Missed This Year's Meetup? Watch The 2013 Family Reunion Artist Interviews.

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We had a great time at Threadless 2013's Family Reunion! We were so honored to have 4 awesome members of the Threadless community come to Chicago to be interviewed. Get to know Nathan Pyle, Priscilla Wilson, Budi Satria Kwan and Jeremyville a little better.

Nathan Pyle

Nathan hails from Ohio and now lives and works in New York City. In addition to art, he produces non-fiction television programs for a variety of networks. He has a degree in theology, loves taking photos, and he is free this Saturday if anyone is playing flag football in Central Park.

In addition to being a Threadless MADE artist, Nathan is now a published author! Check out his book, NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette.

Budi Satria Kwan

Budi Satria Kwan didn’t have a credit card when he discovered Threadless, so he submitted a design in hopes of being awarded a coupon. This was his introduction to Photoshop and the world of design. Budi lives in Makassar, Indonesia.

We brought Budi from Indonesia to Chicago to present him 2013's Threadless Designer of the Year Bestee! Check out his MADE shop to see some of his work.

Priscilla Wilson

When she isn't organizing wine tour meet-ups across the California countryside or arranging artist e-chats across the world, Threadless Ambassador Priscilla Wilson is busy makin' fancy schmancy wine labels for the vino you might be drinking right now.


Jeremyville began drawing Community Service Announcements as notes to self about navigating day-to-day life. His art has since appeared on shoes, murals, and now Threadless t-shirts.

Check out the Jeremyville MADE shop.

Dina And Wagner Hammered The Thor Competition! Check Out Their Winning Design!

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Hi Dina and Wagner! How about a quick introduction?

W: Hi Buddies! I'm from Brazil, I live in a very warm state called Rio Grande do Norte (something like Big River of North) and in this moment I work with editorial illustration and designs for shirts. I say this because my creativity and passion for what is new always leads me to new paths.
D: I'm a graphic designer for kids apparel in Indonesia and a freelance artist. I'm just an ordinary man with a wife and two little daughters. I’ve always known I would be an artist or a designer since I was a little kid. I'm a self-taught artist. I don't have a degree in art.

Out of 387 designs, your collaboration Thor: A God Among Worlds hammered the competition and won! What was it like to receive that notification?

W: Honestly, it was a big surprise . At the moment I didn't believe! Haha! I literally raised my hand to the sky and felt thunder coming up in my fingers. There were so many good designs in this challenge, and our design had been done in a short time, because Dina and I were pretty busy. So when I saw that wonderful email in my inbox, it was kind of unbelievable.
D: Excited and very happy! Do not think! Beyond expectations! I got the idea and the concept from Wagner five days before the deadline. We had to work very fast. But luckily, we were able to finish on time.

How did your collaboration process work? Could you share some photos with us?

W: Well, for me, every collaboration has to be done differently. I've done a collaboration where a friend worked only with the idea and I did all the artwork. The collaboration with Dina for the Thor challenge was totally different, I developed the idea and did the sketch, Dina made the lineart and colors.

You both have pretty distinct styles. To see them mesh into one solid design is amazing. What did each of you bring to the collaboration skillwise? Do you think it’s important for artists to collaborate with each other?

W: I really think that collaborating with another artist is a process enriching and challenging. Do it!
D: Wagner is a good comic illustrator. I really admire his artwork, so when he asked me to collaborate, I was surprised! I think maybe he was interested in the way I draw superheroes. When collaborating, it is important to understand that the concept that we offer will suit to the style of our collaborative partners.

Are there any artists on Threadless that you guys would love to collaborate with?

W: Oh yeah! For sure! I love to work with some of the other masters who inspired me to enter this world of t-shirts like Budi Satria Kwan, Matheus Lopes, Ross Zietz, Alice X. Zhang, Hafaell, Alex Solis, Ralph Pykee, Ben Chen, and many others. Just call me! Haha!
D: Jimiyo, Mathiole, Studio Verso, Alexmdc, the Fan brothers, Spykee, and Dzeri.

How do you guys stay creative?

W: Well, I watch movies and TV series (Breaking Bad FTW!), I read comics, I stay updated and aware of everything that happens around me. I talk nonsense with my friends and with my wife and at some point in the mix of it all, new ideas appear.
D: I’m constantly thinking of a cool t-shirt design. Almost every day I am directing my mind to think of t-shirt design ideas.

Are you guys fans of Thor? Do you have a favorite character in the series?

W: I'm a fan of mythology in general. As a child, I liked various mythologies such as Egyptian, the Greek and Norse. I'm also a fan of comic books since I was a kid (I was a comic artist for some time), so I always liked Thor. I love giant monsters, so the Frost Giants are my favorite characters.
D: Yes I am! In my parents' house, you can still see the Thor sticker in my closet I put there when I was little. Isn’t that enough to prove that I'm a fan of Thor? LOL

If you could possess at Mjölnir for a day, what would be the first thing you’d do?

W: Well, if only for a day I would fly to Chicago, enter Threadless and say "Hey! Let me work here forever - I have a Mjölnir and I'm not afraid to use it!" To celebrate, I would drink mead in Asgard with the other gods. \o/
D: I will cool down this earth.

What’s it feel like to be able to design for a comic as big as Thor?

W: Very, very great! I would say it resembles the feeling of defeating Hulk in arm wrestling!
D: Very nice and I am proud.

Do you guys ever spot any Threadless shirts in your country?

W: Yes, I see! Unfortunately the high taxes of Brazilian import prevent it becoming even more evident, but several of my friends use Threadless tees and I usually see too many Threadless tees in videos on the largest pop culture Brazilians websites.
D: I rarely see Threadless shirts in my country.

Can we expect more collaborations from you two in the future?

W: Yes! I want and I really hope so!
D: Based on this success, we certainly will collab again in the future.

Do you have any last words or shoutouts?

W: Thank you Threadless for choosing our design, thank you very much for the opportunity. Work, even indirectly with you, it is a great happiness! Until next time and remember: Stay hungry, stay foolish!
D: Never give up! But keep it up. Maybe your next submission is your winning design.

Pick up Dina & Wagner's amazing collaboration as well as many others in our Thor collection!

Teetorials: Simple Animated Gifs

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Teetorials are tips and tricks for adding those special touches to your designs. They're brought to you by our very own Threadless staff designers, Alex, Jillian & Speedy Joe. Check out Jillian's Teetorial on creating GIFs in Photoshop.

Animated GIFs! If you have a video you want to turn into a simple gif, there are plenty of links online to upload and generate a GIF pretty quickly. However, if you’re the doodlin’ type and want to make your own gif, here’s how to do it in Photoshop.

Threadless Teetorial - Animated Gif from Threadless.com on Vimeo

1) Have your files and layers prepared. I drew/assembled each frame like I would a flipbook and prepared them on separate (transparent) layers. The bottom layer, which won’t change, is just that green background.

I’ve arranged my layers in the order that I need them (when I want to turn them on and off). You don’t have to do that but you’re going to be hella confused if you don’t.

2) Go to Window > Timeline. Click “Create Frame Animation”. image

3) Turn on the first layer you want to see. As I mentioned before, I am leaving the green layer at the bottom ON throughout so that you always see it. The transparent layers on top of it are going to toggle on/off.

4) Create a new timeline frame by clicking that little paper icon. This icon duplicates your previous layer, which is why you will want to turn that layer off in the next step.

5) Turn off the layer you want to hide, and turn on the next one. Easy.

6) Create another new timeline frame, hide that previous layer that duplicated and turn on the next one that you want to see.

7) Keep doing that with all of the layers until you’ve reached the end of your timeline.

8) PRESS PLAY and check it out.
There are a number of extra things you can control in the Timeline panel, like frame delay (speed) and looping.
If you want it to loop forever and ever, change the looping setting from “Once” to “Forever”.
You can edit the delay of each individual frame by clicking on the number at the bottom of it (choose an option or enter your own), or select all of the frames at once (like I did in the video) and edit all of them. I have mine set to a .2 second delay. Keep hitting play/stop until you’re like, "AWE, YEA THIS LOOKS GOOOOOOD."

9) Once you’re happy with everything, go to File > Save for Web and save as a GIF.

10) Post it in the comments section.


Break Out The Coins, Ketchup And Craft Supplies To Submit A Design To The Mixed Media Challenge!

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The Mixed Media design challenge is all about making art from everyday materials! Today's new release, Spooky Side Up by Michael Bancroft is a perfect example of just that.


Here's some other good examples to get you inspired.
Alt Of Ctrl by Matheus Lopes Castro image

Real Peanuts by Phil Jones

Catsup by Katie Campbell

Mr. Tee by Phil Jones image

Do you have other favorite mixed media designs or materials you want people to design with? Post below.

Win Threadcash: Score Designs And Find Your Top Three Favorites!

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Everybody scores designs a little differently. Some folks give high scores to anything they like while others reserve their 5s for their most favoritist of all submissions.

For this challenge, we want everyone to get on the same page (this one). Score 200 submissions and then post the links to your top 3 favorites in the comments below. Three random scorers will win a $50 Threadless gift code!

Show us your top 3 by Monday Oct. 14!

10/16: Thanks all for participating! Congratulations to ChloeLesage, Nucky Dana, and Pyne! Keep on votin!

Theinfamousbaka Can Haz Her First Print?

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Hi Tiffany! How about a quick introduction? Where did your username come from?
Hello! I’m a real estate marketing person by day and illustrator by night (and morning, and afternoon). TheInfamousBaka is an evolved form of my very first online alias, bakabaka, which came to be when I was 15, I think? It’s been around for a long time. I’m not infamous for anything, so it’s very misleading.

Congratulations on your first print, I Can Haz Cheeseburger Spaceships - it's been a long time coming, especially after winning the Best Unprinted Artist Bestee! How did it feel to get that notification?
It felt amazing! I posed like success kid and felt very relieved to accomplish something that I’ve been wanting for such a long time.

Could you explain your process and share some pictures?
My illustrations usually start as terrible doodles in a notebook I keep next to me while I work and this one was no exception. I shared it on facebook and it got a great response, so I was pretty motivated to get working on it. I do everything from start to finish in Photoshop, though sometimes I’ll use my initial doodle as a base to build on. It was a ton of fun drawing all of the different cats!

Do cheeseburger spaceships shoot hot dog rockets?
Now that’s just silly. They’re burrito rockets.

Can you describe your perfect burger?
My favorite burgers are the spicy kind, with lots of jalapenos and pepperjack cheese. Mmmm. Though I’m not too terribly picky; if you put a burger in front of me, chances are that I will eat it.

It's been awesome to see you hone and develop your own style over the years. How would you describe it? Did you have any inspirations?
I struggled quite a bit with defining a style for myself, so I had to buckle down and make a conscious decision about what I was going to spend my time on. I love video games and cartoons and spend way too much time on Threadless and the internet in general, so all of that kind of rolls up into a ball of influence that I pull from every day. I’d describe my style as cute, bright, and playful! Though, I’ll mix it up from time to time.

You've been a member on Threadless for almost 7 years now and an active forum member. Has being part of the Threadless community helped you as an artist?
Being a part of Threadless has helped me immensely. There are so many talented people that are more than willing to give you pointers when you need them, and the support that they offer is priceless! It has helped me find the motivation to go from one design to the next and continue to grow as an artist. I have made a lot of amazing friends here.

What's your favorite part about being part of the Threadless community?
The people that I have had the pleasure to get to know! And I work from home, so having a place where I can be around my peers is really comforting and helpful towards keeping me sane.

You submitted over 89 designs before you got your first print - do you have any advice for either new artists or people still trying to crack their first print?
Love what you do and don’t be afraid to take a break once in a while. I had a hiatus that lasted a few years and I think it really helped in the long run. Try not to fret too much about getting high scores or lots of votes, just keep doing and learning and making things.

When you're not on Threadless, what do you like to do?
I have a lot of hobbies, so I’m always doing something! I love video games and spend way too much time playing them (dang JRPGs!). Other things that I like to do are sewing, trying to learn how to paint, reading comics, arting, and hanging out with my husband. I spend a lot of time indoors. Probably too much.

Are you working on anything fun at the moment?
I’m working on a few collaborations with other Threadless artists! And I’m always coming up with new ideas of my own for submissions. Since I finally got a print, I REALLY want to take some time and start working on a comic, which is something I’ve always wanted to do. So many things to draw, so little time.

Any last words or shoutouts?

You can pick up this delicious tee and other fresh threads in the catalog!

Siss Boom Bah! Congrats To The Winners Of The College Challenge.

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Hey all! Congrats to the winners from the College challenge! Many of these designs can be found at retailers who carry Tailgate apparel. Great job to all Threadless artists who came together to make an awesome collection of designs. GO TEAM GO!

image MIKE by temyongsky

image Big Al design by alexmdc

image Razorback design by triagus

image Berkeley design by m0__0

image Go Bearcats! design by hana.bacasno and lady_ice

image Georgia Bully design by jublin

image Florida Gator design by jpmcdade92

image Scratch design by arzie13 and Mr Rocks

image Ride 'Em Herbie! design by CoD Designs

image Rameses design by temyongsky

image Go Leprechaun! design by hana.bacasno

image Syracuse design by randyotter3000

image The Hidden Player design by weird&co

Raise A Glass To Ross Bruggink’S Absolut Chicago Bottle Design!

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Ross Bruggink is on a roll. Last week, we released Ross’ cryptozoology-inspired “Sweet Betty’s Sparkling Yetis” tee, which was the winning design from our challenge with our pals at dribbble. Yesterday, we launched Ross’ spectacular new MADE collection, complete with a charming video of Ross in his natural habitat (Minneapolis, Minnesota). Today, we’re ecstatic to announce that Ross’ ABSOLUT CHICAGO bottle design, “The Cityscape,” has finally hit the shelves! Check out the bottle in all of its glory:




“I wanted to represent iconic elements of Chicago (hot dog, ferris wheel, pigeon, theatre sign, etc.) while presenting the iconic nature of the architecture itself.” says Ross in his artist statement, “The result is a stylized cityscape incorporating architectural and iconic elements of Chicago.”

See what we mean? Ross is on FIRE! Ross’ beautiful Chicago-themed bottle houses one of ABSOLUT’s newest flavors, an interestingly delightful, aromatic rosemary and olive vodka.

Thinking about vodka drinks now? Check out this edition of Mo Knows for a few innovative new cocktail drinks to test out at your next soiree. That girl knows her mixology!

Congratulations to Ross on all of his recent achievements, and we hope to see more of his incredible work in the future!

Threadless Teetorials: Halftone Texture In Illustrator

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Teetorials are tips and tricks for adding those special touches to your designs. They’re brought to you by our very own Threadless staff designers, Alex, Jillian, Speedy Joe, & designers from the Threadless community. This Teetorial comes courtesy of our pal and fellow graphic designer Phil Tseng.

Before you start, find a good grunge/distress texture image big enough to cover your design. Once you have your image, convert it into black & white in Photoshop or Photoshop-like program. You will also want to adjust the Brightness/Contrast of the image--you don't want too much gray in your image or else it'll end up being a big halftone mess in the end. I like to turn the contrast up to 100 and the brightness between 20-40, depending on how much of the texture details I want to show.


Once you have your texture image ready, switch over to Illustrator and create a new layer above all the other layers.


Paste your texture image into this new layer.


To convert the image into halftones... with the image selected go to Effect > Pixelate > Color Halftone...


In the Color Halftone dialogue box, set all the channels to 45 degrees. For the Max. Radius I usually stay between 8-16 pixels, depending on how big I want the halftones to be. Play around with the numbers till you're happy with the results.


Once you're happy with how the halftones look, you're going to rasterize the layer: Object > Rasterize...


In the Rasterize dialogue box, check High for the resolution and click OK.


After the layer is rasterized, you're going to Live Trace the image to extract the halftones: Object > Live Trace > Make. This might take more than a few seconds--depending on the complexity of the halftones.


Once it's done tracing, set the Min. Area to 4 pixels and press Expand. This should take a few seconds.


After it's done expanding, you'll end up with a messy looking thing full of dots. Now we're going to delete the white part so we end up with just have the halftones.


Zoom in to a section of the image. With the Magic Wand Tool (keyboard shortcut "Y"), click on a white part of the image and press delete.


Hopefully you end up with just the black halftones.


The last step is to change the color of the fill of the halftones to the background color of the design.

For all of our Teetorials, click here.

Careful... This Nicebleed Interview Is Nsft!

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(Gif: Collin)

How about giving us a quick introduction? Where does the name Nicebleed originate from?
Nicebleed is a collaboration project with two brothers Francis and Laurence. The name was a username from when we used to play counterstrike. It was 'nosebleed' back then, and then later changed to nicebleed. We thought it was nice. :)

(Photo: Craig)

Have you ever spotted any Threadless shirts in the Philippines?

Yes! There are many Threadless shirts here.

Congratulations on your winning design, Mona Lisa Glitch in the Not Safe for Threadless challenge- could you guys walk us through your process? Do you have any process photos you could share with us?

Thanks! Basically the process is.. Idea - Execution (Sketch or directly to photoshop) then finalized with the colors and textures. For this challenge we used photo manipulation and some distort filters. We thought that this image is so popular that glitching it would add a twist. It's fun to play with those filters and it's an extra tool for us to create visual elements.

What did "not safe" for Threadless mean for you? How did this influence your approach to designing a submission for this challenge?

Something unusual for Threadless' taste. For this challenge, we decided to create a dark and pop image with a glitchy effect with the overall print. It was a style we haven't seen on Threadless shirts.

Do you think Threadless needs more shirts of this aesthetic and style?

Yeah, we definitely would love to see more of this style printed in the future.

As a collaboration duo, is one of you the brains behind a concept or is it pure collaborative? Do you ever find that your visions clash?

Whoever gets the idea first, we reinforce it then by suggestions and building it together to make it visually strong.

What do you think an artist can benefit from by collaborating with other artists?

A collaboration is teamwork. Both parties can learn to each other's style and it can result to surprising outcomes.

Negative space seems to be a huge influence in a bunch of your designs - would you describe this as your style, if not, how would you describe your style?

Negative space is magical and fun to make but for us we don't limit to that area. We have a wide range of style. Depends on the idea we have.

What is your favorite thing to draw? Is there anything you guys try to avoid having to draw?

We love elements from nature. Animals and florals, skulls to pop culture elements. We haven't really tried to draw realistic elements in our designs but we embrace all things in this universe. There's nothing to avoid.

Besides deadlines, what is the hardest part of being freelance illustrators?

When procrastination strikes. We can't control them. There's no production going on.

How does it feel to know that a t-shirt or art you create can be shared and worn by millions of people around the world?

So inspiring to us!

Are you guys working on any cool projects at the moment?

Doing some illustrations for shirts maybe for future Threadless submissions or for wall art prints.

Any last words or shout outs?

Thanks Threadless and to all our friends out there! Enjoy! :)

You can pick up Nicebleed's winning design today along with other rad new designs in the catalog!

Teetorials: Illustrator Align Tool

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Teetorials are tips and tricks for adding those special touches to your designs. They're brought to you by our very own Threadless staff designers, Alex, Jillian & Speedy Joe. Check out Threadless designer Speedy Joe’s tutorial for using the align tool in Illustrator.

First go into Window > Align Tool. Open that up and put it somewhere on the screen where you will be able to access it easily.
I created 4 basic squares so you can easily see what's going on here. They are all just sitting randomly on the screen and we want them nice and lined up.

Select all the squares with the black arrow (selection tool).

Once you have your objects selected, again using the black arrow, click on one of the squares once and it will make it a "key object". You can see the thicker blue outline on my key object. This is the square we are going to align everything to.

Now I want everything centered on my key object, so I select the vertical align center on my align window.

We got everything nice and centered on our green square now, next we want everything touching.

Again, select the first object as your key object, this time we want to distribute the spacing horizontally. I have it at 0 inches so they all touch, but if you have a specific amount of space you want between the objects you can put that in.

And there it is! Nice and lined up and all touching.
If you have any questions for Joe, ask them in this blog!

Help Celebrate Artists By Wearing The #Bigtee Of The Day!

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There's $10,000 on the line in The Next Big Tee challenge. To celebrate the artists who have created some of the most popular Threadless designs recently, we'll be highlighting one best-selling tee a day and throwin' some fun facts at ya!

Friday 10/4

Today’s #bigtee denies all of the laws of evolution. Ultimate Fusion by Chawit Waewsawangwong illustrates how the lovable panda came to be… via a Dragon Ball Z-esque fusion! This explosive tee has been a Threadless staple from the day it was released.


Launched: March 21, 2012
Biggest Sale Date: March 21, 2012

Check out all of these beautiful folks rocking Ultimate Fusion. You’re all Super Saiyans in our book!






Today's #BigTee is The Communist Party by Tom Burns, a real Threadless classic. Check Instagramlater to cheers with the Threadstaff while we enjoy some brew and pizza! One lucky commenter will get a $25 gift code!

Launched: January 16, 2006
Biggest Sale Date: September 9, 2009



Sure, it's Wednesday, but Wednesday WHEN? All of Time and Space by Alice X. Zhang is Wednesday's #bigtee.

Launched: December 10, 2012
Biggest Sale Date: December 10, 2012 (The day it launched!)



Today's #bigtee is A French Ninja Cat! by Kyle Walters

Launched: February 27, 2012
Biggest Sale Date: June 26, 2012


Did you wear your French Ninja Cat tee today? These folks did:




Make sure to wear your All of Time and Space tee for tomorrow’s #bigtee, ya Whovians!


Today's #bigtee is The City that Never Sleeps by Dina Prasetyawan.

Launched June 4, 2012
Biggest sale day friday Nov. 23, 2012


What's something great about the city you live in?

Psst: Tomorrow's Big Tee is A French Ninja Cat! Make sure to wear it.


Friday's big tee was Funkalicious by Christopher Golebiowski! Did you wear your tee?


Things got fun and funky when Ranch Ghost stopped by!

Thursday 9/26

The #bigtee for today comes to us all the way from space! Hope you wore your Mr. Mittens! tee today! This classic bestseller was designed by Joe Van Wetering.


Mr. Mittens has been printed on tees, water bottles, iPhone cases and more. Today, our very own Mo shared how she put Mr. Mittens onto shoes!

Launched July 21, 2008
Biggest sale day friday Nov. 27, 2009 (Black Friday)

Speaking of Threadless classics, tomorrow's #bigtee is Funkalicious!

Wednesday 9/25

Today's #bigtee is bigger on the inside! Are you wearing Adventure Awaits by Karen Hallion today?


Launched Monday, Feb 18, 2013
Biggest Sale Day: Monday, March 18 2013

The Threadless van is bigger on the inside!

Tomorrow's #BigTee is Mr. Mittens! Wear your tee, hoody, bag or iPhone case! Well, maybe you can't wear an iPhone case.

Tuesday 9/24

The #bigtee of the day is A Pixel of My Childhood tee by Adam Jhesu Rufino Nakamura from Mexico. Did you wear your tee today?


Adam's Tumblr

Released Monday, Jan 21 2013
Biggest sale day: Wednesday, Mar 20 2013

Gamers, let's hang out! What platform do you play on? What's your current game of choice? Tell us your username so we can all play together!

Tomorrow we're hypin' Adventure Awaits. Make sure to wear yours!

Monday 9/23

Today’s #bigtee feature is “Magic Bacon Ride” - and for the occasion, we ordered and enjoyed a big ol’ bin full of bacony goodness this morning. Note the veggie “bacon” slices there too!

Every Monday here at Threadless, we treat the staff with a nice catered breakfast and this morning, it was a “make your own breakfast sammy” sort of day. In terms of preference here, the “make your own” option is clearly the winner. Note this recent poll:


Now that our bellies are full of delicious breakfast, we can better spread the word of Threadless here, there, and everywhere on this magnificent Monday. Won’t you help us?

Tell us your #bacon stories, show us your #bacon pride, take us on a #MagicBaconRide.


Magic Bacon Ride by George Otsubo from NYC

Launched Monday, May 27, 2013
Biggest day of sales: Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Also available as:
Zip hoody
iPhone case
Wall Art

Tomorrow, make sure to wear your A Pixel of My Childhood tee and high five anyone else that does the same!

Announcing New Hi-Res Dimensions For Design Submissions!

by skaw / None /


You can now submit your designs in a more glorious, larger format! 1200 by 1200 pixels of pure ultimate power. One MILLION four hundred and forty thousand pixels! That's a whole lot of real estate to show off your work. In a few days, when new hi-res designs are submitted and approved, you'll start to see much larger images when scoring designs.

It's no secret that submission dimensions have been one of the biggest issues with submitting to design challenges. We've been listening and we're excited to see what you do with all this extra space. In fact, we're so pumped that spoiler alert we're launching a new special design challenge tomorrow that should inspire everyone to give it a go! In fact there are 10,000 inspiring reasons. Hint hint.

But wait there's more! Bonus new features:
• You can now embed videos from Youtube and Vimeo in the forum!
• You can also now delete your own comments!
• Pssst … @skaw

Do Us A Solid And Check Out Michal And His Winning Regular Show Design!

by jeffreyg / None /

Hello Michal! How about a quick introduction?
I'm just a simple man with simple needs that’s searching for an answer of what I want to do in my life. It took me some time to ensure myself that it might be designing.

Out of 343 submissions, Now Clean Up This Mess! cleaned up the competition as one of the grand prize winners! How did you celebrate when you got the notification that you won?
Oh, the time for celebration is yet to come! It would be the nicest to celebrate after showing people my design up for sale :) Maybe I even treat my Threadless account to a thumbnail at last?

As a big Regular Show fan myself, I can't WAIT to own your design. It's packed with references and highlights each character perfectly. Could you do me a solid and share some process photos and explain how you developed this design?
Why, thank you for your kind words. I’ve loved complex and detailed illustration since I was a child, especially when I spent hours gazing in picture books like Where's Waldo? I thought it is general rule in Regular Show scenario to make specific items, often with some out-of-this-world characteristics, a basis of the plot. Almost every time Mordecai and Rigby struggle with some weird antagonist from the other dimension it ends up with park devastation and a huge mess which drives Benson insane. So why not mix these two distinctive Regular Show features and make a huge mess out of the series' finest devices? It wasn't a minute work, as I didn't have the idea of the right composition at the start. I had to draw every element and character separately and after that put it all together like a jigsaw puzzle right on a t-shirt template.


Out of all the references in your design, which one is your favorite?
It is hard to pick one, I would say I adore all the ‘80s things the most. In Regular Show, music still plays from walkman and boxy cassette ghettoblaster, 8-bit arcade games are still hot (not just ironically or sentimentally cool like in the world of today), movies on VHS are still being rented from video rental shops, party people happen to wear mullets and it gets really serious after tasting ‘80s beverage...

Do you have a favorite character and/or episode?
Before the t-shirt contest, I had only seen a few episodes and I simply liked it. But I generally love cartoons and every time I notice Threadless launch contest with some cartoon as a subject, it motivates me to give the show a try. I started from the very first episode and was hooked. So far my favorite episodes are those featuring Sensai – “Death Punchies” and “Sandwich of Death” (in my opinion the most random plot ideas written for the show so far, and I love RS' randomness). Oh, please excuse me, “Gut Model” with Muscle Man as a pregnant photo model was even more random! That's why it also has a special place in my heart! :)

Which of the characters do you think you relate to the most?
It's really hard to say as I admit to be notorious slacker, seasonal workaholic, I enjoy jolly good shows, plus sometimes I overuse “yeah, I've seen this before” phrase...

You’re from Warsaw, Poland. Is Regular Show a popular show over there? Have you spotted a lot of Threadless shirts there?
I think Regular Show still hasn't gained here attention it deserves, especially in comparison to an also great Adventure Time. But maybe as a childless 30-year-old I just have no idea! :) I occasionally meet people wearing Threadless tees on the streets - one time there was a guy in the same shirt as mine in a club (Polar Gardening by Jean-Sebastien Deheeger). But it could be bigger craze, especially considering how often I'm asked where I got my tees from.


What got you to start submitting designs for Threadless?
I’ve purchased tees from Threadless since I heard of it in 2008. I've always liked the styles and how it promotes artists. So, when I thought I learned how to operate in graphic programs smoothly enough, it was a natural move for me to try. I don’t submit too often, so when I won the first contest after only 2 or 3 submissions I was very surprised, but it motivated me to try whenever I see a chance for myself.

As an artist, how does it feel to be able to share your art with the rest of the world?
The internet is a blessing for a designer - why have I discovered it so late? I'd never have the opportunity to feel this great without it.

Any last words or shout outs?
Nah, I'm done ;) Thanks Threadless for putting me in a good mood!

You can pick up Now Clean Up This Mess! and the other winning designs in the Regular Show Collection!

Behold! The Winner Of The Bravest Warriors Challenge, Stacy Eyles!

by jeffreyg / None /

HI STACY! How about an introduction? Who are you and what's a typical day like for you?
My name is Stacy, I live in the latest Zealand, and a typical day for me would be something like this.. 5:45am - Wake to an alarm
5:46am - Sleep
6:00am - Wake to a second alarm
6:03am - Fight sleep
6:15am - Wake to a third alarm
6:18am - get up
7:00am - Do something
9:00pm - Youtube
12:30am - Sleep
*Eating and talking takes place in there somewhere

Congratulations on your Bravest Warriors challenge win with your amazing design, Impossibear! What was your inspiration for this? Can you share some process photos with us?
Thank you! I can't tell you how excited I was when I found out I had won! It was VERY exciting! I guess I can tell you how excited I was...Very. Funnily enough, I was inspired by this show on the Frederator channel, it's called Bravest Warriors, and it's from Pendleton Ward (The Adventure Time guy), you can go watch it on the internet right now. (..I'll wait.)

Here's some process shots of Impossibear.

What’s your favorite Bravest Warriors episode and who’s your favorite character?
I love Bravest Warriors - it's the goodness of Adventure Time, with sci-fi themes and is quicker to employ absurdity and a non sequitur or twelve. I'm big into the comic as well, and it certainly provides some good back story and side story to the universe.

My favourite episode is Memory Donk, where the guys are on board a speeding bus, and no one remembers anything. It reminds me of the type of storyline that would show up in Red Dwarf, or that movie Speed, starring Alan Ruck. My favourite character is The Emotion Lord, just because he's an entirely new layer of absurdity. Also, Jelly Kid is a very close second.

What's it like to be able to design for a show that you're a fan of?
It's the best! Threadless has provided me with the avenue to design for one of my favourite bands (check out Stacy’s design for The Flaming Lips), and now, one of my favourite shows! So thanks, Threadless!

What made you decide to go the realistic illustration route rather than keeping the cartoony look of Impossibear?
He sits in the background of these people’s lives, a rainbow coloured bear, enthralled with a stick, and nobody pays him much thought at all ..If he were in our lives, he'd capture EVERYONE'S attention! So I decided to bring him over to our side and get him some of that fame he deserves.

So let’s say Impossibear actually existed IN REAL LIFE - how would you react if you came in contact with it?
My fight or fight response would kick in (I lack the flight part of instinct) and would more than likely throw the first punch. I'd hopefully get the chance to try something I've been designing in my spare time, where I weld a boot to a glove and put them on, so every time I kick, a punch comes with it, and every time I punch, a kick occurs. And then there's the devastating Haymaker/Roundhouse.

If you gained x-ray vision from a Gas Powered Stick, how would you put your powers to use?
I would most likely just ruin magicians' days, go blindbox shopping or finally get my money back from Three card Montgomery.

This is your 5th print on Threadless, and your style ranges from 16-bit to mixed media, to detailed illustration - how do you define your style?
My style? I try to keep it malleable and design to the content or message. I do try to keep a spirit about it, having my style be more of an undertone, rather than something easily identifiable, as a line-weight might or hatching or how I use colour... ...is what a boring nerd would say, but, I would say my style is like if a lightning-sword made hard passionate love to a laser-sword, in a kayak at summer camp.

Do you have any plans for your winnings?
I'll probably just buy a bunch of Jewels or Pizzabeers.

Any last words or shout outs?
Thanks to those that believed in me, we did this together! Thank you to those who said it could never be done, proving you wrong was the greatest part of this whole thing.

also, Thanks Obama! (non-ironic)

You can pick up Stacy’s Impossibear and the rest of the winnings designs in the Bravest Warriors Collection!

Creating A Font In Typetool

by jesshanebury / None /

Teetorials are tips and tricks for adding those special touches to your designs. They're brought to you by our very own Threadless staff designers, Alex, Jillian & Speedy Joe. Check out Threadless designer Jillian's tutorial for creating your own font in TypeTool.


A while back I did a short post with behind the scenes shots of how the Threadless holiday typeface was made. I didn’t go into too much detail then, so I’m going to do that now! I'm using TypeTool 3, which you can download here. There should be a free trial.

As a reference, here are some relevant terms used in talking about and making typefaces:


The actual typeface design and how you create it is up to you, but eventually it has to end up in vector format. I always design mine in Illustrator to skip the scan/live-trace/edit steps. For the sake of this tutorial, we’ll do a cleaner typeface (rather than hand-drawn) that I’ve already designed. It looks like this:


*Tip: I was taught to start with the letters A, B, M, N, O, S first when designing an entire alphabet as they generally cover every stroke/shape you’ll encounter when making the rest of the letters. That way you can copy/paste recurring lines and contours to maintain consistency and help speed up the process. Grids and guides help too.

Here is a short gif of how I made the Z. It’s one of the easier letters, and still looks like its traditional letterform… unlike C. And L. And N, etc. I made all of the letters using the pen tool.


Cool. Once you have all your letters designed you’ll want to get them ready to import into TypeTool (or any other similar program). I’m using TypeTool 3.

TypeTool reads vector points but not strokes and stroke weight, so you’ll want to outline the stroke and merge the resulting overlapping shapes so you have one complete shape. Here’s how, in two steps.

1. Select all of the points in your letter. Go to Object > Path > Outline stroke


It’s going to end up looking like this:


2. Merge these separate shapes so they form one complete shape by opening the Pathfinder window and selecting “Merge”.


Now it’ll look like this:


THEN: 3. Open TypeTool. When you make a new font, this is the grid that will appear. To edit a letter, double click on it in the grid and a workspace will open.


4. This is the trial and error part. I designed my typeface on a relatively large artboard, but it is still smaller than the workspace in TypeTool. When I import it--which is simply copying it from Illustrator, and then pasting it into the TypeTool workspace-- it looks like this (lolthat’sreallysmall)


To make it fit, you will need to scale it up quite a bit. I’ve determined that I need to scale each of my letters up 800% (this could vary for you). Select the letter you want to scale up and duplicate it anywhere on the artboard. Right-click (or option+click)>Transform>Scale


Enter the percentage you want to scale it up in the dialog box. Again, I had to try a few times to get to 800%.


5. Cut (or copy, but you don’t need the copy) the giant letter from the artboard and paste it into the TypeTool workspace for that letter.

The two lines on either side of the letter represent how much space will remain around it when you’re typing. I usually line up the vector points at the left with the first line, but leave a little space between the letter and the second line so the characters don’t touch when typing, as they shouldn’t.


Repeat these 5 steps for the entire character set.

If you want to get a feel for how the font is looking as a whole when you type, go to Tools>Quick Test As. This will give you an idea of how your letters are tracked (spaced) out and how they look at different point sizes.


Once you’re done importing all of the letters, name it! Go to File > Font Info and write what you want to call it in the “Family Name” field. Fill out any other info you want attached to it like copyright, designer name, website, etc.

Then, save it by going to File > Generate Font. Install it like any other font by double clicking the .otf or .ttf file and hitting “install”.

**Edit: I should clarify that you can skip the scaling of each letter if they are designed large enough to be copy/pasted right into TypeTool. However, it's a good thing to remember as it will come up when doing hand-drawn type, which I will cover next time.

Score Minecraft Designs For Threadless Cash.

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'Crafters, there are over 300 Minecraft submissions up for scoring and we want to print your favorites. Score 100 Minecraft submissions and you'll automatically be entered to win one of five $50 Threadless gift codes!

Take your votin' finger and give those subs the old 1 through 5 before Monday, Sept 16, 11:59pm CT.


Which Character Do You Want To Put On A Tee?

by karaed / None /


We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Threadless really likes TV and movies and cartoons and all that fun stuff. We know you’re right there with us obsessing over your favorite plot twists and inside jokes. But we need advice on which characters and pop culture icons you’d like to see in future design challenges. Do you want to explore your dark side with Dexter Morgan or sip a white Russian with The Dude?

Check out some of the ideas we’ve been tossing around, or suggest something new.

  • Classic Nicktoons
  • X-Men
  • Family Guy
  • The Incredibles
  • The Dark Crystal
  • Labyrinth
  • Dexter
  • Anchorman
  • The Big Lebowski
  • Star Trek
  • Twin Peaks

Threadless Teetorials: Coloring In Layers

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Teetorials are tips and tricks for adding those special touches to your designs. They're brought to you by our very own Threadless staff designers, Alex, Jillian & Speedy Joe. Check out Threadless designer Alex Solis' tutorial for coloring in layers.

In this tutorial, I'll show you how I color in layers. This is helpful for a few different reasons:

  • It makes it easier for printers to print your artwork

  • It makes it easier to modify the colors individually and keep all your colors in a consistent palette

  • It keeps everything clean and organized.

I'll explain this video from start to finish so you guys get an idea of what's going on:

  1. I start with my linework in one layer.

  2. Once that's done I create a new layer directly underneath and use the color overlay option, I pick my color of choice, but still color everything in black.

  3. I continue doing this until I have 8 layers or less to keep that color limit to 8. (You can do a ton more colors if you decided to have it printed using 4 color process but we'll go over that in a different tutorial)

  4. The Shadow layers: I usually put the layer above the color I want to add the shadows, and with the color overlay I pick a color slightly darker from the color palette.<

  5. Now, you can go back to the color overlay layers and adjust your colors until you're satisfied with your palette.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in this blog, and I'll try my best to answer. Hope this helps! - Alex

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