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Honest Opinions, Please.

by ShawnLogan / general /

What, exactly, if anything, do you like or dislike about my slogans?

I'm not just curious to know that you like or dislike them, I want to know why... if at all possible. Yeah, I have trouble explaining sometimes too.


Is Anyone Still Interested In Popdeck?

by d3d / general /

I just submitted this. I remember discussing the idea with bramish ages ago but i don't remember if it was my idea or his. I figure if it wins I'll just give him half the prizemoney. It's not as amusing as my vibrator design but it never got printed despite scoring 4.48 so i guess they're a bit scared of adult situations.

Dear Dr Pepper:

by shirtflirt / general /

What happened? Why do you taste so differently now? I remember freshman year you were 1/2 of my insta power meal. and when i met my wife we'd chug you from a 2 liter vessel. until once in the morning, you were warm, and reminded my taste buds of the jager shots i downed just hours earlier, and made me vomit. but besides that, it's been a torrid love affair until now. did you get your hair cut? what happened?

Hey, Im Having My First Solo Gallery Show

by speedyjvw / general /

the reason i havent been uploading anything but pictures lately is because im working on brand new top secret work!

originally slated for September i got bumped to April when we got canceled on. Its cool though cuz ill totally be ready. Ive been working on this a little bit every day.

this is also the same day my select will come out! booya! and the rest of the show will go along the same theme as the select. im going to totally transform the gallery and make it sweet.

sorry to keep you guys waiting, but stick around cuz it will totally be worth it!

I Need New Artists/Bands/Songs!

by misakaji / general /

I am in dire need of new songs/bands to fill up my play list. I've been listening to the same old stuff for far too long. Any suggestions?

These are some of the artists/bands I love listening to: Athlete, Oren Lavie, Marjorie Fair, Our Lady Peace, Sick Puppies, Imogen Heap, Frou Frou, L'Arc en Ciel, Kings of Convenience, Bloc Party, Melee, Stone Temple Pilots, Calexico, Sondre Lerche, Filter, Dishwalla

~ Thanks in advance! :)

Oh, Hi

by killerqueen33 / general /

school was so hellish these past few weeks that i've neglected threadless which makes me feel like this :'(

anywhoooo who's heard the new-ish beirut album? thoughts?

also, here's a picture of a baby elephant tripping over a log Photobucket


Hello People :)

by Pulpora / general /

hello people, just wanted to say hi! you will be hearing from me soon - i just kinda gotta finish some highschool stuff before haha-

peace and love to all!

Help Please

by slmejor / general /

I'm still relatively new to Illustrator and I'm having trouble uploading my critique. I need to create a thumbnail for my project but I'm not really sure how to do it. HELP ME I IS A NOOBITS.

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