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Decided My Character Would Be A Good Fit For The 'Music Challenge' It's Up For Scoring!

by Jesus Velazquez / artdesign /

Hello peoples, this is a.m.p. head, a character of mine I made, been on my sketchbook for a while, saw that there was a Music challenge up on threadless and said "hey! seems he would fit fine there"

I haven't posted much in the forums, just promoting and such. I'm deciding to try this, hope you guys could help me score my design, also tell me what you guys think?

Click here to go and score. . .

enter image description here

enter image description hereenter image description here

Wow I Have Been On Threadless For 5 Years!

by soloyo-collabs / general /


Time really flies, I have been on this amazing site for 5 years now. Got a few Type Tee prints (the original ones) a couple of regular prints, a Made collection and many, many great collab with so many amazing artist but most importantly I have gotten to know and meet many of you guys. I love Threadless, thanks for letting me be a part of such an awesome community . . One last thing Please check out my latest work if you have a chance . .

Wishing On The Ninja Stars

Design by lazysundave and soloyo-collabs

PURRfect Universe.

"Snowball Loves Rex" - Feedback, Please?

by platypus12 / artdesign /

Heya, folks! I'm looking for some feedback on this design, which is a re-work of one I did some time ago. It's really just working the cute-factor, I suppose, but I'm having fun with the colors and I think it is moderately successful.

I'd love constructive criticism of any sort! Thanks so much for your time. :)


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