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Been Gone For A Long Time

by Landon Sheely / general /

I know I've been gone and probably missed something, but was a winner ever announced for the "political parody" design challenge? Also...I hope to have some more submissions in soon, ive been busy and gone and busy.


by mouseinmypocket / general /

So... I've finally bothered to set up an account here at Threadless, and it's about time. I've got a friend who works up at Threadless in Chicago, so I'm happy to support all the creative stuff he's doing.

But I guess that means that I need to start creating tshirt designs again! I wonder if I still can, it's been a couple years since my last job at a print shop....

Omair Said &Quot;Lets Write Each Others About Me&Quot; So

by Chipmnk / general /

My name is Omair Michael Desire Francoise Cumjack Batman Williams. I'm just a real dude trying to lib my lyp and rappin on the side because you know I gotta put them Beats By Dre headphones to work. I'm the type of guy who make you shit rainbows when you look at me. You can call me Kenan and Kel cause I'm ALL THAT.

Dogs is my favorite fruitopia. One of my hero is Odie from the Garfelt graphic novel series, but don't kicking me from tables or else I WILL PUSH YOUR SHIT INTO YOUR SHIT lololol sikesike but for serious, don't or my friends will hurting you Batman style doe. :|

Likes: - Spaghettaboutit - Pizzas - Dogs chillin outta car windows - In Rush Hour, when Jacqey Chang singng War. - Spicy hot bitties with their booty all up and they tots hanging out like BOOYAKA BOOYAKA~

Dislikes: - You know that scene in Men in Black when the alien be giving birth? BECAUSE THAT SHIT NASTY. - Happy Meal toys that don't work like commercials say - Fake bitties who don't even know yanno? - When Aries dies in FF7 mad sad doe ;_; - Guys named Cher

To all girls: I'm a sweet, funny, unselfish dude with a heart of gold. Give me the chance and I will make you feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Whether you like playing video games, watching Batman, or just talking, I'll make sure you have fun. But don't mess with me. Don't assume that my being a nice guy means you can push me around or that I don't have feelings. If you do, get ready. This dude coming at you.

Favorite quote: "Ohana mean famirry." - Hakuna and Matata from Land Before Time

1 Year Hoop-I-Versary

by PogoLightning / general /

can't believe it's been one year since I started hula hooping.



i've improved a bit.

this was the best thing that's happened to me. in a long long time.


by BlindedByFate / general /

So I was wondering how do collaborations exactly work? I have some good ideas (or at least good as i see it.) but not great at drawing super detailed drawings and I think some of my ideas need that to work out well.

I Think You're Grate!

by KarizzleKrist / artdesign /

So I submitted my first design I really hope it receives a high score. It doesn't have to be on an orange shirt, and it would be great for girls and guys.

The design comes from something between my girlfriend and I when we were in high-school. We were just getting to know eachother in a way better than friends. We fell in love and she came up with this idea and painted it for me. So in response I made her a graphic version. We always way the saying to eachother. She means the world to me. As does my dream of being a Graphic Designer who can function outside the realm of corporate advertising, so I really hope this contest goes well. I plan on submitting many designs in the future.

Please go vote for my shirt at,designs

Thank you so much!

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