed putting in the bottom 2 left windows! I use transfer paper for certain kinds of preliminary work, and I missed them!):

Original Post (Aug. 31)Hi, I've been working hard these past two weeks to complete 2 watercolors for a show I'm doing tomorrow! Wish me luck! These originals are 22 X 30 inches. Hopefully now I can get back to some time and energy for another Threadless sub before too long! Thanks for looking:)

Lemon Cake + Belated Birthday Cards

by peachpopsiclemelts / general /

Today, after waking up agitated from remembering the night before, I hardly said 3 words to my mother.

In first period I turn to my classmate and ask, "What's the date today?"

August 31st

August 31st. OH SHIT! oh no. My mother's birthday. The one I forgot about. The one I failed to acknowledge, forgot to buy her flowers, make her a gift, a card.

And so I called her between 3rd and 4th period. Hastily wished her a Happy Birthday, apologized and hung up.

Disappointing, I know.

My Beautiful Rescue

by bujica / artdesign /

My Beautiful Rescue - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever


Feel free to make any sugestions, comments, or just say that i'm really suck with design! UAEhuaeh

I'm going to use this blog more, now that i've concepting new freaking ideas. So please, make yourself confortable! =]

C ya!


by obilon / general /

Great Site. Love it. " You can use basic html but no css or javascript." Good thing b/c I only know basic HTML.

Title Ideas For A Sub

by everygirl / general /

now, i wanted to call this "Unreciprocated Love" or "Heartbreak on the Outback"

which of those are good? or do you have an idea? thanks, remember to vote... and this is still in the critiques, so it's not too late to say something there..

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