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More Free Stuff For You!

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Hey Hey Hey! It's like we're just giving this stuff away...

...wait a minute. We are!

In addition to the PSP's and LocoRoco games we're giving away, we've just added TWO new Free Gear drawings. Awesome. Just awesome.

The first is for LUPE FIASCO's stellar debut record, Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor. Lupe and his crew have been kind enough to furnish us with 5 signed CD/poster packs and lord-have-mercy, a limited edition skate deck! So kick, push, coast over to LOVES page and click to win. What have you got to lose?

And we're also givin' hot props to Chicago's own The Changes, who just released Today is Tonight to rave reviews. They've dropped off 5 signed CD's and posters to the Threadless HQ and we're passing em right along to you! We've been playing this CD so much here that I'm worried someone might come by and steal one of these. I see you givin' these posters the eye, Ross! Back off!

You gotta click it to win it.

Boys Like Girls Loves Threadless!

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October 15 is peeking round the corner and you know what that means... another awesome LOVES competition! Our pals and Boston's new sweethearts BOYS LIKE GIRLS just released their self-titled debut record and in celebration we're LOVING it up. The theme of this one is "Hero/Heroine" - the name of their first single, so clear your desktop of all of that junk and get to work! And if you get a chance, check em out on tour now with Lostprophets, soon with Spitalfield, and later with All American Rejects! YES!

Boys Like Girls LOVES Threadless, but Threadless certainly LOVES you. Yes oh yes we do.

Update: We Have Filled All Available Positions

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Hello beautiful people of Threadless! Yes, it's true... we're hiring! YAY! Here's the deal: We're hiring some part-timers to help out in the warehouse AND with customer service. Think you got what it takes!?!??!?!?! HAH! PROVE IT!

A few requirements... 1. You must be over the age of 17 2. You must be able to work weekends (if needed) 3. You must be able to beat Craig in arm wrestling this one is a given, so don't worry about it.

Click here to download the warehouse application Click here to download the customer service application

Once you have filled out the application, please email it to info [at] skinnycorp [dot] com or fax it to 888 595 3258

I Heart Threadless, Free Drinks, And Free Shirts

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Hey Chicago party people!

Tonight is the last night to take full advantage of Threadless & Extra Tasty's generosity / insanity.

Come on out to Schuba's in Chicago (3159 N. Southport) between 10 and 11 for your FREE drink and (tonight only!) your FREE I Heart Threadless or Extra Tasty t-shirt! That's right! Free, Free, and Free!!!

See you there, ok?

xxoo Your Threadless Sugar Daddies

Locoroco Loves Threadless!

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"Everyone could use a little more joy in their life. Joy is something to be shared. Celebrated. Passed among friends. And once it gets started, it keeps on rolling. Just like LocoRoco." And just like Threadless, too! Like a singing yellow blob rolling through a twisty dreamscape, the LOVES machine keeps on truckin' full speed!

Design a tee to the theme of "Spread The Joy" in celebration of the new PSP addiction known as LocoRoco! We launch on October 1 and we roll until November 1 so you betta start gettin joyous, my friends. It's contagious!


Patent Pending Loves Threadless!

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Can you feel the LOVES?! Seriously, can you? Starting next Sunday (October 1), we're psyched to be launching the Patent Pending Loves Threadless contest! Design a tee to the theme of "Cheer Up Emo Kid," a hot track from their first label release, Save Each Other, The Whales Are Doing Fine. Get those artistic emotions rolling because you only have until November 1. And then, it's all over but the crying.

Too many cool prizes to mention, so you better go check it out for yourself!

What Happens If Your Forearms Get Cold?

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Seriously! You're walking down the street on a brisk fall day, and your gat-dang elbows are freezing! What do you do? Sew pant legs on a short-sleeve tee? Hmmm... no. That won't work. Set your arms on fire? Yeah, that'll work - but it'll hurt like a mofo. Hmm...

What if it's winter time, and now your neck and head get cold?

How can Threadless remedy both of these situations? Two problems need two different solutions. How can we solve this... and permanently? What kind of crazy tors0 wrap will keep your arms warm, but still look and feel like a tee? What kind of garment will keep your chest, arms, neck and head warm?

I guess we'll have to figure it out, but stay tuned. Whatever these two things end up being, they'll be awesome... and they'll be here for GOOD.

What Do Ya Know Joe?!

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I'd like to personally and publicly welcome Joe Van Wetering (speedyjvw) to the skinnyCrew. Joe did such a wonderful job of helping us out the past few weeks that we decided to slap a little STAFF image on his profile signifying his dominance over the rest of you peons. I mean, we love you all the same, but Joe's ours and you can't have him back! Ok that didn't come out right either, forget it. Say hi to Joe! Wheee!!!

Kill Hannah Loves Threadless!

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Well, if you're holding your breath for more Loves competitions, you won't be holding it for very long! This is the 2nd competition launching on September 15th and ending on October 16th. Kill Hannah Loves Threadless is gonna kick some major buttoxxx. The theme is "Until There's Nothing Left of Us", so get those hamster wheels in your head rolling and work out something magnificent!

Go, Now! NOW NOW NOW!!!

The Science Of Sleep Loves Threadless!

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These contests keep getting better and better, huh? TELL US ABOUT IT! Holy holy moly moly! Design a tee to the theme of "The Science of Sleep" and win some amazing prizes! You can start submitting designs this friday (Sept. 15), and the competition ends on October 15th.

"The Science of Sleep," a playful romantic fantasy set inside the topsy-turvy brain of Stephane Miroux (Gael Garcia Bernal) an eccentric young man whose dreams constantly invade his waking life.

Go check it out!

Threadless / Extra Tasty - September Dj Nights

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Every Thursday in September, Threadless & Extra Tasty, along with reputable news source, The Onion, and delicious brewmeisters, Warsteiner, will be co-curating DJ UPSTAIRS nights at Schubas! Starting tonight! Kindly report to 3159 N. Southport Av - the corner of Southport & Belmont in Chicago.

Join DJ Matt Roan and a slew of guests from 10 pm - 2 am! And it's free! HOT DAMN! Dance your friggin' night away.

And that's not even the best part.

Between 10 and 11, your first drink is FREE, courtesy of... us. So make it a good one!

Check out this hot original poster by Ross Zietz:

If you're lucky, he'll sign it for you on the dancefloor. See you there!!!

Survey Winners

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A big thank you to everyone who took the survey last week! The results are amazing, we'll try to figure out a way to share them with you over the next few days.

We picked the winners and have notified them, so if you didn't get an email saying you won, sorry!!

Congrats to the winners! We'd tell you who won, but all we have is email addresses for them right now.

Take A Quick Survey, Win A Free 12 Club Subscription!

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We've put together a quick survey to help give us a better feeling about what direction you guys all want Threadless to go in over the coming months. If you take it, you'll get entered into a drawing for a FREE 12 Club Subscription. We'll be giving out two subscriptions and will pick the winners on Friday, September 1st. The survey will also be closed on Friday.

So take a couple of minutes and let us know your thoughts.

Click here to take the survey

Thanks in advance! And good luck!

Want To Work For Threadless For A Week?

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Starting Monday, August 28th, 2006, we will be hiring for a few temporary positions for that week.

We will be running 2 shifts, 7am - 3pm and 3pm - 11pm at our Chicago, IL facility, 5225 N Ravenswood Ave. #101.

The job pays $10 per hour and will involve all fulfillment related functions including pulling tees off our shelves, packaging them and shipping them. A couple free tees are also part of the deal ;)

These are all temporary positions and will only last until Friday, September 1st. However, we will be hiring for temporary positions again during November and December.

If interested, simply email with the shift you would be interested in working and your availability during that week. Then, we'll respond with the time that we would like for you to show up on Monday.


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