Photoshop Challenge: Become A Cyberpunk!

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Today we released Cyberpunx by Matt Furie. It’s ridiculousness cannot be overstated.


We want you to BECOME a Cyberpunk. Your challenge is to Photoshop yourself into the pattern in the most awesome way possible. You can use a photo or an illustration of yourself. The only rule is it must represent YOU.

Click the image above to get a slightly larger version for photoshoppin’ if ya need it.

The winner will receive a $75 Threadless gift code! Post your images in the comments below by Thursday July 18th 5pm CT.

Get started, punk then pick up the tee!

Threadspotting: Arrested Threadvelopment Edition!

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Hopefully by now, most of you have had the chance to watch the newest season of Arrested Development on the ol’ Netflix, because this edition of Threadspotting comes to you straight from that zany Bluth family! You may or may not have noticed, but there are at least two Threadless shirts that pop up amidst all the Bluth antics. Let’s get started!

You may have missed the first design, as it was as slippery as a loose seal. In episode four, you can spot Will Work on Food by Phil Jones worn by a young gentleman entering the Orange County office of Imagine (not to be confused with Orange County Imaging just up the street). Check it:


The second tee we spotted was Movies: Ruining the Book Since 1920 by Jayson Dougherty. Who was wearing this design, you ask? Why, none other than the hilarious Jeff Garlin in episode twelve!


All in all, the newest season of Arrested Development was a great opportunity to catch up with some of the most dynamic and witty characters to grace our television screens. What did you think of this season? Did we miss any Threadless tees? Let us know, and don’t forget to send your Threadspotting submissions to!

Submit A Design That's Not Safe For Threadless!

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You think you’ve cracked the Threadless code, don’t ya? You know exactly what is going to score highly and what will get printed. Well, for this challenge, let’s shake it up!

Your challenge is to submit a design with a concept, design style or aesthetic or subject matter that you think is so “not Threadless.” Surprise the Threadless community with your completely never-been-printed kind of design.

Your design CANNOT contain: - cats - skulls and roses - zombies - food with faces - music notes - astronauts - records

Check out the prizing and submit!

Post Your Awkward Photos And Meet The Mtv Awkward Design Challenge Winner Ronan Lynam!

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Congrats to Ronan Lynam aka Ronami for his design The Awkward Years. It won grand prize in the MTV Awkward design challenge. Learn a little more about Ronan below and then post a photo of you in your “awkward years” in the comments!


Congrats on your win! Tell us a little about yourself.
Thanks! I'm born and raised in Michigan with a strong Irish ancestry. I have a BFA from the University of Michigan and currently reside in Ann Arbor, MI. I work at a lovely local apparel printing shop, the Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company, and hope to start a career of freelance illustration and design work.

Do you have any process photos from your design you could share?
Totally! I always love seeing progress pictures. This particular design was fairly straightforward. I work exclusively in Photoshop (can't stand vectors), and do all my sketching right into the computer. Here's a few screenshots of the beginning, middle and end:

image image image

What inspired you to use a shark in your design?
A couple things inspired the idea of a shark wearing headgear, but it all began with simply reading the challenge description. The given examples of awkward things include some jib-jab about braces. Now, I had braces for about three years and I had it all - rubber bands, headgear, even metal springs preventing me from shifting my jaw horizontally. It was horrible. Sometimes I would go into the orthodontist and they would wedge a circular serrated saw blade in between my teeth and sand down the insides of a tooth to make more room. But the headgear was what I would consider the most embarrassing part. Thankfully I only had to wear it at night, but even then I couldn't look in a mirror without making fun of myself. I looked like a goony.

So I had the headgear down, but that alone is not enough for a good design. I usually try my hardest to push an idea to it's humorous and (il)logical conclusion as best I can, so I tried to think of things that would need headgear. The first thing that popped into my head was something with lots of teeth, like an alligator or shark. When I thought of a shark, I thought of how Jaws is such a big scary symbol of fear and death. But back in the day, I bet Jaws was just as awkward as anybody. I bet he stayed inside all day and played games in fear of his other shark friends making fun of his big dumb mug. It's a tragic story, really, that maybe Jaws was so mean because the world was so cruel to him. Who knows.

You've been printed twice but this is your first challenge win. How does it feel?
Really, really, really good. Every time I see a "Congratulations!" email, my world stops for a moment. This was great timing too, as I just graduated from art school and am now stuck in the real world, which sucks. The extra goodies from MTV just fueled my excitement. It gave me the motivation to keep doing what I love.

Did you have "awkward years"? Tell us about 'em. I am a firm believer that everyone had the "awkward years". You're a liar if you say you didn't. Mine hit me hard and while brief, my awkward years were a significant part of my personal history.

I got crackhead addicted to World of Warcraft in 8th grade. I would wake up at 9am and play it all day if I could. I can't say it was horrible, because I enjoyed it so much, but I think the problem was that I enjoyed it a little TOO much. Imagine this - it's the middle of a beautiful July in Michigan and you walk down the basement stairs to find my smelly troll cave. You would see a scrawny, pale as hell Ronan with long greasy hair, surrounded by a ritualistic circle of empty ham & cheese hot pockets and root beer bottles. I would probably snarl at you, telling you to piss off so I can get back to my dungeon. The searing sun of the summer burned my pasty skin, so I stayed secluded in my troll cave all summer long. Thankfully my wonderful parents cut off my subscription and I was eventually able to move on with my life.

This happened almost a decade ago, from around the end of December 2004 until the end of summer 2005. That was without a doubt the single most awkward period in my life. Here are some snapshots from that era:

Trying to smile. I sported the typical teenage shaggy wings for several years.

Trying to look cool. Looking like a damn fool instead.

Wearing a ninja suit in French class, demonstrating my mastery of the art of chair leaning.

Did you see other submissions in this challenge you liked? Which ones? Yes! A few of my favorites were: ndikol


Sock Ness Awkward Monster by oliviero

You have submitted a bunch. What advice would you give to designers about getting lots of work done?
I've been submitting to Threadless since about 2010. I was attracted to the e-fame of the Threadless greats, like Enkel, Glennz, Aled, alexmdc as well as having an outlet for practicing graphic illustration. Like 99% of submitters, my first submission was trash. My first thought was, "Threadless likes word play! I can do that!" I went on to conceive one of the lamest play on words ever submitted - "Fore-Arms".


Hilarious, right? I bombed my first 20 or so submissions, and eventually got my first print. That gave me the confidence to keep working and improving, eventually scoring my second and third print. Since "Fore-arms", I feel like I had learned a lot about drawing shirts not only for Threadless, but also for creating good design in other areas as well.

My #1 piece of advice would be to be your own best/worst critic. Learn how to step outside your own shoes and evaluate all the work you've done. What is the purpose of your design? Are people going to 'get it' by themselves? If you take away the title/description of your design, does it still make sense and does the idea still read well? Is the design appropriate for the canvas of apparel? Is there anything else I can add to push the idea further/add to the story? Would someone want to buy and wear your design? Would you wear your own shirt? These are all examples of problems that I think need to be addressed in order to create a successful a design. The only hard part is pulling it all off at once!

Another thing I've noticed with submitting a lot is that you’re left with loads of unpublished work! For the three prints I had, I've also poured hundreds, maybe thousands of hours into countless failures. Where do they go - into the bowels of your hard drive collecting dust for eternity? But why? You've put a lot of hard work into each one, and it'd be a waste to let it just sit there. I would recommend to designers to take their unpublished designs and do something with them. Reworking and submitting designs is a great way to give new life to submissions that needed a little extra 'umph'. Threadless is nice, but there's nothing stopping you from sharing and selling them yourselves! Someone out there will love your work and it never hurts to try, as sharing your work is just as important as making it. Hope this helps!


Congrats to Ronan! Pick up his tee here and if you’ve got pictures of your awkward years, post ‘em below!

Meet Artist Dan Fajardo!

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interview by Jeffreyg

Welcome, Dan! Thanks for taking the time to answer some interview questions!


First, how about an introduction of yourself!

My name's Dan Elijah G. Fajardo aka dandingeroz and I am a full-time graphic artist currently based in Manila. I do a lot of t-shirt designs and illustrations in my free time.

When you're not designing, what do you enjoy doing?

Playing with my dogs, doing household chores, and sleeping :D

How did you first find out about threadless?

My friend Song23 also submits design here told me EVERYTHING about Threadless!

Have your successes on threadless made an impact on your career as a graphic artist?

YES!!!!!!!!! Threadless helps me to grow as an artist everyday and I have found more clients because of you guys! Yey!

You are one of the many multi-printed artists that are based in the Philippines - is there a big art scene in the Philippines? Do you ever see any Threadless shirts walking around?

Wow! Feels great to be one of those amazing artists to be printed here at Threadless. There are so many great artists and designers here in the Philippines and I'm glad to be part of this industry. Threadless shirts can be seen anywhere - especially at art events in Manila.

Going off that, you have a printed collaboration, Daisy, (reprinted today) with fellow Filipino artist, Jerry Maninang aka Dzeri29 - could you tell us how that collaboration process went?

That was my first print here at Threadless! I'm so happy to have a friend like Dzeri29 haha. I did the sketch and the first draft of our collaboration and Dzeri29 did the rest!!! Also big thanks to Andrew Mohacsy for the title "Daisy."


What was like to get your first print on Threadless?

Man, to get my first print here was totally awesome! I remember I was screaming at the office when I got the "MimiMail" - it was so overwhelming!

Speaking of celebrating wins - what was it like to be the winning design of the Foster the People design challenge?

Winning the challenge was so great! My dream was fulfilled because there were so many great entries and it was nice for all my hard works to pay off! You can see on my process work here!

What's your favorite medium to work with?

I start most of my pieces with pencil, then scan and color them on Photoshop.

Your Wildfur illustrations were a HUGE hit amongst the community and it seemed like a big style change for you - could you explain this project a little?

I am so proud of Wild Fur Series! I was just experimenting with that style and I'm glad people loved it. You can view some more of this series here and here.


I can't help but notice a recurring theme of cats in your designs (3 of which have been printed!) - any reason you love drawing cats so much?

I am so happy that Threadless loves my Cat designs. :D Cats are so POWERFUL! They are like humans and they are easy to draw. LOL.


Who or what are some of your inspirations when drawing?

I get my inspiration from books, photography, movies, lyrics of a song and more! In particular, I love the works of Pat Perry and Gemma Correll.


You and your wife are welcoming a son in a couple of weeks! First off, congrats! Second, have you filled his wardrobe with Threadless onesies yet?!

Yay! Thanks! Yes, I already bought two for him! I want to add more!

Any last words or shout outs?

HOY JEFF! :D Thanks for this interview! Threadless has helped me a lot! MORE POWER to you guys! ALWAYS MAKE GREAT TOGETHER!!! PLEASE COME TO MANILA! MABUHAY!

Score Designs From Lots Of Challenges To Win Lots Of Threadcash!

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There’s lots of diverse challenges running now and that means there are tons of subs to score! Score 20 designs from each of the following challenges and you’ll be entered to win a $100 Threadless gift code!

Score 20 from each of these challenges: Threadless, Impressionism, Baseball Tees, Oxymorons & Threadless Select: Cross-Cultural Patterns

Score ‘em all by 7/5 11:59 pm CT to qualify!

Your 2013 Mini Bestee Winners Are Here!

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Congratulations to the 2013 Mini-Bestee winners! We'll be e-mailing you soon if you haven't received your prize already at the meet-up!

Most likely to get drunk at a meetup: ir0cko

Most likely to take selfies: Twiggyhall

Most likely to scare away a newbie: Taz-pie

Best unprinted artist: TheInfamousBaka

Most likely to de-rail a blog: littlem

Biggest Threadfan: soloyo

Most likely to be famous outside of Threadless: Nathan Pyle

Blog of the Year: The Neverending Photoshop Jeff Blog by craquehaus

Most LOL-worthy Blog: First World Threadless Problems by JordanLBender

Most Loved Threadstaffer: Jess Hanebury

Newcomer of the Year: Foodstampdavis

Design A Cross-Cultural Pattern For The Fall Select 2014 Collection.

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We've start planning Threadless Select's Fall '14 collection and need your help creating fashion forward patterns for all kinds of garments including hoodies, button-down shirts, cardigans, dresses, and more.

Your challenge is to create a pattern that combines different cultures and periods in time (past, present, or future). Your pattern can be a mashup of time and/or places. Remember when Marco Polo went to China? What if he landed on the coast of Cape Town instead? Or Mars? Or what if the Mayans rebuild their famous temples in the year 2054? This is your chance to blur the lines between fact and fiction and rewrite history!

If you are new to designing for Threadless Select, be sure to check out the collection to get a feel for the styles and patterns that have been chosen in the past.

Check out the challenge page for more details!

Join The Pool Party Sale! Play Along With Pool Poolooza To Win Prizes.

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It’s a Pool Party Sale and everyone is invited. The Threadstaff will be presenting everyone’s favorite poolside talk show “Pool Poolooza” all week. Watch to win prizes in the Threadstaff games and the Duck Pluck and see DJ Gary strut his stuff.


It’s the last challenge! Who will win the skimmer launch? Collin, Ross and Jess will fight to grab as many ducks launched from a pool skimmer as possible. You will fight for $100 Threadcash.




The 4th Threadless challenge is possibly the dumbest one yet. Contestants will be challenged to “hold their breath underwater” aka while we’re blasting them with a shotgun. Who do you think has the lung capacity to take the win? Place your bets by 5pm CT Thursday. We’ll pull one lucky correct guesser to win $100 Threadcash!




The third Threadstaff game will be Noodle of War! WPlace your bets of the outcome(Jake/Leah win, Alex/Jillian win or the noodle breaks) in the comments and we’ll pull one person who guessed correctly to win $100 in Threadcash! Post by 5pm CT Wednesday.

Threadfan winner: lunasolqueens



The second Threadstaff game will be Pool Trivia hosted by Bob. Place your bets of who you think will win in the comments and we’ll pull one person who guessed correctly to win $100 in Threadcash! Post by 5pm CT Tuesday.




The first Threadstaff game will be the SCUBA ring toss. Place your bets of who you think will win in the comments and we’ll pull one person who guessed correctly to win $100 in Threadcash!

THREADFAN WINNER: shaneplaysgolf


We’Re Pluckin’ Ducks For Threadcash!

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We want to let you guys in on the pool party action going on next week, so get ready to test your luck in the Duck Pluck!


Here are the rules:

  • The first 50 people to sign up in the comments of this blog will be entered to participate
  • We will write everyone’s names on these adorable mini rubber ducks we imported all the way from the Amazon(.com)
  • Every day next week (Monday to Friday) we will draw 10 ducks from the pool and you will win... ELIMINATION!
  • The final 10 ducks in the pool will receive a $25 gift code
  • From the 10 finalists, one grand prize winner will receive a $100 gift code and a pool party prize pack!

Make sure to keep an eye out for our Poolooza videos every day next week to see if your duck has been eliminated (or just to see if anyone falls in the pool).

Once we have our 50 ducks, we’ll update this blog with a list of participants. Good luck, you lucky... fowl?

Alrighty, here's the list (we'll chop it down once folks start getting eliminated):

  1. radiomode (ELIMINATED)
  2. Theo86 (ELIMINATED)
  3. mechanicalrobotpower (ELIMINATED)
  4. unaifg (ELIMINATED)
  5. Marbles87 (ELIMINATED)
  6. goliath72 (ELIMINATED)
  7. melmike (RUNNER UP)
  8. PietroPaoloVirdis (ELIMINATED)
  9. scottishjen (ELIMINATED)
  10. ahmad ifan rofiyandi (ELIMINATED)
  11. gebe (WINNER!!!)
  12. lunchboxbrain (RUNNER UP)
  13. thombpson98 (ELIMINATED)
  14. JuanSebastian (ELIMINATED)
  15. fotangus (ELIMINATED)
  16. hawkfeather (ELIMINATED)
  17. ChrisDB (ELIMINATED)
  18. Pyne (RUNNER UP)
  19. eiwit shake (ELIMINATED)
  20. digitalartranch (ELIMINATED)
  21. jeffreyg (ELIMINATED)
  22. amaara (RUNNER UP)
  24. Nacho-TheGuy (ELIMINATED)
  25. CoinSlotComics (ELIMINATED)
  26. [+duracell-] (ELIMINATED)
  27. EricKaz (ELIMINATED)
  29. Aqueous Messages (ELIMINATED)
  30. DRO72 (RUNNER UP)
  31. randyotter3000 (ELIMINATED)
  32. TheArtistDude (ELIMINATED)
  33. Pujari (ELIMINATED)
  34. drewski79 (ELIMINATED)
  35. soloyo (ELIMINATED)
  36. minikiki (ELIMINATED)
  37. SteveOramA (RUNNER UP)
  38. kuro_te (ELIMINATED)
  39. azrael5 (RUNNER UP)
  40. 5eth (ELIMINATED)
  41. heykimby (ELIMINATED)
  42. rossmat8 (ELIMINATED)
  43. littlem (ELIMINATED)
  44. FlyingMonkeyMan (ELIMINATED)
  45. Jaakie201 (ELIMINATED)
  46. Akaka (RUNNER UP)
  47. sun flo wer (ELIMINATED)
  48. pyr4lis (RUNNER UP)
  49. quick-brown-fox (ELIMINATED)
  50. GyleDesigns (ELIMINATED)

This Just In: Score Onion Designs, Win Swag.

by jesshanebury / None /


All the submissions are in and it’s time to choose which headline from The Onion will be transformed into a tee!

Score 50+ designs from the challenge and you’ll be entered to win one of 5 prize packs. The packs include a signed copy of The Onion's Book of Known Knowledge and $25 gift certificate to store.


Start scoring. We can see the headline now:

User scores designs. Awesome tee printed.

Score Black & White Designs For A Chance To Win Some Threadcash!

by KyleGeib / None /


Tuxedos, penguins, old-timey movies - all of these things look best in black and white. You know what else looks great in black and white? All of those beautiful designs up for scoring in our Black & White design challenge!

Score 100 designs from the Black & White design challenge for a chance to win a $100 Threadless gift code (and maybe a penguin*)!

Score away!

*We just got off the phone with the zoo. Apparently, you can’t just go out and buy a penguin…

Check Out The Photos From Together In Denver!

by Rachel Ray Gun / None /

Denver Screen Printing

HEY DENVER! Thanks to everyone who came out last Friday to party with us, Kidrobot, Oskar Blues, and artists Shawn Ryan & Steve Wilson. We hope you had a blast!

You can check out some photos from the night here, and don't forget to tag your friends in the photobooth pics!

If you want Threadless to come to your neck of the woods like we did in Denver and Portland, post your closest major city below.

Meet Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Grand Prize Artist Michael Bancroft

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collection came out today! 15 designs were printed from 15 designers around the world. Congrats to Australian designer Michael Bancroft for snagging Grand Prize with his submission The Four Ronin. We’re super happy for him not only because he won but because this is his first Threadless print! Check out what Michael had to say.


Congrats on your win! What inspired you to submit to this challenge? Thank you. I'm truly humbled. To have won this challenge is so far beyond anything I ever thought would happen. The sheer calibre of talent across the competition and the high number of submissions make it doubly astounding. That I gave out 36 fives and 99 fours to my peers is testament to that. So again, a huge thanks to Threadless and the judges.

Oh, and nothing short of a severe nunchuk blow to the head could have stopped me from submitting to this challenge.

Are you a TMNT fan? Do you prefer the cartoons, movies, or comics? I couldn't have been a bigger Ninja Turtles fan as a kid. I had all the figures, trading cards, board games, video games, you name it. I was obsessed. I watched taped episodes to death, the movie a hundred times, and of course knew all the lyrics to Partners in Kryme's “Turtle Power.” I also drew them obsessively too, which I guess paid off in the end. Only when I got a bit older and got into comic books did I have the pleasure of re-discovering them in their original format, which I also got a kick out of. If I had to choose though, I'd say that, out of everything, the original movie stuck with me the most.

designer Michael Bancroft image

Who is your favorite Turtle and why? Donatello of course! We share similar interests in science, and he's kind of chilled out like I am. I actually like his expression best in my design too, so that worked out nicely.

Tell us a little bit about the design style you used in this submission. What inspired you? There was this group of Japanese artists in the 19th century called the Utagawa school, who pretty much epitomise samurai art, at least in the traditional sense. I knew right from the start that I wanted to reference their woodblock prints for this design. In my mind, I saw the Turtles as four “ronin,” masterless samurai fighting their way across feudal Japan, perhaps to avenge their fallen sensei. I sourced dozens of prints as reference for my composition, taking care to ensure the weapons, fabrics, and armour details were just right. Studying them as closely as I did, I began to develop a real appreciation of the way inks they used bled into each other and interacted with the paper. It reminded me of old comic books, when registration would often misalign during printing, and from that point on everything just started to make sense. I sketched out the composition in pencil, went over that with an ink pen, then digitally applied colouring and patterns. To achieve the final texture, I separated the design into four colours and overlaid those layers in a slightly off-kilter arrangement. When I first saw the final result I was thrilled because, to me, it represented a perfect bridge between the historic woodblock style I was emulating and the modern comic book printing process.

pencil sketch image

ink drawing image

This is your first print! Nice work. Any advice to others on how to get printed? To win a challenge with your first print is any budding Threadless designer's dream come true. My advice to anyone looking to replicate my success is to keep their mind open and their skills honed. You also need to lay the groundwork before you can start submitting designs that resonate with the community. Browse Threadless daily, not only to vote on designs, but to introduce yourself to new styles and to get a handle on what's popular. This shouldn't be an exercise, but rather something fun, something that you want to do, which will keep your creative juices flowing and your determination to be printed front of mind.

You won lots of radical prizes in this challenge. Who will you be inviting to your pizza party? I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty damn psyched over these prizes, and I've already had plenty of requests to come to my pizza party. I'd love to invite everyone who gave me a 5, but in lieu of that, I'll just have to keep it down to all my friends who helped spread the word on this one.

Excellent work and Congrats to Michael and the 14 other designers printed! To pick up a TMNT tee, visit the collection.

What Band Do You Want To Design For Next?

by jesshanebury / None /


Musical designers and designing musicians! We’ve teamed up with Warner Bros. Records to connect the Threadless community with some of the best bands out there.

We kicked things off with one of our favorites, The Flaming Lips. (Still up for scoring!) Now, we want to know who you want to design for next.

Iron & Wine? Tom Petty? The Black Keys? Check out the Warner Bros. Records roster and post some of your favorite bands below.

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5
  6. 6
  7. 7
  8. 8
  9. 9
  10. ... 63