Dogs Of Threadless: Charlie!

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A new pup recently joined the Threadstaff crew. Charlie Hambly Troast is a six-month old black lab and German Shepherd mix and hangs out beside the desk of jtroast. He took a break from gnawing mannequin arms and looking adorable to answer a few questions.



What department do you work in?

I work in customer service, but spend lots of time hanging out with my tech and photo team neighbors too.


What do you like most about Threadless?

I love all the attention everyone gives me! And I love running around in the Atrium, too. So much room for playing fetch :)


What is your proudest accomplishment?

So far my biggest accomplishment is learning to walk on leash in the big city (I was raised for two months in a Michigan suburb) and not having accidents in my dad's apartment or at work! I'm still working on my training for other big boy stuff, but sit and stay are just about perfected.


What hobbies or tricks do you have?

I love playing fetch with just about any toy I can get my paws on. Since I'm so young, I'm still working on the more advanced tricks... but I'm catching on quickly! Hopefully I'll learn how to roll over and how to shake paws with my coworkers soon.


What was your life like before Threadless?

I spent my first two months in Michigan with my grandparents. They raised me alongside their two dogs, until I met my parents on Christmas. I'm so happy to be with them now, and I still see my grandparents from time to time!


Behind The Scenes With David Schwen’S #Pantonepairings!

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David Schwen aka dschwen of Sanswich and Woodchucks fame is an 18-times-printed Threadless artist. The Minneapolis-based illustrator and art director makes the rest of us look like slackers with the tireless creativity he dedicates to his personal projects, many of which he shares with the world on Instagram. We didn’t think it was possible for @dschwen to become more Instagram famous, but he went out and did just that with #PantonePairings.


Here’s how he described how the project came about on the Instagram blog, “As a designer, you’re constantly picking color chips and pairing them up with one another. A while back I had an idea of making Pantone chips out of real household objects—sponges, cardboard, and the like. But while I was finishing up a poster design, I had taped two Pantone chips together to see how they looked next to one another. Instantly I thought of how people pair food together, and that was that. Pantone pairings.”

We were hungry for more info on #pantonepairings, so we asked David a few questions about them:

What is your favorite real life Pantone Pairing?

My favorite pairing, is probably one that you might see posted very shortly. And, if anyone knows me, they can probably guess it. Wink, wink. Need I say more…?

Have you tried any Pantone Pairings that just didn’t work?

Absolutely. Many actually. The pairings with liquids have been pretty tough to figure out. Probably my biggest failure was oil and vinegar. I might figure out a way to do it, but it's a tough one.

Do you eat them after you’re finished?

Haha - not usually. I usually shoot the pairings in the mornings, so you can imagine that potatoes and gravy doesn't sound all that appetizing with your morning coffee. Although, I have to admit, the cookie didn't survive long after I shot it.

Do you use real food for everything? Is that really milk in the milk and cookies?

It's pretty interesting that you asked that. I actually have used all the real food for every shot. I planned on cheating with the milk and cookie by using white elmer's glue for the milk. But it didn't look real. It looked like glue. So after I figured out how to make the milk work, everything else started to feel less daunting.

The possibilities are endless! Will Pantone Pairings ever end?

They are endless, and I don't plan on ever ending. However, this first series will be finishing up after 20 (one more left). I'm going to make editions of 50 prints for the 20 different pairings. But I'll continue to make pairings. It's too much fun, and it's been exciting to see how people are reacting towards them.

When will the prints be available?

Soon. I am working with a printer to finalize everything. I'm hoping to have it all finished up by next week, and make them available for sale on Stay tuned. Prints are here! Check to buy yours.

Interview With Artist Mitch Loidolt!

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Threadless Ambassador JeffreyG interviews artist Mitch Loidolt, who has been a member of Threadless for 3 years, has been printed four times and now has a MADE Shop!


Welcome to the interview Mitch – you may be timid in person, but your imagination is bigger than the universe! How about giving us a quick introduction?


In this picture of my grandparents’ farm, a hill in the foreground is hiding what lies beyond it. The area that is hidden is where my cousins and I spent a lot of time growing up, imagining things and building worlds. Outside of this frame are more areas on the farm, each with its own structure and materials and places imagined therein. Outside of that is a 3-mile radius where a few of my closest cousins and I lived, with their places and worlds. Beyond that, more cousins and friends - all the places - and everything imagined there. Anything I draw is just something from somewhere out there.

You have easily become one of my (and I’m sure many others) favorite artists on Threadless. Your style is just the perfect concoction of weird, zany, and abstract awesomeness. How did this style come about?

I think it was just a natural progression from copying Garfield to Ninja Turtles to Ren & Stimpy to Edward Gorey to now. I’m sure it’s just a big mishmash of all the things I like. I would like to think that if I truly have a style that it will keep changing into something less derivative.

As far as recurring things I draw, they are based on things from long ago that still have some kind of meaning for me. For example, the dinosaurs I draw are based on these hollow plastic dinos I had as a kid that I used to hide things like coins or other toys inside, and then fishing those things out, their jagged little teeth would scratch my fingers. In a way they’re kind of like wishing wells or secret keepers, but also serious bastards.

One thing I love is that you’re not afraid to be different. You don’t see too many prints on Threadless these days with this zaniness – maybe the occasional April Fool’s Day, or another here and there. Do you think Threadless needs more of it?

I think Threadless does a good amount of weird things. I obsessively check how my shirts are selling, and based on how slowly they sell, I feel extremely lucky that they ever decide to print the weird things.

How did you celebrate your first print on Threadless?

After I got the email, after that faint feeling like when you break a limb subsided, I emailed my parents, texted my girlfriend, went to my favorite bar for a couple manly drinks, came back to work a few hours, and then ate wings with my girlfriend (now fiancée) at a different bar. We like to celebrate prints with eating a lot of hot wings. It’s maybe an ancient feeling. Like a hunter killing its prey, and then ripping into it, blood all over his face. Except, all non-violent. It’s just wing sauce on my face? Even though it’s still a dead animal... never mind.

What are you doing when you’re not drawing or designing video games for South Park?

Playing video games, drinking, annoying my fiancée, wishing I could pet an animal, and looking at dogs and cats on the Internet. Also to be fair I have to say that in games, designers are weirdly not the people doing any kind of art thing (as opposed to advertising where the designers are doing the art things) but like, making the game fun. I’m not a game designer ~ just an-artist.

We both share a love for cheeseburgers. What is in the burger of your dreams?

One that I haven’t tried to create yet is a transition from breakfast to dinner in one burger. From bottom to top it’d go: pretzel bottom bun - stoneground mustard - beef patty - lettuce - tomatoes - pickles - pastrami - yellow mustard - bacon - maple syrup - waffle top bun.

My current favorite burger I eat just a couple times a year because surely it’s a day’s calories. It’s just a big medium rare burger patty inside of a grilled cheese (diagonal cut obviously) that you dip in tomato bisque. It’s like the ‘merican version of a French dip.

Do you have a favorite medium to work in? Is all your work digital or do you start with pencil and paper and scan it in?

Most of the time, I start with some basic art tools I like using to create the first version, then it ends up being all digital with a few handmade elements remaining, and often it is digital from start to finish. I’d like to get more handmade elements into my work in the future.

You are known for remembering everything that happens at the annual meetups AND drawing it out. What has been your favorite meetup memory?

The night of Drunk Darts at Alex’s was great. Honestly meetups are just a really good time. I never did finish drawing last year’s, but I may sometime.

Let’s do some questions asked by Threadfolk!

Lance (wearecareful) asks: What is your dream job?

My dream job would be doing concept art or art direction. I still have a ways to go before I feel I’d be ready for that, but it’s where I’d like to get to eventually. Also, working in my pajamas.

Jess (jesshanebury) asks: When did you first know that you and I were going to be best friends forever? (sub question: Was it when I told you we were?)

As soon as you posted the contest to Photoshop you eating and the prize was BFF-ship, I knew.

Stef (mezo) asks: Why do you always wear a hoodie in a million degree weather?

I keep having to answer this. I DIDN’T PACK ANY SHIRTS THAT ACTUALLY FIT SO I SUFFERED THE CONSEQUENCES and yes I know there was a whole warehouse of shirts there :( I even grabbed one but it ended up being a girly cut so I accepted my sweaty fate.

Jared (jstumpenhorst) asks: Do you have formal art education? If so, did it contribute to the recognizable style you have today?

I went to school for animation and graphic design. I think that it had to contribute to how I draw in one way or another ~ but mostly what I retained from school has to do with animation and how not to do things and how not to critique. I appreciate that I went to school for art and I believe that I wouldn’t be where I am now without it, but I wish it wouldn’t have cost my parents so much.

Looks like someone is getting married in 2013! Are we all invited to the wedding?


Any last words or shoutouts?

Just want to say thanks again to the community for tricking Threadless into printing my things and giving me a place to put my drawings when they can’t stay in my head.

To see more of Mitch’s work check out!

Let’S Interact At Sxsw Interactive!

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Are you headed down to SXSW Interactive this weekend? Pack your Threadless gear because if Jess spots you in a Threadless tee, you’re gettin’ a Threadless Scout Book! Here is Jess’ favorite Jess-related photo so you can spot her and show off your Threadless attire (extra points if you bring her a pickle).


Also, on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, we’ll be posting an image, drawn by Jess, of her location. The first five people to figure out where she is and meet her there will get a free tee! Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr so you can see the post.

Will we see ya down there?

Create A Bike-Themed Design For A Messenger Bag And T-Shirt.

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For some, bicycles are an essential accessory to achieving ultimate hipness. For others, bikes provide healthy and affordable transportation to work and play. For students, health care workers, and business owners in Africa, bikes are vehicles to better healthcare, education, and economic opportunities.

Since 2005, World Bicycle Relief has distributed more than 120,000 bicycles. Those bikes have benefited more than 600,000 individuals by shortening travel time to clean water, education, healthcare, markets, and jobs. 25% of the proceeds from the winning messenger bag and tee will go towards the organization to bring more bikes to more communities. Use the same design for both, or create two complementary designs.

On top of the cash prize for the printed design, the winner will also help design their own custom Surly bike with SRAM components built by Iron Cycles and worth up to $3,000. So knock off those training wheels and get to work!

Lots of Threadstaffers have an affinity for those duel-wheeled movin’ machines. For design inspiration, check out photos taken by Jen for The Work Cycle as well as our Threadless Loves Bikes Pinterest board curated by Betsy. We can’t wait to chain up your awesome design alongside our ever-growing collection of bike-themed art.

Check out the prizing and submit your design.

Check Out The Select Spring 2013 Collection!

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For months, our product team has been hard at work curating designs and putting together several snazzy new styles for the Select Spring 2013 Collection. It includes our first custom button-down shirts, lightweight cardigans, and tons more. You’ll see energetic patterns, tongue-in-cheek humor, classic comic references, and old school America. The pop-culture inspired collection is more playful than our Select collections of past with more colors, bolder designs, and all-around fun you can wear over and over again (just remember to machine wash cold and hang dry)! And, as always, the entire collection is made in the U.S. of A.






Want to see your pattern or design in the Fall 2013 Select Collection? Submit your design to the challenge, and check this thread for inspiration and feedback on what other people are submitting.

It’S Portland Made Week! Win An Entire Made Collection By Sharing Or $100 Gift Code By Photoshoppin'!

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This week, we’re transporting you to the land of Portlandia: home of bicycle awareness, feminist bookstores, and four amazing Threadless artists. Monday through Thursday of this week, we’ll reveal a new Portland MADE collection every day.

We’ll pretty sure you’ll fall in love with all four awesome collections. And when you do, enter to win the entire collection by sharing via the social buttons on the page!

MONDAY: Meg Hunt


TUESDAY: Brian Cook


WEDNESDAY: Mary-Kate McDevitt


Thursday: will bryant


photoshop challenge!

Ross, Craig and Rachel are headed to Portland right this minute to get ready for the sold-out Portland MADE series launch party! We are missing them. Help us feel like we are traveling with them.

CHALLENGE: Photoshop Ross, Craig and/or Rachel into wild & crazy Portland-related scenes.

Our favorite will get a $100 Threadless gift code. You can use any photo of them you wish (There is approx. one billion in the catalog) but here's a few to get you started: Rachel Ross Craig

DEADLINE: Monday, Feb. 25, 10am

Congrats to carlijane7 for winning the Photoshop challenge! Here's her pickle-riffic submission:


Design A Tee That Makes The World Dance. Do It For Kid President!

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Kid President is busy pep-talkin’ the entire planet. Through his videos and website, this ultra-inspiring 9-year-old has taken it upon himself to inspire every single one of us (even the boring grown-ups) to make the world a better place.

But he can’t do it alone. Help Kid President create more awesome. Design a tee that makes the world dance! Use some of Kid President’s words of wisdom to get you in the dancin’ mood: “Do gooder!” “Don’t be in a party! Be a party!”*

To help get you get inspired, watch some of his videos, starting with the one that has made it into just about everybody’s Facebook feed, the Pep Talk.

25% of the sale of the winning tee will benefit The Center For Courageous Kids.

Submit now!

Design For Kids In Our Wittlebee Challenge! (Get Some Discounts Too!)

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Tyke, nipper, moppet, bambino. Wee ones are called lots of cute names, and they deserve to be outfitted in equally adorable wardrobes. That’s why Threadless is teaming up with kids clothing club Wittlebee to help put darling duds on stylish kids.

Your challenge is to design a unique t-shirt or one piece to be included in an upcoming Wittlebee subscription box.

Each month, Wittlebee sends a mystery box of kids’ clothes to members based on their little one’s age, gender, and dress-up style. Your job is to create a design that brings oohs and aahs on that very special mail day. Design something to fit itty bitty babies or boy or girl tots. We’ll keep this challenge open until May 24th, but designs will be chosen each month, so the earlier you get out your crayons and start drawing, the better your chances of landing inside a Wittlebee package.

Start designin’, kids!


If you’ve got some kiddos of your own, Wittlebee is offering $10 off your first order!

Perk Up! Bow Truss Coffee Threadless Specialty Blend Coffee Is Here.

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Congrats to Trevor Jones! His design, Campfire Coffee won the Bow Truss Coffee Bag Challenge. From 249 submissions, his idea was chosen and coffee bags with his design are now available for purchase (with coffee inside) from Bow Truss.

So what’s in that nifty bag o’ beans? The blend features Caturra, Typica, and Bourbon varietals and has approachable flavors of Cherry, Dark Chocolate, and Peach.

We’re really, really, really, really, really, really, really excited about this! (But, maybe that’s just the caffeine talking.)

Pick up a bag now to support Trevor and feel awake, alert, and inspired.

Score Chicago-Themed Bottle Designs For Your Chance At An Ipad Mini!

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For the next three weeks, we’re giving away an iPad mini per week! If you’re 21+, score at least 50 designs, and we’ll enter you to in a random drawing. Winners will be announced each week!

Get scorin’!

Week one winner: birdhair2001!
*We picked a random winner from the people who had scored all 36 designs subbed so far.
Week two winner: Jess 4002! (You have Craig to thank for this! He picked the random number that scored you an iPad!) Week three winner: Frankie hi-nrg mc!


You Are Beautiful! And So Are You! And You!

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We’ve partnered with You are Beautiful for a beaut of a design challenge. Create a beautiful design and you could win $1,000 cash, $250 Threadless gift code, a WACOM graphics tablet, AND MORE!

Find out more about the challenge.

“You Are Beautiful” is a simple and bold message meant to improve lives on a personal level. In the past decade over a half million 'You Are Beautiful' stickers, installations, and exhibitions have traveled around the world. Matthew Hoffman, who originally initiated the project, considers himself the custodian, keeping the lights on and the floor clean. He points to the incredible global community that has championed and embraced this message.

Last week we participated in the celebration of the ten year old message by hosting an interactive art piece at an opening reception part for YAB’s month-long art exhibit. Check out the beautiful piece guests made together!



We Heart Fat Presidents! Celebrate 3 Holidays In One! / Round 3 Winner Announced!

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This week, we’re celebrating Fat Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day in one amazing holiday: We Heart Fat Presidents.

Not only have we got deals galore but we’ll be playing games on each of the three holidays that you can participate in and win prizes!

On each of the holidays, we’ll be pitting three Threadstaffers against each other in a game of trivia wits! In this blog, you’ll cast your vote for who you think will win. On the day after the holiday, we’ll post the results and if you guessed correctly, we’ll put your name in a hat to win a $100 gift code!

Plus, since we’re good sports, we’ll also pull 2 wrong guessers to get a 20% off coupon!

ROUND THREE: Presidents Day / Winner: speedy joe

Monday, February 18
category: U.S.A. - all answers will start with either U, S or A

$100 gift code winner: benhamlin
20% off consolation prize winners: atone & bad_nobe I'll be emailing you!


Speedy Joe: "I bleed red, white, and blue."
DJ Gary: “DJ Gary's gonna win because he sprinkles diamonds on everything he eats.”
Kevin Casey: "Why I will win? I am offended by the question."

ROUND TWO: Valentine's Day / WINNER: DUSTIN M.!

Thursday, February 14
category: Heart Break Hotel (anatomy, celebrity break ups and geography)

$100 gift code winner: julietmarshmallow
20% off consolation prize winners: badkitty64 & theartistdude I'll be emailing you!


Dustin M.: The only reading materials allowed in my apartment are In Touch Weekly and atlases. Celebrity breakups, check. Geography, check. Also I took an anatomy class in high school and I'm pretty sure I passed.
Marcella: Can't say much about my extensive knowledge of anatomy or geography, but I am hoping that celebrity breakups will bring me home the gold. I am an avid subscriber to People and Us Weekly. I typically know who is making up or breaking up in Hollywood.

ROUND ONE: Fat Tuesday / winner: Jen!

$100 gift code winner: halfgotten
20% off consolation prize winners: chafetco & etiennecent I'll be emailing you!

Tuesday, February 12
category: yellow, purple & green


Jillian: "I was raised by wolves. They were all really good at trivia."
Jen Lemasters: “My favorite color is yellow and that makes me bright.”
Christian: "I vogue first and ask questions later. Should you be unlucky enough to stand in my way to world domination, then I pity the fool."

Nbc’S Community Is Back This Thursday And That Makes Us One Happy Community.

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After a mighty long hiatus, NBC’s Community returns this Thursday, February 7! Many Threadstaffers are big fans and we’re especially excited to see our pal Danny Pudi back in action as Abed! We met Danny a few years back during Community’s first season. He was here visiting his hometown of Chicago.


Since then, we’ve spotted lots of Threadless tees on the show!

Danny Pudi 1

Danny Pudi 2

Danny Pudi 3

And just a few months ago, we released Elin Jonsson’s Community + Doctor Who design Not Where But When, Not How But Who?


Needless to say (even though we are about to) we’re pretty stoked. Go Greendale Human Beings!

Will you be tuning in on Thursday? Do you have a favorite character, quote, or episode? Post below.

Join Us In Portland, Oregon On Feb. 22!

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Hey Threadfans in the Portland/Seattle area!

Join staffers Jake, Rachel & Craig in Portland Oregon on February 22 to celebrate the launch of the Portland MADE series featuring four awesome Portland-area artists Brian Cook, Mary Kate McDevitt, Will Bryant & Meg Hunt.

There will be lots of Threadless IPA, delicious Tamales, button making, a DIY screen printing station and more! The artists will also be there, creating original artwork to be raffled off at the end of the night!

It's gonna be awesome, so grab some friends and join in!

Get your tickets here!

Create A Design For The Body Of A Guitar And A T-Shirt To Wear While Playing It.

by jesshanebury / None /


You’re watching your favorite band perform, and all of the sudden the lead singer waves you onstage. Who, me? Yes, you. He wants you to play the solo. Then it gets even better. The guitar placed in your hands has your design on it!

We can make this dream come true (well... maybe not the playing a guitar solo for your favorite band part). Create a design for the body of a guitar and a t-shirt to wear while playing it. Use the same design for both, or create two complementary designs. The winning design will be printed on a Threadless edition Artist Series Guitar. It’ll be sold in the ASG shop alongside other custom designed guitars featuring artwork created by musicians and artists around the globe. We’ll sell the winning t-shirt here on Threadless.

Check out the challenge page to get started.

Show Some Love And We Might Show You Some Money! Winner Announced.

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Congrats to ebraman!!! You've won the contest and we're going to help you show some love to Kris. We chose your board from some of the highest followed boards bc we loved reading the sweet way you talked about the one you love. Happy Valentine's Day! I'll be emailing you.
Thanks to everyone for participating. So many of these boards made us smile ear to ear.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about what you want to get for the love(s) in your life. We want to help you make that person as happy as Cupid.

Create a Pinterest board for your favorite person containing items you’d like to get them. We’ll choose our favorite from the boards that get the most followers. The creator of that board will win a $150 Threadless gift code and $150 Amazon gift code.

Your board must have at least ten pins and be titled “Threadless, help me show some love to (loved one’s name.)
- a repin of this image.
- 5 Threadless products you’d like to get your loved one
- 4 pins of other products you’d like to get your loved one

Put a link to your board in the comments below. You must post your board by this Friday, February 8! We’ll announce the winner as soon as we can get through all the boards so you can use the cash to get something in time for Valentine’s Day!

Nail Art Inspired By Joe Van Wetering And Alice X. Zhang’S Design

by betsym / None /

We thought we had seen it all. We’ve admired tattoos, been spooked by Halloween costumes, and salivated after cakes inspired by Threadless designs. But here’s a new one! Nail art!

Sarah over at Try My Hand stumbled across Deliquesce by Joe Van Wetering and Alice X. Zhang and decided to use their design as inspiration for her own art.


Sarah is a nail art pro. Look closely. This is no stencil. She did this all by hand with 14 (if we counted correctly) different colors! Crazy. Check out more of Sarah’s designs on her blog!



Score Mumford & Sons Tix For Free Thanks To Jay Fleck!

by jesshanebury / None /

Last month, Jay Fleck won the Sony challenge for his design Soundtrack to a Peaceful Night. Jay scored Mumford & Sons tickets as part of his prize. BUT since he isn’t able to make it, he’s letting us raffle them off!

Here’s what’s up for grabs: 2 Tickets to Mumford & Sons on February 6 in New York City + one night’s accommodations at the Holiday Inn New York - Brooklyn. Travel is not included so make sure you are able to get yourself to NYC by your own means!

Comment below if you want these free tickets and you know you can get yourself to NYC. We’ll randomly pull a name at 4 pm CST today.

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