Meet Artist Alberto Montt, Designer Of New Tee Unscrewed Owl!

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Hey Alberto! Thanks for doing an interview with us. How about a quick introduction about yourself? Tell us who you are and what you do!
I'm a Chilean illustrator. I work mostly on graphic projects such as book illustration, publicity, and cartoons.

What’s the art scene like in Chile? Have you ever spotted any Threadless t-shirts there?
Chile is a small country with nearly 17 million people. Even though the art scene is growing and very active, it’s still a very limited market compared to other Latin American countries like Brazil, Argentina, or Mexico. I knew what Threadless was because I started seeing nice tees around Chile. I decided to ask where those came from, then I was one click away! I became a compulsive collector :)

You are known for a daily comic strip you’ve been publishing every day since 2006 called Dosis diarias—could you tell us a little bit more about that project and how it started?
I was a little tired of illustrating for other people. I needed a place to reconnect with the things that made me fall in love with drawing. A place for doing stuff for myself. That’s why I started my blog. I just wanted a place to play with "stupid" ideas and images again. Now Dosis diarias has become bigger than I expected, getting more than 100K views per post.

How does it feel to share your art with the world?
It is amazing to see how similar to other people we are. Sometimes I draw an idea that I think is bizarre or personal that wouldn't be appreciated by someone else and I am always surprised of how many people connect with it. I guess the best part of sharing is to be able to connect with others. Also having a voice, a place to comment or be able to say things.

Congratulations on your first print, Unscrewed Owl; what was your inspiration for this? Could you share any process photos with us?
This was an idea I had a few years ago. It was first published in my blog. Like almost everybody else, I have always found the way owls turn their heads around pretty disturbing. I remember thinking as a child, "It's gonna come out!" The idea was there, i'm sure lots of people must have thought the same.

Do you have a favorite Dosis Diarias entry?
I have many. I have a special love for one I did many years ago that became so viral on the internet that I actually keep receiving variations, translations, and copies from people. It's about a broccoli, a nut, and a mushroom talking. It became so popular and nobody ever linked it to my page. I even tried to start "Dosis diarias" in English so people could have the real version of it, but it didn't last too long.

How do you stay creative? It must be hard to come up with a new idea every day.
I guess most people have very good ideas every day, I just draw them. It is my way of saving those images. Kind of like a polaroid photo taken in my brain at that specific moment. Sometimes I don't have the time to draw a daily strip and I can feel those ideas piling up waiting to get out. It is like an ideas exorcism :)

I’ve noticed you like to experiment with different styles. How would you define your style?
I always try to find new ways to say things with my drawings. I keep a sketchbook with me all the time so I can capture things that call my attention. Watching how other people do things and being very curious must be part of it.

Are you currently working on any new projects?
Right now I’m finishing a small limited collection for "PUMA Latinoamérica" which includes a couple of shoes, a skateboard, and a hoodie. I’m also finishing my first graphic novel.

Can we expect more submissions from you in the future?
You won't be able to get rid of me :)

Any last words or shout outs?
I really hope people enjoy my design and see the humor in it. Watching things from a different point of view is my favorite kind of freedom.

You can pick up Alberto’s new design, Unscrewed Owl, today!

Oh My Ganache, Threadcakes Has Returned!

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Let’s admit it, we love all forms of cake. Angel food cake, Devil’s food cake, bundt cake, birthday cake, urinal cakes… OK, so maybe not every form of cake, but you get the idea. Well, we’re happy to announce that this year’s annual Threadcakes competition is past the preheating stage and has officially kicked off!

Every year since 2007, talented bakers have slaved away in the kitchen to combine their love of dessert and Threadless into some outstanding looking (and tasting) confections. Open to both 2D and 3D submissions, Threadcakes competitors bring your favorite Threadless designs to life… so you can eat them!

Check out last year’s 2D and 3D winners:


Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Threadcake by Lauren Babis (design by Chris Gerringer)


Hooded Threadcake by Elizabeth Marek (design by Diego Fernandez)

There are already some impressive cakes up in this year’s competition, so dig in! Keep an eye (and sweet tooth) on this year’s Threadcakes to see how this round pans out!

Visit Sean Mort's Gallery Show "United Prints Of America" In Chicago All September

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Artist Sean Mort from the UK has been making his way across the US this summer creating art inspired by his travels. His gallery show, United Prints of America opens tomorrow night, Sept. 6 at Galerie F in Logan Square, Chicago.

There will be an artist reception tomorrow from 6-10 pm and the show will be open until the end of September. Chicago friends, we'll see ya there! For those who can't stop by, check out some of his work and a brief Q & A below!

what: Sean Mort's United Prints of America
where: Galerie F- 2381 N Milwaukee avenue
when: Sept. 6 - 27
artist reception: Sept. 6 6-10 pm




We had a brief Q & A with Sean:

Where are you from?

I'm from Manchester in the UK & I live in Leeds.

Why did you decide to visit the US this summer?

I have been doing my own screen printed posters for a few years now & have visited the US previously for poster shows like Pitchfork, Renegade Craft Fair & SXSW but this summer I decided to do a bunch of shows and have a long vacation to save on the constant air fare & jet lag so I have done 4 shows in Chicago & San Francisco & seen a load of places in between.

What's the first thing you'll do/visit when you get home?

I can't wait to get home to see my amazing niece & eat fish & chips.

Meet Us In Ohio This Weekend For The Cincy Comicon!

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Ohioans, and folks in the surrounding area, we'll have a booth the Cincy Comicon this weekend!

We’ll have Dr. Who, Marvel, Tony Moore and other geek-themed shirts at our zombie-occupied booth. Thread Zombie is dying to eat you!


There's a charity Drink & Draw Friday night so make sure to hang with us there, too.

Come hang with the Threadless crew for a good cause and amazing art!

Threadless Teetorials: Halftones

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Teetorials are tips and tricks for adding those special touches to your designs. They're brought to you by our very own Threadless staff designers, Alex, Jillian & Speedy Joe. Check out Threadless designer Alex Solis' quick halftone teetorial.

  1. Start by creating a new layer on your artwork. Add the gradients and shadows that you want halftoned.

  2. Once you're satisfied with how it looks, select the new layer with gradients you created. Copy and Paste it into a new document.

  3. Go to image > mode to convert to grayscale. It will ask you to flattened the file. It's OK to do so at this time.

  4. Once that step is done, go to image > mode and select bitmap. Once it's bitmap, select halftone screen, and select the options you want. I usually try to keep it 300dpi and choose round for the bitmap shape.

  5. Once you have the halftone screen, turn it back to grayscale (image > grayscale)

  6. Duplicate a layer so it's not locked anymore. Then on the new layer click select > color range, and click on the white area. This will select everything that's white.

  7. Once it's selected, just hit delete to get rid of the white. Drag the layer with just the black halftone back to your artwork file.

  8. Align the layer so it fits where you did the gradient before, then do a color overlay, I usually try and select the same color as the main layer, and then make it slightly darker color.

If you have any trouble or have questions, just write in the comments below and I'll be happy to help! - Alex

Win Threadless Cash By Sharing Which Artists You Follow!

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Tees are $15! As you fill up your carts, make sure to hover over the artists’ names and follow them. Do you have a favorite Threadless artist? Shout it from the rooftops!

During the $15 tee sale, post about your favorite Threadless artist via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine or Tumblr so they can become someone else's favorite artist too! We'll pick one person on each network to win a $50 Threadless gift code! Your post should include a link to your favorite artist and #followup.

Post by 5pm CST on Thursday, Sept. 5. We can't wait to see which artists you love the most!

Score A Meatwad Of Designs For An Aqua Tv Show Show Prize Pack

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Over 224 Aqua TV Show Show designs are floating around in Carl's pool and they are disturbingly awesome. Help us choose which ones to print!

Score 100+ ATSS submissions and you'll be automatically entered in a random drawing to win a Cartoon Network prize pack that includes notebooks, hats and other awesome stuff.

Fry Shake Score designs now.

Congratulations to 5eth for winning some cool ATSS swag!

Budi Satria Kwan Is Threadless Designer Of The Year 2013!

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Congrats to Budi Satria Kwan for being named designer of the year! Over his Threadless career, Budi has been printed a whopping 70 times, not including 13 designs that were sold in The Gap! His Threadless designs have been purchased in 141 different countries totalling 268,490 items sold. Budi travelled all the way from Indonesia to Chicago so we could meet him in person at the Threadless Family Reunion this year. Turns out, he's a super cool dude. Get to know Budi a little better.


The stenciling style is pretty evident in your earlier works - is this something you try to incorporate into your style nowadays? Actually I do not specialize in doing stencil style. I like to try new approaches to illustration and stencil illustration like the ones used in street art. Street art is something that fascinates me. Stencil illustration is attached with certain value, so it brings the illustration to a new level.

What’s the art scene like in Indonesia? Have you ever seen someone wearing one of your designs? Art and design are not something widely valued by people in Indonesia, in my opinion. I think the same applies to most developing countries. Art and design aren't always seen as something that can be engaging. In Indonesia, people have the tendency to think of really traditional works when they think of art. For example, paintings of paddy fields, local markets, and other themes that have been done for hundreds of years. However, engagement photography is big here. In fact, most of the graphic design graduates or non-graduates I know ended up as engagement photographers! It seems that people are obliged to have engagement photos before the real wedding and the money is there. There is one photograph that I will never forget: A couple in wedding attire in the middle of a paddy field with the guy playing violin. It is really out of place, cheesy, and from what I understand neither of the couple knew how to play violin (or had ever been to a paddy field I believe). Every time I remember it, it never fails to make me smile!

Back to the question: No, I never saw anyone wear my design here in Indonesia.

You started your own t-shirt line with your brother called Concrete Rocket. It started off with three designs and grew to over 25 designs and even jackets. What’s been the most difficult part of starting your own business? The most difficult part, other than doubting myself in every step, is finding a reliable local printer. I started back when I lived in Singapore. After weeks, I still could not find a good and affordable printer in Singapore so I resorted to outsourcing from Indonesia. I got scammed twice before I finally managed to find the right one. It was disheartening to have so much trouble even before the business started. Other issues came up after, but I guess these issues are all part of the things that will happen when running a store.

Did you enjoy your trip to Chicago for the Family Reunion? Of course! Everything was so different. I found that buildings were bigger, the roads were bigger, and, in general, things were bigger. The Chicago Art Institute was surprisingly big. However, what left the biggest impression on me was to see Threadless, the company which I only knew from online and to meet like minded people.

How did it feel to win Designer of the Year? I feel embiggened.

Check out Budi's MADE shop to pick up some of his designs!


Keep Tabs On Your Favorite Artists With Following!

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We recently hinted at a new feature we’ve been building that allows you to follow all your favorite threadpals.

Here’s what you can do with Following!

  • Follow all of your favorite artists and community members and be notified when they submit new designs to Threadless.
  • Find out when artists you dig have new designs available to purchase.
  • Be notified the moment a new design challenge starts.
  • See the designs your friends are scoring 5$ so you can get in on the action.
  • Get a heads up when someone follows you!
  • Automatically follow artists whose designs you’ve purchased or scored a 5$.

Show off your work!

When you submit a new design to Threadless, we’ll give a shout to all of your followers to come check out your new sub. We’ll also notify your followers when they can purchase your newly printed design. Think of it like instant access to all of your Threadfans!

You may have noticed you’re already following some people. We started you off following the Threadless artists who designed the stuff you’ve bought in the past so you could keep tabs on their future work. If you’d like to unfollow them, just head to your profile and tweak your Following list.

We’ve got a bunch of new following and notification options up our sleeves, especially when it comes to the forum, so stay tuned for updates!

You can always choose which notifications you’d like to receive by logging into your account and adjusting your notification settings.

If you have questions or feedback about following and notifications, please check out our FAQ or post them below and we’ll give you a shout. We'd love to know what notifications you'd like next!

Score My Sound World Designs To Win Npr Swag!

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Do you hear that? It's the sound of tons of awesome designs just waiting to be scored for the NPR My Sound World challenge. Score 50 or more of the designs and you'll automatically be entered to win an NPR prize pack.


The prize pack includes an NPR calendar, an NPR hat, a Carl Kasell pillow signed by the man himself, an NPR Music water bottle, an NPR tote signed by Susan Stamberg, NPR temporary tattoos, and a signed Nina Totenberg tote.

Score 50+ designs by Sept. 9 to be entered, ya hear?

Congratulations to BECCACANTPARK! Enjoy your swag!

Meet Dan Burgess And Check Out His Winning Impressionism Design!

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Say hello to Daniel Burgess aka danne-b, the grand prize winner of the Impressionism challenge with his A Robot’s Impression design. You can pick up this awesome design today!

Hey Dan! How about a quick introduction about yourself?
I am a freelance artist from England and I work as a visual designer for animation, film and TV. Any time I have between work, I attempt to be an illustrator and submit designs to Threadless.

Congratulations on your Impressionism challenge win! Out of 247 entries, your awesome design, A Robot’s Impression, stood out from the rest! How did you celebrate when you got that winning e-mail?
Well, because of the time difference, it was late at night so I wasn't too sure how to celebrate. I contacted my friend and immediately asked him if he wanted to go to Chicago, which he didn't hesitate on saying yes. After that I struggled to sleep for most of the night as it was amazing news and an unbelievable opportunity.

As the winner, you got to fly to Chicago and see your art displayed at the internationally acclaimed Art Institute of Chicago. Who did you bring with you?
I decided to take along my good friend Ben Ho, a fellow artist and Threadless member.

What's it feel like to have your art displayed in the second largest museum in the United States?
It was pretty surreal, and it took a while to comprehend the whole situation. It was amazing to see my work in such an amazing and famous place, and I think it’s the highlight of my art career so far.

Your winning design was unveiled to over a thousand art aficionados at the Art Institute’s After Dark event. Could you share some highlights from that event?
I was a little nervous at first to have to go up on stage and be presented to all these art folk, but it was actually very enjoyable and it was amazing to see my work displayed.

Back to the design, could you tell us how you came up with the idea behind A Robot’s Impression?
I started to work on the design while it was raining outside, which happens a lot in England—this was the starting point and inspiration. I wanted an impressionist painting that looked futuristic and atmospheric, so the use of neon lights, a robot and the effect of the rain worked great for this.

Was impressionism a style that came easily to you when you created this design?
I knew the type of image I wanted to create and what the general feeling was, but I had to do some research on the process and style. I watched a few documentaries and studied a bunch of paintings to help me understand what the best approach was. It ended up being a good opportunity to revise some classic paintings and work in a style I haven't attempted before.

Do you have a favorite Impressionism work or artist?
Camille Pissarro is my preferred impressionist. He produced some really nice paintings with subtle lighting and great atmosphere—he also had a lovely beard.

You can pick up Daniel’s winning design and MORE in the catalog!

Let's Give It Up For The Smiths!

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"In West Philadelphia, born and raised…" It's hard not to smile when you hear the familiar beginning to the Fresh Prince theme song. Will Smith has been showing us a good time with his music and acting for over two decades now! And, in the past years, even his kids Jaden & Willow have gotten in on the act! They're an entire family of good lookin', happy, talented performers.


Today, we released The Smith Family by Olivier Laude. In honor of all the smiles the Smiths have brought us over the years, let's show them some appreciation!

Create an original Smith GIF that represents what you like most about one or all of them. It can be Will, Jada, Jaden, Willow, or any combination of the four and it can reference any combination of their work. Make sure to keep it awesomely positive. Anything negative will be removed because that's not what those guys are about!

The winning GIF will snag a $200 Threadless gift code and one of the new tees!

Here's some of our favorite moments to get your started. We'll keep posting more!





Post your GIF in the comments below! Submit by September 2.

Win A Pair Of Tickets To A.V. Fest/Hideout Block Party!

by KyleGeib / None /


You know we love you guys. That’s why when our pals over at The A.V. Club were kind enough to drop off a few pairs of tickets to their annual A.V. Fest/Hideout Block Party (September 6 & 7, 2013), we just had to share them with you!

This year’s A.V. Fest lineup features Neko Case, Mavis Staples, Young the Giant, Superchunk, The Hold Steady, Aimee Mann and Ted Leo (playing together as The Both), and The Walkmen, just to name a few. These two days of fun will be hosted right outside of the Hideout here in Chicago. And of course, a portion of every ticket sold will benefit various Chicago charities, including Rock For Kids and Literacy Works.

Does that killer lineup make your ears perk up? If so, then use Twitter to share this page of A.V. Club staff favorites by Friday, August 30th, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win free tickets!

Before you enter, make sure you will be able to get yourself to the festival. If you don’t want to take your chances trying to win, tickets are still available for purchase, so get 'em before they're gone!

We See You Creepin’ On Our Latest Minecraft Design Challenge

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Don’t think we didn’t notice you hanging out over there, pickaxe in hand, just waiting to knock our blocks off with your great designssssssssss.

As some of you are already aware, Monday marked the launch our second Minecraft design challenge. With over 3,000 designs submitted to the last Threadless + Minecraft design challenge, we know you have the stamina and skills to break that record this time around. We know that some of you are straight-up Minecraft fiends, so feel free to geek the heck out in this challenge, incorporating inside jokes and other obscure references for die-hard Crafters. Remember, $5,000 cash is on the line!

When you're not designing, hop on the Threadless Minecraft server at and build with us! Register through your Threadless account to pick up benefits like:

  • in-game ability to teleport to other players
  • set Home warp, teleport to the last place you died
  • access to the Members Only Kit featuring one dozen warm chocolate chip cookies.

We're even hosting a challenge for players! We'll award a $250 Threadless gift code to the game who creates our favorite “monument of love” on our Minecraft server. The Minecraft crew will help choose the winner!

All you have to do is use Minecraft to create a monument dedicated to something you love. That thing could be pizza. It could be jeffreyg’s face. It could even be a scale model of the royal baby! Post an image of your submission in the comments below.

So block off a little bit of time, and start building. Submissions for the blog challenge close September 16th!

Thanks For Coming To The 7th Annual Threadless Family Reunion

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We had a great time last weekend at the 7th Annual Threadless Family Reunion. Thanks to everyone who came out to make it an extra special event! So many fun things happened that we can't mention them all, but here are some highlights.

We're so happy to announce this year's Bestee winners.

Designer of the Year - Budi Satria Kwan
Number of prints this year: 14
Number of prints total: 70
Number of products sold: 268,490
Number of countries his designs shipped to: 141
Number of 5's scored on his designs since 1/1/13: 7,874

Design of the Year - Alice Zhang for All of Time and Space
Number of tees sold with this design: 11,846
Number of reprint requests for this design: 13,803
Total number of Alice's tees sold ever: 82,942

Collaboration of the Year - Joe Van Wetering & Phil Tseng for Defenders of the Sky
Number of tees sold with this design: 3,414
Number of people in England who bought this tee: 126 (2,850 US)
All time product pageviews: 66,822

Scorer of the Year - Crystal Greig
Number of votes this year: 31,574
Number of lifetime votes: 41,137 (first vote 10/8/12)
How many tees she voted 5 on and helped print: 18
Average number of votes a day: 132.7
Distinct artists whose subs she scored: 14,495

Blogger of the Year - Jeff Guerrero
Number of comments this year: 1099
Number of blogs: 24
Number of times he's said these words in comments this year:
awesome: 41
lol: 49
lmao: 27
wtf: 6
:) : 37
;) : 9
:( : 14
cool: 13
rad: 15
dude: 14
whoa: 8
wait: 9

MINI-BESTEE WINNERS ARE HERE! Check out this blog for the winners of the community Mini Bestees!

During the day, we played Threadless-themed carnival games, screenprinted tees, interviewed speakers, shopped designs from our favorite MADE artists, and watched Jeremyville create live art!


Thanks to Jeremyville & Megan Mair, Nathan Pyle, Budi Satria Kwan, and Priscilla Wilson for letting us grill you with questions. Budi came all the way from Indonesia to chat with us about his 70 prints and Nathan Pyle's hair!

At the after party, the fun didn't stop! We were entertained with the talents of Jonny the Juggler, Mark "The Knife" Faje, DJ Sean Dorgan, Show You Suck, and YOU with DJ Steve's Karaoke.


See more photos in our album, check out the photobooth pics, and browse #Threadless7 on Instagram, Vine, and Twitter.

To see favorite memories and add yours, visit iRocko's and Twiggy Hall's blogs.

Thanks to those who traveled from other cities, states, and countries to hang out with us! Let's hang out soon. What city should we get together in next?

Threadless Select Fall 2013 Is Here: Check Out New Dresses, Ties, Cardigans, And More.

by jesshanebury / None /

The Select Fall 2013 Collection has arrived. It includes knit dresses, leggings, ties, hats, cardigans, blouses, and more! The 24 pieces feature the work of 20 artists from 8 different countries, including the Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, Ireland, and Indonesia!




Check out the lookbook to see the new products in action. These beautiful photos were taken at Camp Wandawega in Wisconsin, the perfect backdrop for this new Fall collection. Wandawega has pretty much anything you'd want in a wooded getaway: cabins, teepees, a fire pit, canoes, an archery range, and a rope swing. And man, oh man, did the team enjoy that rope swing.

Our photo and video dudes and dudettes Sean Dorgan, Collin Diederich, Craig Shimala, Nikki Carlson, and Jen Lemasters did an incredible job capturing the new collection in these stunning surroundings.


Jen, Nikki, and Sara on the shoot.

Collin letting the breeze run through his beard on the tire swing.

Craig gettin' the perfect shot!

Sandra and Jiayin getting the outfits ready.

Leah and Ross hanging out on the treehouse.

Check out #threadlesswandawega to see more behind the scenes photos.


A special thanks to those who helped style and accessorize the models:

Archery Bow Range Chicago

Jewelry by: Cities in Dust, Made In Jewelry, and Michelle Starbuck Designs

Additional clothing by: Plato's Closet

Styling by: Sandra Yau

Makeup and hair by: Sara Jean Stevens

Score Masked Maniac Designs To Win A You're Next Prize Pack

by jesshanebury / None /


Check out the terrifying maniacal designs up for scoring in the You're Next challenge. Score at least 50 of them and you'll be entered to win one of 10 You're Next prize packs!

Each prize pack includes one Lionsgate horror DVD, one You're Next "The Animals" mask, and two You're Next limited edition theatrical one-sheet posters.

Score designs by August 23rd to be entered!


Create A Design Inspired By Music, Tv, Movies, And Toys Of The ‘90s

by jesshanebury / None /


Stop, collaborate, and listen. Or just stop, work independently, and read.

Open up the Trapper Keeper of memories that is your mind and create a design that celebrates the final decade of the 20th century.

Think about anything that made the ‘90s great: Power-Rangers-filled afternoons, Babysitters-Club book-reading marathons, grungin’ out with Nirvana, and Lisas Frank, Turtle, and Loeb. Switch off that Super Nintendo and start designing! When you’re done, you can take a look at your submission and wonder, “Did I do that?”

Note: Make sure to review the rules of parody before you start designing.

Check out the prizing and submit!

We're On Our Way To Vegas To Find Even More Opportunities For Artists!

by jesshanebury / None /


Hey artists!

We’re excited to announce a new opportunity for all artists who submit to Threadless. Anyone that submits or scores knows that for every great design printed on Threadless, there are 50 unprinted that are just as great!

This week we’re bringing an Airstream’s worth of unprinted Threadless designs to Las Vegas for Project trade show. Dozens of buyers from stores you love and visit on the regular will be there checking out printed samples featuring your designs.

This marks the start of a brand new way artists will be able to be compensated for the designs they’ve submitted to Threadless. Now, designs you submitted weeks, months or years ago could find new life in some of your favorite stores.

Of course, the artist will always be notified before we present it to potential wholesale buyers. The artists whose designs are being shown at this trade show have already been notified and like us, are stoked about the potential this opportunity presents.

What better way to introduce Threadless to the wholesale community than to roll up with all the designs in the Threadless Airstream? Follow along this week as Danny and Mark Rose drive the Airstream across the country. We’ll post pictures and anecdotes in this blog and we just might be able to schedule a meetup with you along the way! Follow this blog and our Instagram for the latest.

Stay tuned as more opportunities like this come about. Your design might be next!


Danny and Mark moments before their road trip to Vegas!


Thanks, World's Largest Truck Stop on Iowa 80, we're glad to be here as well!


Danny and Mark have found the good life in Nebraska. Don't be shy if you see them making a pit stop. They have some treats for you.


Colorado folks beeped us from the highway, and found us at a rest stop an hour outside of Denver! We hooked 'em up!


Danny, Mark, and the Airstream meet the mountains!


Mark and Danny stopped at the Dinosaur Journey Museum in western Colorado and had the Threadless van transformed into a Triceratops!

Come With Us On A Threadventure! Ride, Play And Win All Week.

by jesshanebury / None /

Let’s celebrate ten buck tees by going on a Threadventure! All week long we’ll be virtually biking to different Threadlessy destinations to play games and hang out.

Threadventure day 5: The Story Arc


5 days, 2 wheels and 10 dollar tees: It’s the last day of our #Threadventure! Welcome to Story Arc, a man-made structure of our own imagination! Today, we’ll work together to create a story arc of our own.

Today’s challenge: Add one line to our progressive story. We’ll start with the first line of the story, then with each comment, each of you add the next line of the story.

Write your story line in bold and leave any comments or questions in regular type.

5 participants will win a $25 Threadless gift code.

The story starts here: After a long sunny ride, Jeff got off his bike, locked it to a stop sign and walked into his hula hoop dance class.

Thanks to everyone who came along with us on this adventure! We had a great time. Don’t forget to pick up those ten dollar tees before 5 pm CT!

And, if you’re taking an adventure to Chicago this weekend for the Threadless Family Reunion, we’ll leave the lights on for ya!

Threadventure day 4: Selfie Summit


congrats to @kylegboynton for winning this challenge with this awesome selfie:


Even after days of riding on this Threadventure, man do you look good. And that’s perfect, because we’ve just reached Selfie Summit, where everyone looks good, in every photo. Hope you’re wearing your Threadless tee!

Today’s challenge: Post a picture of yourself to Twitter or Instagram wearing or holding anything Threadless and tag it #threadpics and #threadventure. Our favorite photo will get $100 Threadcash.

Post your photo by 9am CT August 16. Pick yourself up a $10 tee, pump your tires and get ready to ride down this big ol' hill to our last stop!

Threadventure day 3: Voter’s Volcano


Congrats to 14sway, timetopre10d, Underdawg, efralick, and sasvari.peti! You've each won a $100 Threadless gift code

It’s day three of this Threadventure and our legs are feeling the burn. It’s either from all this pedaling or maybe it’s that giant, angry volcano over there! Offer your sacrifice to the Lava gods by scoring tons of designs!

Today’s challenge: Score 150 designs today and you’ll be entered in a random drawing to win one of 5 $100 Threadless gift codes.

Score by 9 AM CT August 15 (tomorrow). Score designs, pick up a 10 buck tee, and we’ll see ya tomorrow.

NOTE: We're keeping the Photoshop challenge from Day 2 open for 24 more hours since there are only 2 submissions right now! So today, you have 2 ways to play!

Threadventure Day 2: World’s Largest Adobe Hut! / winner announced


Congrats P0ckets! You won this challenge with your Jurrassic Park submission. We'll be contacting you soon!

It’s day 2 of the ten buck tee Threadventure! Stretch your calves and hydrate! We’ve reached destination two of our Threadventure! Welcome to the World’s Largest Adobe Hut.

Today’s challenge: Using the powers of Adobe, Photoshop the biggest, baddest, most awesome earthly destination for our bike Threadventure.

Will there be snow? Slides? Smurfs? It’s up to you. Just make sure to include yourself and a bike in your image.

Our favorite image will win a $50 Threadless gift code and a Threadless backpack prize pack for a Threadventure of your very own.

Submit by 9 AM CT August 14 (tomorrow). Get pedalin’! We’ll see ya at the next stop.

Threadventure day 1: The social ocean / winners announced

Congrats grand prize winner: KNELarson

5 other winners: Dreamer528491, oceanic abandon, RDFXcycling, 14sway & Random Findings In Wonderland!

We’ll be contacting you soon.


Check out the view from The Social Ocean! It’s big, blue and vast! Spread the news of ten buck tees from this coast to the next.

Today’s challenge: Post a message about $10 Threadless tees with the hashtag #threadventure to Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or Vine by 10 AM CT August 12. (tomorrow)

Our favorite post will win a $50 Threadless gift code! 5 other random posters will win a $25 Threadless gift code.

Winners will be announced tomorrow morning when we reach our next destination!

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