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Stephanie Matos Illustrations

by creepycutie / artdesign /

Hello :)

My name is Stephanie Matos and I'm a freelance illustrator based in New York.

Feel free to visit my blog or Facebook page to see more of my work:

Thank you!

Jumping In

by jmatushin / general /

As my first post here on Threadless, I'd just like to extend a hearty hello to the community here. I am, in the strongest sense, new to Threadless and the Threadless world. I guess that means I'm not only ignorant on how to get my name and my designs out there, but to the overarching feel, taste, personality of the community. This'll probably mean taking a couple shots in the dark with my designs and seeing who likes what, but that's exactly what I expect and am looking forward to. Check out the designs I get one when I can and leave as many constructive comments on them, please. Constructive criticism is akin to gold when breaking into something new, so make me rich fellow Threadlessers...Threadlessians? Threadlessies? Regardless, lay it on me.

Thanks all, -Josh

Please, Need Your Help And Score! Posted Late By Threadless! Bad Voodoo &Amp; Bad Voodoo 2 - My Csa Images Pretty Ugly Submissions

by richei / artdesign /

Bad Voodoo Bad Voodoo 2 Hello everybody! Please, I need your help! Sadly, there was a little snafu with one of my submissions to the CSA Images Pretty Ugly Challenge and it was posted up for scoring late by Threadless. Unfortunately now, I only get 2 days total for scoring on this submission! Please come by and score my entry submissions! Please! Please! I think you all will really dig them! You can see them here: Bad Voodoo and here: Bad Voodoo 2. I really thank all of you for your support! - richei -

The Onetee-Onemonth Challenge

by Pipsqueack / general /

Hi! The idea is simple: one tee a month, for twelve months. I'm starting the count today, so I've a month from now to submit a new design. When I'm done, I'll submit the tee and a new countdown will start. Everyone can join the party with his own challenge :)

1st design 31-07-12/31-08-12 For this design I've chosen a pure ornamental tee, slightly inspired to Greek and Maya culture. The idea is to create two main areas, one on the heart and one on the down-left side of the tee. The first one should vaguely resemble a flower. I'd like to use only one color for the lines (black, coffee brown) and a bright colour for the tee (cream, white, sand, grey) Here I give you: - First doodles on physics notes (dated 2009, my first year at University) Bigger Version Bigger Version - A first idea of placement testo Bigger Version

Give opinions, let me know your doubts, eat your boogyes.


by jpbiro / general /

e future is not a hallucinated imagination! The Humans are so envious and theyre Ruin the nice part of our everyday life. /this is not only one scribbling/ The evidence so evident. There is a sign on the Bulletin Board… No next step to find a new and right solution the A yellow lighter will give a more lights.(?) July 1.2009. Special place full with kind of hocus-pocus. The typical human charcters are; envious,cheating,lying,misleads...etcetera. Here is an easy samples; When you pay for the work?-for the watchmakes,jewelers,butchers,car mechanics or bricklayers..?-When the job is fully finished !?! How about the lawyears or doctors ? an other line; - at the grocery store. Just, enough to buy one bag of fresh /5kg./potato,paying for it and take it home. When youre starting to skined,clean it before cooking it,than you found out,half of it deterorated,soft,old potato.----------Start to think about the car mechanics,jewelers,lawyers,doctors,grocery stores... than comes up the questionable points. which one is the better way; to pay for the jobs or services in front of or later? I`m very interesting to read or hear the Best answer for this easy question !


by lupepeterson574 / general /

Toronto Video Production

Probably the most helpful methods to connect is by using a business video. A Toronto business video is often a highly efficient device which may be used within presenting a good firm and it is products as well as services, interpretation corporate difficulties, and generating recommendations to cope with particular needs.

Ensure this production company that you are dealing with is definitely around for some time.

Credibility is very essential. While coping with a movie production organization, you need to check their own reputation and just how they caused past clients. Would they provide what these people promised? Were their own clients pleased with their function?

You might also wish to look at their cost in equipment and equipment. It signifies how dedicated they're towards the business and also to creating the Toronto business video associated with outstanding top quality.

Make sure to look at samples from the work.

If you wish to help to create an assessment based on their demonstrations, make it a place that you just get to determine several samples instead of just a single or actually two bits of work. This tends to help a person verify the actual consistency as well as professionalism of the result. Simultaneously, check for that types associated with graphics, animations in addition to video character that they have incorporated into their additional clients' movies. It would likely also assist to discover what they've accomplished with regard to other companies in associated industries in order to yours.

This maker or director from the production company must be substantially expert and expert inside your business.

You need to ensure that the maker or director gets the right degree of understanding and also the appropriate expertise for productions in your industry. When you're coping having a fairly experienced producer or even director, you'll be able to be confident they are able to inject ideas for that script that will add value inside your specific area, and that they are equipped to manage the challenges that could arise with the production by itself. You additionally have to feel secure that they'll converse as well as relate together with each of the best suited amounts of one's corporation they would certainly are exposed to, in a specialist and sincere manner.

They'll do a comprehensive analysis of the operations to make sure they understand your company and your own goals as well as objectives. Most businesses will state "first we become familiar with your business" but they have to put within the time to actually do this and obtain to the actual essence of the message as well as goals. Then the procedure of tailoring the actual video to suit your message can start. The piece of software writer will talk with you as well as set a few overall path and ideas. From this particular a write script is going to be developed as well as edited together with your input. Expect you'll put in certain time at this time as it is necessary that your own message is actually properly communicated. It is actually tempting to complete a fast and cursory overview of the write script but setting it up right at this time will help all of those other process go a lot more smoothly.

It may need a substantial volume of effort, time as well as commitment to produce a high-quality Toronto business video nevertheless the guidelines previously mentioned are gonna allow you to generate the right decision within selecting the correct video producer who are able to cater inside your company`s needs.

Copyright Issues

by the Sleeping Sky / general /

So my most recent sub "Mirror Mirror On The Wall" got declined.

I'm wondering if I should change it and make it look less like the original disney version or submit it to a different site like Teefury?


Would appreciate staff input too.



by sammimc94 / general /

hi my name is sammi and i am 18 i am at college doing graphics. As well as doing graphics i love doing fine art i also make dolls out of recycled clothes. i love music especially metal and alternative. Some of my favorite bands are Metallica,bullet for my valentine,axewound,placebo,aiiden,system of a down, R.E.M and many more.i love time burton his films and his art he is one of the reasons i started doing art and graphics. i love tattoos i only have one at the minute that is a lily on my arm but as soon as i have some money i am off 2 get some more.

Here's Where Leah And I Will Post Sneak Peeks Of New Threadless Stuff

by arzie13 / general /

We got some good stuff cooking for the Select line. First off, everything will be made in the USA! This was a big goal of ours, and we pulled it off with flying patriotic colors. Also new this round is that every blank is custom made for us and they also were designed by us, in house by Leah and me.

We're pretty excited about all this!

The next 2 guys launches consist of smaller nuggets of goodness from past designs being blown up into the primary focus of the garments.

First example: PDub's bike from "In the Basement of the Alamo" on a chunky french terry crewneck sweatshirt.


by alexmdc / general /

Has anyone ever given an apple to one of their teachers?

Or does anyone ever still do that?

that's all. Just wondering is this still exists today.

Is It Too Xxx For Threadless?

by rodrigobhz / general /

Hi :)

Long time no see, huh? Miss you guys so much!

Well, I can't remember the last time I've posted a WIP blog here... actually I don't remember the last time I've posted a blog here! So here's the deal:

I need a title for my "summer sequels" sub! It's a sequel to my "Show me yours and I will show you mine" print:

Any ideas?

Actually, I have another idea to a sequel but I'm afraid it might be too xxx hardcore for Threadless audience... is it?

81 / Russian massage working title

Thanks in advance and I hope everything is OK with you :D

Finding The Best

by booze653 / general /

First thing to remember when you begin your workouts is that over some time you may develop muscle mass which is great, so don't feel down when you stand on the scales. As muscle weighs more than fat, and we are almost certain you would rather look and feel good when you view your body through a mirror than what a scale says. than what a scale says.

Key Steps

Threadless Image Ownership Terms

by Paperbag Animator / general /


I've been reading Threadless terms of agreement and I'm having trouble finding out what I need to know. Basically I'm an artist who sells prints of his artwork at various conventions and through the internet. I've only recently decided to submit a design to Threadless as a tshirt. I also sell this same design as a print via my own means.

If my design were to be selected, would that abolish my right to sell the image as a print? Any advice would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks all, Paperbag Animator

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