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Omg Clothing - What ~ % Rating Wins Contest?

by WhAtIsMoUsE / general /

i realized threadless contests are not for me because i do not have the money for illustrator orlessons. however i have submitted 20 different slogans @ OMG Clothing. my ratings for the slogans fall between 15% - 80%. what rating should i be expecting to be chosen? what percentage were the slogans you won with? how many are chosen how often?

Would You Rather....

by penpal / general /

its that weird thing that people make up..i dont think its a game but i thought it would be fun.. so just make up your own would you rather.

example: would you rather eat a big juicy cockroach or fart really loudly in a crowded elevator

Not To Be Redundant...But Tell Me About Your Ma!

by narcissus_poeticus / general /

so we've all got interesting fathers. but tell me about your moms! I'm sure we've got some crazy moms on threadless too.

i'll start. my mom, whom i call mammy, works full time as a bartender at this chic coffeeshop/wine bar in downtown Uxbridge (hour north of Toronto). She's often mistaken for my sister (which is cool, becuase I don't have a sister) because she is super athletic. She runs marathons, teaches tap, and does ballet (she's almost 50).

She's also really smart. She used to be a microbiologist but decided to give that up to work closer to home and better hours. She has worked hard her entire life, and is my role model in every way. That's why I saved up enough money to take her on my Peru trip with me.


Just Curious

by x.singmetosleep.x / general /

how many people are totally obsessed with threadless.. and totally die if they don't get a shirt atleast once a month?

once again just curious..

and on top of that.. i'm new at this... and i dunno what to talk about..

Hibbity Jibbity

by PinkSabbath / general /

im none to amused by the current blog topics... some are fun, but most alot are just oo i like this shirt... so i decided to make my own!

what color are your socks!? or if you dont have any on.... what color do you wish they were.?

First Toy To Remember? Most Luved, Horrified?

by bluemagenta / general /

seriously. I had caterpillar with a rope red body. really long... his name was something his noise like " tirtir" and in turkish caterpillar means tirtil :) soo...

when i pulled it the legs did turn around like billion times. it was such fun. I never went anyplace without it. drived my mom crazy :) cuz it made a lot of noise.

now he is lost... maybe he is in the attic, near my other old stuff. I missed him. I'm gonna find you tirtir *

King Of Broken Hearts (Tattoo'd)

by stickymike / general /

So like...I got it done this morning, or last night....which became this morning

its on the back of my arm, so the picture was hard to take, my elbow is about 3 inches below the lowest crown

<img src=""

So im getting a tattoo either tonight or tommorow night (depending on my tattoo buddy)

I drew this up, the King of Broken Hearts, its the story of my life so far, (haha yeh i know so emo)

what do you guys think of it?

I thought about playing with it a bit and maybe submitting it, but then I remembered the 666king that was printed awhile back

Gimme yer 2 cents

<img src=""

Two Questions.

by emilymiller / general /

well really one question and one favor.

  1. if you submit your design into the loves thread, does it count for the regular submission?


  1. i submitted my first design and submission ever.. and i'd really like some constructive criticism.


How On Earth Did You Hear About Threadless??

by cat_harp548 / general /

i've always been amazed at how many people outside of chicago, and even outside of the states hear of threadless.

i used to live right by the warehouse, so my friend took me there once, and that's how I discovered this gem here....but how did you hear about threadless and its amazingness?

First Entry

by in my nirvana / general /

yeah, i just joined, i don't know why. i guess i was just lookin gat the entries for the love threadless competition and wanted to comment on some really awesome ones. er...not really anything to say.

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