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The Cats Of Threadless!

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How awesome are cats? The number of cat-related Threadless designs probably isn’t that far off from the number of actual living cats in the world. If you are looking for a cat design but are overwhelmed by the selection, here’s 26 popular cat designs broken down by hygiene and threat-level.


See it full size.

1 - The Party by Sebastian Gomez de la Torre
2 - Eye of The Tiger by Stuart Colebrook
3 - Types of People by Ben Foot
4 - Pet Sounds by Ben Foot
5 - W.T.F.? by Blair Sayer
6 - Stop, Please! by Willian Richard and Tobias Fonseca
7 - Gay Pride by Nicholas Bright
8 - M!aw by Wacharapong
9 - Kit-Tee by Turbonova
10 - Catburger by Philip Tseng
11 - Unlucky by Jose Rodriguez
12 - If There’s a Rocket, Tie Me To Itby Hana Bacasno and Janice Golosino
13 - Banana Kitty Nicole Neeley
14 - Meowy Wowy by tenso Graphics
15 - Animals With Eyepatches! Yes! by Brock Davis
16 - The Guardian Anwar Rafiee
17 - Bountiful Catch by William Chua
18- Eye of the Tiger by Priscilla Wilson
19 - Mr. T(iger) by Enkel Dika
20 - Motocross-Stitch Kitteh by Hillary White
21 - A French Ninja Cat by Kyle Walters
22 - Mister Mittens’ Big Adventure + Control Bear by Joe Van Wetering
23 - Celestial Cat by Boya Latumahina
24 - I Got Another Whate Chow Hon Lam
25 - The Lion That Loves Scotch by Ross Zietz
26 - Zombie Nomz by Ken Marshall

Meet The Two Sides Of René Gruijs, Designer Of The Winning Jekyll & Hyde Tee

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Congrats to René Gruijs aka Selfish Presley! He won the Jekyll and Hyde challenge for his design Two Sides and you can pick it up on a tee today! We sat down with René, over the internet and found out a little more about him and the other him.


Give us a rundown of yourself! Do you have two sides to your personality? My name is René Gruijs. I’m a 36 year old Dutch design director at an agency that specializes in packaging and branding but … at night after work I turn into Selfish Presley: a ruthless designer who doesn't need briefings to be creative and laughs at the face of danger and deadlines. So you could say I lead some kind of secret life after work. At work I'm quite serious and calm but I feel the need to compensate for my day job by working on personal projects at night. Is this a slight case of a split personality as a designer, even having two names?

Are you a Jekyll & Hyde Fan? Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is definitely one of my all time favorite novels. One of the items on my "creative bucket list" was getting a design printed at Threadless. Owning the shirts, (about 20 myself) is one thing but getting printed, Oh yeah!

Congrats on your first Threadless print! Have you found the Threadless community helpful at all in creating and critiquing your submissions? Whether it is on my way home from work or my first thought in the morning....I'm always trying to find a competitive Threadless idea in there somewhere. For this challenge I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to do: Distill the Jekyll and Hyde story into an iconic graphic execution. I hope people will be intrigued by the image and feel it does justice to the great novel.

I find the Threadless community helpful in previous submissions I made. It's just very nice that you can get honest opinions from people who care about cool shirts. Also the technical advice Threadless supplies is great to help you on your way getting an idea printed.

Thanks René! Pick up a tee here.

Make Awesome Greeting Cards With The World's Best Art!

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Have you ever found yourself standing in the greeting card aisle for way too long trying to find the perfect card? This one is funny but you don’t like the art. This one is too corny. That one isn’t even the right holiday! Let’s cut out all the hassle and make the perfect greeting cards using the best art on the planet!

We’ve selected 26 Threadless designs we think would make for great cards. Help us write what should go on the inside. Write your ideas under the comments of the individual design you’re writing for in the Facebook album.

Submit your ideas by 1/28/13. We’ll pick our favorite line of copy for each design. That writer will get $25 Threadless smackaroos!

If you’d like to start from scratch and create your own design, check out the greeting card design challenge.

If you win, CONGRATULATIONS! If you don’t, we’re sorry for your loss.

A Note From Tom And Jake

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Hey everyone, Tom and Jake here!

We have some big news to share about the inner going-ons at Threadless.

Tom: As a longtime Threadless fan, I was thrilled to meet Jake in early 2008 to talk about working together on the pioneering company he co-founded. My wife, Anjannette, and I moved from NYC to Chicago later that year so I could run Threadless alongside Jake and our amazing team to serve the Threadless community. Over the years, we've accomplished so much in our mission to provide artists with more opportunities to make and sell great art.

On a personal note, I’m thrilled and slightly terrified to share the news that Anjannette and I are expecting our first child in a few months!

Jake: Woah, no way! That's amazing! Congratulations Tom and Anjannette!!!

Tom: We’d like to be closer to our family on the West Coast as we start a family ourselves. So, after lots of reflection and discussions with Jake over the past year, I have decided that it's the right time for me to step out of my role as CEO. We’ll be moving to Los Angeles in March. I’m excited to that I will stay actively involved in Threadless as a board member, working closely with our team and partners and advising Society6 and Creative Market.

Jake: We’re going to miss Tom. A lot! He has done so much for Threadless. His leadership in helping us to stay focused on what makes us special, community-based design, has enabled us to take the company to the next level. All of the amazing things we’ve done with cool partners & brands over the past few years happened largely due to Tom's efforts. We are super stoked that he will still be on our board, continuing to help us push forward!

Tom: I'm delighted to announce that Jake will be CEO once again! There’s no one better suited to lead the company forward. I know he is excited and will do an amazing job as CEO. And with all the talents of our community members and team and the company’s big plans, I have enormous faith in the future of Threadless.

Jake: It's true, I AM excited! As you may know, my wife, Shondi, and I moved out to Colorado a few years back to start our family and set up a satellite Threadless office. We quickly discovered that we also wanted to be closer to family and moved back. We've been back in Chicago now for almost 2 years and it has really made me realize how important it is to be here at Threadless HQ every day. I love this place and the Threadless community so much and am just plain pumped right now.

Tom: Working with the Threadless team and our talented community of artists and friends has been an honor. You've inspired me, taught me a lot, and shown me so many great times along the way. Thank you for friendship and all that you have done.

I’ll miss seeing everyone day-to-day but I look forward to seeing our team and community members in person when I’m back at our Chicago HQ, in LA and at Threadless meetups around the world!

Jake: Thanks for all you've done Tom, congrats again on starting a family and I'm so grateful that we'll still be working together in your new role as board member! We've got a lot of great stuff planned for this year folks, hang onto your hats!

Cheers! Tom & Jake


Illustrations by the amazing Alex Solis ...check out more illustrated Threadless staffers

Is Your School Part Of Our College! Design Challenge? Help Get The Word Out, And You Could Score $100 In Threadless Cash!

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Hey there, everyone!

As many of you know, we’ve begun our second College! design challenge, and we need some help from the community to rally school spirit!

If you currently attend one of the 15 universities included in the design challenge, we’d love to recruit you to promote the challenge on your campus. Your challenge is to print out a few color copies of these school-specific flyers that we’ve made about the challenge, then hang them around your university’s art department, student centers, and other common places where you think willing artists would get a chance to learn about the challenge.

In the comments of this blog, post your photos of the hung flyers for a chance to win $100 in Threadless cash!

Sounds pretty easy, right? Here are the school-specific flyers:

Alabama, Arkansas, Berkeley, Boise State, Cincinnati, Florida, Kentucky, LSU, Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Syracuse, UGA, UNC, Wisconsin

Thanks in advance for the help, and we’ll choose the winner of the $100 in Threadless cash on January 28th!

Check Out Sbarrow57’S Lady Fox Tattoo!

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Stuart aka sbarrow57 from the UK contacted us on Tumblr to show off his sweet new Lady Fox tattoo, inspired by the tee designed by Arindra Prakoso. Matt Hunt from Modern Body Art in Birmingham UK was the artist who brought this awesome tee design to life in ink! Check out Matt's Instagram for more pictures of his work.

image image

Here’s the story behind it:

“The Lady Fox t-shirt was one of the first that I bought from a Threadless a few years ago. It has always been one of my favorite t-shirts, although it is pretty faded now. I instantly loved it, especially the colours and the bold design. When I finally decided to take the plunge and get a tattoo, this design was an obvious choice. I just knew it would work as a tattoo. As for getting another Threadless design tattoo, I haven't got any particular tees in mind but I definitely would not rule it out. There are so many awesome tees out there that it wouldn't surprise me if another one jumped out at me like this design did."

Let us know if you spot any other Threadless tattoos in the wild!

Valorandvellum Is Victor Of Vino! (Amongst Other Things.)

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When she isn’t organizing wine tour meet-ups across the California countryside or arranging artist E-chats across the world, Threadless Ambassador Priscilla Wilson is busy makin’ fancy schmancy wine labels for the vino you might be drinking right now. Here’s a little video we did with her at the 2012 Threadless Winebocon.

We dig Priscilla’s hardworkin’ attitude, soft spoken demeanor, and kick-butt design.

If you’d like to be a part of Winebon next month, check out the blog! You could even enter to win your trip there!

Guest Dogs Of Threadless: Manny The Frenchie. Update: Now With Caption Contest For A $25 Gift Code!!!

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Did you know that a celebrity lives just down the street from Threadless HQ? His name is Manny, he’s a 2-year-old French Bulldog, and he has more than 11,000 Instagram followers and his own Facebook page.


What do you like most about visiting Threadless? The Threadless staff is so nice and they are so much fun. Their facility is like a giant indoor playground! They have many fun things to do there like a pool table, photo booth, ping pong table, video games, and a very comfy bear rug that I like to lay on. Not only can mommy and daddy shop and buy t-shirts for themselves, but they can also shop for me while I run around and play with everyone at the facility. They also have many dogs there to play with but so far I have only met Khloe the Frenchie. She was fun to run around with.


Do you have a favorite Threadless tee? I like the French Bulldog t-shirt they have… oh yeah, they don't have one YET! I saw that they had a pug t-shirt though. Booo. If they would put me on a t-shirt, that would be my favorite one though. :) Right now, I love all their tees, especially their animal t-shirts!


What advice do you have for other dogs trying to break into Instagram celebrity-dom? I really don't know how this happened. Mommy and daddy started an Instagram profile and took pictures of me for the family to see. All of a sudden, it started to blow up. I love making new friends on Instagram and I currently have many doggy friends. There are so many frenchies on Instagram too, and I love following them all. My friends on Instagram are amazing and from all over the world. They do very nice things for me. They draw pictures of me, they make clay figures of me, and they send me nice messages. I guess my advice is to be yourself, have fun, and be happy and willing to take photos wherever you go. Oh yeah… have nerdy parents that are obsessive smartphone users, that helps.


What is your proudest accomplishment? My proudest moment is being able to roam the house freely when my parents are gone now. I used to have the urge to go through the trash and not being able to hold my pee and poo for a long time. Every time I knew mommy and daddy were leaving, I would hide in the closet, in the shower, in the laundry room, or under the couch because I hated going in my crate. These humans are much smarter than I thought and for some reason, they would always find me. Now I'm a big boy and almost 2 years old. That's almost 14 years old in human years!


What hobbies or tricks do you have? Some of my hobbies include going to the park, playing soccer with ice cubes, eating, sleeping, playing with my brother and sister, checking my Facebook, making new friends on Instagram, and watching Animal Planet. I also can do many tricks like spin in circles on my hind legs, rolling over, give high fives, and swallowing snacks whole without chewing. I taught that trick to myself and sometimes I puke, but I usually can get the snack down with one gulp.

Where does your nickname “Bubbies” come from? Mommy and Daddy used to call me Bubba because I was a chubby baby. Then it became Bubbalo for some reason, then Mommy started to call me Bubbies.

Write a Caption to Enter to Win $25 Threadcash


Look at this adorbs photo that Manny took in a Threadless shopping bag! We love it so much we want to give away a $25 gift code to one of yous. Post your caption in the comments by 1/31 5 pm CT and Threadstaff judges will pick their favorite to send 25 Threadless buckaroos.

Here's the winning caption:

"Is this really how Spud McKenzie and the Taco Bell dog started their careers?"

Congrats to StrayTangent!

'Gram Out With Us!

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With the right filter, almost anybody can create a drool-worthy food porn Instagram post. But Brock Davis takes food grammin’ to another level with his feed. So much so that he just got a pretty sweet write-up on Buzzfeed for his artfully creative food-centric posts.

Brock isn’t the only Threadless community member using Instagram for the power of awesome. Check out a few other Instagrammedly prolific feeds. (including our own, tee hee.)

@brockdavis - Brock Davis


@cshimala - Craig Shimala


@threadless - Threadless! (also run by Craig Shimala!)


@pauloctavious - Paul Octavious


@iheartjlp - Jerrod Landon Porter


@dschwen - David Schwen


@nightmarelife - Nightmare Development


@seandphoto - Sean Dorgan


What are some other awesome Instagram users we should be following? What’s your username!? Post some pics!

Design A T-Shirt Inspired By The Theme “East Meets West.”

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Threadless creates opportunities for artists from every corner of the Internet. Loftwork gives Japanese and Asian artists a platform to show off their work and land jobs in creative fields. We’re joining creative forces to make something awesome, and you’re invited to the party!

Create a t-shirt design inspired by the theme “East Meets West.” America and Japan don’t necessarily have to be represented in your design. What’s more important is that you bring together two seemingly separate things — ideas, words, or styles — to create your design.

You might create your design using both analog and digital tools. Or you could try using two non-complementary materials, colors, or styles. Maybe parts of your design are as different as night and day.

Check out the challenge page to learn more and submit.

“Chirp, Principle Curry” Reprinted In Memory Of Justin Van Hoy

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In 2008, we printed “Chirp, Principle Curry” by Justin Van Hoy as one of our first Select tees. This past November, Justin lost his battle with cancer. In his memory, we reprinted his design and are donating 100% of net proceeds to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Justin was a talented artist, always humble, and genuinely enthusiastic about helping other artists succeed.



Justin was an artist, book designer, and most recently published Milk and Honey: Contemporary Art in California, a collection of work from new and emerging artists who call California home. He also curated By Way of the South, an exhibition that runs until February 2 at Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco.

image Click to watch MTV House Of Style Interview with Justin Van Hoy

Check out this beautifully written LA Weekly piece by Shelley Leopold to learn more about Justin and the impact he had on LA’s art community.

Wittlebee + Threadless = Better Dressed Kids

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image We were all kids once. Unfortunately, as evidenced by many a school photo, very few of us had any sense of style. Today’s kids have it made, especially with this new partnership! We’re excited to team up with Wittelebee to help parents save money and time on cool kids clothes.

Wittlebee is a kids clothing club with a pretty awesome way to try out new clothing brands. Here’s how it works: Mom, dad, or awesome Aunt Abbey who gives the best gifts creates a style profile for their favorites kid(s). And every month, a box full of clothes arrives especially for that kid. Pretty neat, huh? What’s even neater is now Threadless tees are part of the mix!

Cookie Loves Milk by Jess Fink and a brand-new design especially for Wittlebee, Drawing the Constellation by Andy Wilhite were included in December boxes. And in February, we’ll be starting a design challenge exclusively for more Wittlebee + Threadless designs.

If you want your kids to wear even awesomer clothes, head over to Wittlebee to sign up. And start brainstorming ideas for designs. The Wittlebee + Threadless Kids challenge is coming soon!

Show Your College Pride And You Could Snag $500 In Threadless Cash.

by jesshanebury / None /


We want to see which school has the most college pride! During the colleges design challenge, we’ll be givin’ away Threadless cash to the students, alumns and fans that tell us their favorite design submissions and shout their school’s name from the (internet) rooftops.

Each week, we’ll add up the number of times your school’s hashtag was used on Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter as well as the number of scores cast on design submissions for your favorite school. We’ll choose one random participant at the end of that week to get a $500 Threadless gift code!

To participate, tweet, tumble, or Instagram about the design challenge ( with your school’s Threadless hashtag or score design subs for your favorite school. (Once the submissions start coming in, we’ll post filtered links for each school.)

University of Arkansas #ThreadlessHogs
Boise State #ThreadlessBoise
University of Cincinnati #ThreadlessUC
University of Florida #ThreadlessUF
University of Kentucky #ThreadlessUK
University of Michigan #ThreadlessUofM
University of Nebraska #ThreadlessNU
University of North Carolina #ThreadlessUNC
Notre Dame #ThreadlessND
Syracuse #ThreadlessCuse
University of Wisconsin #ThreadlessBucky
Louisiana State University #ThreadlessLSU
University of Georgia #ThreadlessUGA
UC Berkeley #ThreadlessCAL
University of Alabama #ThreadlessBama

Here’s an example tweet if you’re stuck: Hey Irish! Design a tee that will bring us good luck! #threadlessND

Design A T-Shirt Inspired By One Of 15 Universities.

by jesshanebury / None /


The stands are packed and the big game is about to start. You’ve got your hot dog and your Cracker Jack, but there’s one thing you can’t live without when you’re root root rooting for the home team—and it’s not a foam finger. One of the best parts of cheering on your beloved school is wearing your favorite mascot tee as you chant “De-fense! De-fense!”


Your assignment is to create an original t-shirt design that represents one of the colleges listed above. If your design receives an A+, you could win $2500. Whether you’re a current student, alum, or just a college sports fan, get creative with your favorite school's signature colors, logo, mascot, school song, or anything else that triggers your school pride. Go ahead, give it the old college try!

Learn more and submit.

David Schwen Makes Every Day Awesome.

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Many Threadfans know David Schwen aka dschwen for his 10 awesome Threadless prints. But those designs are only snapshot of his broad body of work. We’re really digging his new portfolio site, full of projects that represent his amazing ability to take everyday objects and turn them into totally awesome art.

Nice work, dschwen. Let’s get a cheeseburger next time you’re in Chicago.

Check out his personal portfolio and his Threadless work.

Meet Our Awesome Makin’ Neighbors Sonnenzimmer

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We stopped by the studio of fellow Chicago makers of awesome Sonnenzimmer. Duo Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi merge typography, fine art, printmaking, and publication design. Their show Image as Object, Object as Image: Graphic Abstraction opens January 18 at MCAD Gallery in Minneapolis and will feature their art, designs, and prints.

Video music by Nick Butcher - Implements off of Free Jazz Bitmaps

Here are some still shots from their studio.









Threadless Artist Olly Moss Speaks At Offset 2012

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Olly Moss has 25 Threadless designs! He’s a great example of someone who’s artistic style “grew up” thanks to the comments and input of the Threadless community.

Check out his talk at Offset 2012, a creative festival in Dublin, about his past and current projects, his perspective on different types of art mediums, and his view on the value of a good concept. Congrats on your success, Olly!

Olly Moss - OFFSET2012 from OFFSET on Vimeo.

Check out his Threadless designs.


Threadspotting: Key & Peele Edition!

by KyleGeib / None /

By now, many of you are familiar with the sketch comedy show Key & Peele on Comedy Central. Whether you’ve seen a couple sketches on Youtube, caught the commercial during one of your favorite shows, or seen “like every episode EVAR,” you should know that there are Threadless tees lurking in some of those sketches! It appears as though Jordan Peele has quite the collection of Threadless tees, and he’s not afraid to show it!

Here’s Jordan Peele wearing HOT CHICKS ON WOLVES by Dick Firestorm and Aled Lewis:

Jordan Peele wearing HOT CHICKS ON WOLVES

In the hilarious dubstep skit, Peele can be seen wearing Surface to Air by Niel Quisaba:

Jordan Peele wearing "Surface to Air"

Have you seen any other Threadless tees in Key & Peele sketches? Email us at and let us know which designs and in which sketches so we can laugh our butts off while we admire a Threadless tee in all of its glory!

Whatcha Gonna Wear For The End Of The World?

by jesshanebury / None /


According to the Mayans, the end of the world is upon us! How are you preparing for Friday? Most importantly, what are you gonna wear?

Post a photo with the Threadless tee you’re going to wear for your last day on Earth with the hashtag #threadmageddon.

If we survive 12/21/12, we’ll award 3 winners with Threadless survival packs for the next end of the world: one to each of our favorite photos on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.

threadless survival kit: backpack water bottle (24oz) Threadless hat one pair of Threadless socks Threadless tee of your choice

Get dressed, trouble’s a comin’.

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