Everyone's A Winner! $10 Till The 21st!

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To announce the winners of the $2005 for 2005 competition, we thought we'd have a quick $10 sale as well. Until next Monday we will be selling all of our tees for just $10! So act fast, they are sure to go quick. Check the Stock Chart for a quick, easy way to find the shirts you like that are in stock. Buy Buy Buy!

Free Stickers With Every Order!

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We send out these stickers with every order we ship! Each one is die-cut with 4 individual stickers (Those yellow lines are the die-cut). Every order also gets a few other goodies - I'll keep those a surprise!

Any Feature Requests???

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We've just updated the news section here so that you can post comments. We promise to post a lot more often about all the fun stuff going on around here so be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed to stay updated. (The RSS link is to the right over there)

NOT ONLY THAT BUT.... You all have your own blogs in your user profiles now! So login, click your name to see your profile page and blog away!

Please feel free to post any other feature requests here, we'll be reading daily!


A Special Treat From Our Printer...

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Our printer, Shirts Our Business (sobltd.com - we're redoing their website as we speak) let us borrow their BB gun for the day as research for a little flash game we are going to be building into their website.... Fun times!

Check out some photos of craig with the special safety goggles...

Threadless Does Dallas

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We're going to be in Dallas from the 9th till the 13th... We'll have 4 booths up at 4 of the 20 locations for the Dallas Music Fest 2005, come check us out - we'll be selling shirts for $10 but if you wear a Threadless shirt and come to MY booth and see ME (Jake) I'll sell them to you for $5 each (2 shirt limit, no clearing us out, damnit)

I'm not sure which booth I'll be at but I'll post it on Thursday

Also, before 7pm everyday we have nothing to do ... we are staying at Hotel ZaZa ... we'd love to be shown around / hang with any YH Dallas cowboys......

Check out details on the show(s)... There are like 1000 independent, undiscovered bands playing in 20 different bars around the area for 3 days and it's only like $15 for an all access pass to it all...


We've Gone Ship Method Crazy!

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We now offer UPS Next Day, 2nd Day and Ground shipping as well as a few other shipping options! And we've adjusted our pricing! So if your only excuse to not buy a tee was because shipping prices are too much you better start brainstorming up something new (or you could just give in and BUY BUY BUY now)

Until Tuesday: $10 & $8 Valentine Sale !!!

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Boyfriends, Girlfriends or just Friends, they ALL deserve Threadless tees for Valentines Day! And for just $10.00 (and a few $8.00 specials) how could you not buy one for everyone you know?

Act fast because come Tuesday, prices are back up to $15.00!!

NEW AND $8.00!!! Teddybear Loves Teddyboy, by Mr Gaukcowski http://www.threadless.com/product/197/Teddybear_loves_Teddyboy

REPRINTED AND $8.00!!! Bleeding Heart, by Craig Brickles http://www.threadless.com/product/59/Bleeding_Heart

REPRINTED AND $8.00!!! Chick Love, by Andy Tomlinson http://www.threadless.com/product/166/Chick_Love

ALSO NEW AND JUST $10.00!!! Portrait of a Gentleman, by Emma Wollman http://www.threadless.com/product/196/Portrait_of_a_Gentleman

REPRINTED AND JUST $10.00!!! Afternoon Delight, by Chris Bishop http://www.threadless.com/product/157/Afternoon_Delight

The 12 Club Is Alive!

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Link: 12 Month Club

You asked for it, we made it! The 12 club has launched, you can now join up to receive limited edition, members-only tee shirts monthly in your mailbox. The only way to get these bad boys is to join the club so don't hesitate! You also get a $30 gift certificate just for signing up to buy up a couple tees from our regular stocklist.

A Dozen Furies Wins Battle For Ozzfest And New Bands!

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Hey everyone first off I want to send a HUGE congrats to my buddies and big Threadless supporters, A Dozen Furies, on winning MTVs Battle for Ozzfest! I am so happy for them, and cannot think of anyone more deserving :) Check out www.mtv.com under Battle for Ozzfest to see the announcement as well as Marc sporting Swineherd Liberation Front on thier live Roxy show!

Also, here are some new bands that I am very trilled about picking up, and that you should all give a listen to! The Black Maria, He Is Legend, Plain White Ts, Kane Hodder, The Showdown, Demon Hunter, Circa Survive, Project 86, and Papa Roach! Also speaking of bands just so you know my pals and one of our top bands The Receiving End of Sirens is going out on tour with labelmates As Tall As Lions, for full dates go to www.thereceivingendofsirens.com

pps TREOSs debut on Triple Crown should be out in March, hint hint ;)

Until we meet again....

Like Threadless Only You Don't Have To Design To Submit!

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With OMG Clothing the idea is for people to submit ideas for slogans they'd want to see on tees and hire talented designers to make tees out of the highest scoring slogans... We're giving $100 cash and a $100 gift certificate to anyone who comes up with a slogan that we decide to use... you've got nothing to lose :)

We've got 4 tees printing right now and should come out with those by the end of the month but in the meantime start submitting some slogans...

Check it out!


$2005 For 2005!

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Just submit a design between January 1st and February 1st and it will be entered into the $2005 for 2005 competition... Yea, I know what you're thinking - that's a lot of cash!
1st Prize

2nd Prize 3rd Prize Judges
The winning submission will be chosen by a panel of Judges including a representative from each company giving prizes.

More details here: http://www.threadless.com/promotion

Threadless Re-Design! The Awesomest Ever!

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Here it is! We've been slaving over this for quite some time and are extremely proud to finally introduce it to you! On top of a completely new look, we have also added tons of subtle new features that are sure to make your browsing experience much easier and more fun.

Here's a few highlights...

  • A brand new submission browsing and scoring interface allowing you to browse designs by the scores you gave them and making submission scoring much more fun
  • An easy-to-use catalog that lists all of our products on one page for your shopping madness
  • A totally updated stock chart thats lighting fast and filterable by the size you wear
  • A brand new news section - you're looking at it - stay on top of Threadless goings-on with ease!
  • Happy Gift Certificate Giving - you may now print gift certificates or email them as e-cards
  • A new "Sightings & Sponsorships" section displaying photos and links to products seen on bands we sponsor, articles and tv shows
  • Browse around and discover the rest of the new diddies for yourself!

Wow, You Can Browse The Stock Chart By Size Now!

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Due to the very limited nature of our product, it's often a pretty difficult chore just to find which of our products are even in stock and available for you to buy.

SO CHECK OUT THIS SUPER USEFUL NEW FEATURE! Now there is a drop-down on the top of the page with which you can select the size you wear. Hit 'Go' and the page will only show you products that are in stock in your size. Browsing & Buying has never been easier!

Click here to check out the stock chart

No more excuses about not being able to find a shirt in stock in your size!

Introducing... "Sightings & Sponshorships"

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Over the past year or so, Threadless has been picking up a lot of band sponsorships. We've also been receiving a lot of really positive press from many different TV shows, magazine articles, web sites, etc. We put together a new section called "Sightings and Sponsorships" to show you where our tees have been spotted. From pictures of bands wearing Threadless during live TV appearances to spottings on television shows to magazine articles, and live performances - it can all be found here! We are constantly looking for fresh faces to join our ever growing family, so if you think your band is what we're looking for or if you know a good band we should chat with email me at teamthreadless@yahoo.com !

Check out the Sightings & Sponsorships page

If you spot Threadless, let us know and we'll post it up!

December Re-Print Re-Cap

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The following shirts were reprinted in December... if you missed them the first time, don't miss them again!!!

Nerd BerdBleeding HeartFlowers in the AtticFollow ItMotovinoSad PsychoThe Things You LoveDeath By MusicCaptain AwesomePandamoniumConsumableShe Doesn't Even RealizeI Am AnalogInside OutShadow BunnyDestroy NifkinRed 365Neonmedia 2

For Immediate Release: Threadless Press Kit 2005

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Check out our new press section and downloadable press kit. If you are looking to write an article about us, carry our product in your store or just learn a little bit more about what goes on behind the scenes - check this out.

Available from the press section: a vector (EPS) file of our logo available for download, downloadable Hi-Res photographs ready for print and our 2mb PDF Press Kit covering demographics, company history, statistics and more...

View our press section

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