Score Minecraft Designs To Snag One Of Five Minecraft Licenses

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Have you seen the truckloads of Minecraft subs? Looks like plenty of artists love Minecrafting as much as we do. Don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to get these designs on tees.

We need your help to pick which designs we are going to print.

Score 100 Minecraft designs and you’ll be in put in the running to get one of five Minecraft game downloads.

If ya don’t score, we don’t know which one of the bajillion designs to print so get to it.

Design A Snowboard And A T-Shirt To Wear While Riding It!

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Just as Threadless was founded by t-shirt wearin’ dudes who thought they could bring the world better tees, Nightmare Development was founded by guys who had already been riding and breaking boards for years. Their goal was to build the best frickin’ snowboards, manufacture them in the USA, and invite everyone and anyone to join the fun. And now the snowboard co-operative wants to put your art on their next board.

Your challenge is create a design for the top of a snowboard and a t-shirt to wear while riding it! Use the same design for both, or create two complementary designs. There are no restrictions or color limits for your snowboard design. The wilder, the crazier, and the gnarlier, the better! Plus, you can customize part of your board using the tips and tails in the sub kit, or you can design the shape of the tip and tail yourself. And if your design is chosen, we’ll fly you out to Summit City, Colorado this November to help build your own board from start to finish at Nightmare Headquarters.

The chosen snowboard will be sold by Nightmare Development, and we’ll sell the chosen t-shirt on

Check out the challenge page and get started!

Up for grabs: - Either $2,000 cash or a trip to the Nightmare Snowboard Cooperative in Summit City, Colorado this - November (round-trip flight and lodging up to $2,000). There, you’ll help build and be a part of a - Threadless video starring your snowboard. - Your Threadless + Nightmare snowboard - Your Threadless + Nightmare tee

Interview With Artist Rafael Pereira!

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Threadless Abmassador Tom interviews the aesthetically astute Rafael Pereira aka hafaell.

First of all hi and welcome to the interview!

Hey, hey! Wow! Awesome. Let me answer these questions right now!

Your avatar has somebody in a gas mask. Is that you?

Yes, that's me with my beloved mask.

Would it be fair to say that some of your prints have a comic book aesthetic to them?

Yes, I can't deny that I have been influenced by comics. I love to read them and I spend a lot of time studying each panel, trying to understand how each artist comes up with those results. Splash pages are my favorite, and also the covers.

What topics do you usually cover in your work?

Human figures, sci-fi, nature and elements of industrial counter-culture.

Many of your artworks contain a dark atmosphere or a morbid theme, would you like to expand on this?

Hmm, it's hard for me to talk about this. My life is kinda complicated, dark and full of...I'm kidding. Actually, I believe this comes from the things I like to read and watch. I'm a big fan of fantasy literature, especially science fiction and horror.

How often do you think about death?

I've always thought that it is something eventual and it's not something which is a constant. Maybe it is one of my least important problems in life, in fact it might not even be a problem.

Is your personal artwork different from your submissions at Threadless?

Nope, the work that I submit to Threadless is a lot like what I do everyday. The aesthetic stays the same, it's just the medium that is different.

Could you explain the concept behind 'After All'?

The concept for After All was 'born' when I was watching the news about the nuclear catastrophe in Japan. Rather than making the design specifically about Japan, I wanted to create a post-apocalyptic atmosphere. The couple would be like two survivors, I guess.

'To Rip' is a collaboration with Threadless artist Matihole, could you tell us how that partnership works?

Mathiole is one hell of a friend. We're in fact roommates now, but back then when we made 'To Rip', we lived in different cities and everything happened through the internet.

What was it like working with Matihole on your 'Join The Awesome' design?

‘Join The Awesome’ was our third collab. He had the idea and he made a collage showing the composition. I did the sketch from that, then I made the final pencil work and then he added the final touches and of course colored the design magically.

"Join The Awesome" is available as a tee!

What is your favourite Threadless tee?

It's hard to pick just one, because I have so many favourites. 'Movies: Ruining the Book since 1920', is my favourite I guess.

'Fryderyrk' is a rock poster style design about Chopin, what kind of music do you like to listen to?

IDM, Industrial, Ebm, Dub, Death metal, Prog metal... There's a whole lot of stuff. Music like this often inspires me to create designs such as Fryderyk. Even though it's not classical music, I try to create a link between the feeling of the music and the art itself.

"Fryderyk" is available as a tee!

Do you think that there's a chance that a zombie apocalypse could ever happen?

I hope so. I'll do pretty much everything to join the living dead.

Cheers for taking part in the interview, and good luck with your mayhem filled post-apocalyptic visions of the future!

Interview by Ambassador Tom Bryce

Interview With Artist Anthony Sekyere!

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Threadless Ambassador Tom interviews the the incredibly talented and amazing Anthony Sekyere aka citizen rifferson!

First of all hello and welcome! You have impressed everybody with your design skills and style, is there anything that you can't draw?

Glad to be here! I've only been on Threadless for about a year so I'm flattered that people have been noticing my work when there's so much amazing stuff on this site.

Anyway back to the question, hmm... I guess I've always been pretty bad at drawing cars (unless they're really simplistic cartoony cars or something) luckily I'm pretty stubborn when it comes to getting things right, so if I have trouble drawing something I tend to sketch it over and over again until it's at least half decent to look at.

How would you describe your personality to somebody who has never met you before?

There's no way I can do this without it sounding like someone's profile from a dating site, but I'd describe myself as being a pretty easy going type of guy. I have a pretty weird sense of humour, but I usually hide the crazy side of me when meeting people for the first time, I live for those moments where I meet someone that's as weird as I am.

If somebody wrote a biography about you, what would the title be?

My Biography would have exactly the same title as Barack Obama's biography, but his name would be crossed out with mine written over it. I reckon he would be cool with that.

What techniques and materials do you use to make your designs?

Whatever leaves a mark I'll use, I love using Biro pens for quick drawings, for more detailed stuff I use dip pens. All the work I do is hand drawn, but sometimes I'll edit the line work in Illustrator..truth be told I'm pretty old school at heart, drawing and painting is what I like doing the most compared to all the computer stuff.

Should art carry a message?

I don't think there's a rulebook when it comes to art, so I definitely don't look down on art that doesn't carry a message, as long as it's done well I can appreciate it.

Do you see your art as expressing something new?

To be honest I haven't given it that much thought, I don't draw to shake up the art world or whatever, there's no motive behind it. It's just something I love doing and if other people love looking at it then I'm happy.

What was your first piece of professional work?

The first big job I did was some ad work for Nokia about 4 years ago, it was a big deal for me at the time because it involved me drawing with a big group of other illustrators who mostly had way more experience than I had at the time, after doing that job I definitely felt more confident in my work, because at that time I was still at University and most of the work I was doing outside of that were pretty standard things like club flyers and stuff like that, so that job was a huge step up for me.

How would you describe your artwork?

I have a really hard time describing my artwork to people. I guess my work is just a hybrid of everything that influenced me in the past, either that or some crazy cartoon nonsense.

Is there a thriving art scene in London?

Oh yeah, there's always something going on here, nearly everyone in my neck of the woods is a budding illustrator/designer/artist these days.

Is the bird in your design 'Fight or Flight' a particular species of bird?

He's a pigeon, at first he was going to be an eagle, but I thought that if any animal was going to be a dirty street punk it would be a pigeon. I don't know about you but I've never seen two bald eagles fighting over a piece of month-old pizza crust in the middle of the street before.

"Fight or Flight" is available as a tee!

Which artist do you admire most?

That's a tough one because it's always changing, but Robert Crumb left a huge impression on me when I saw his work for the first time. Ask me tomorrow and I'll probably give you a different name.

Do you read comic books?

Surprisingly I've never really read any comics, when I was a kid all my money went towards buying computer games, and when I wasn't doing that I was watching cartoons .Then again, I guess it's never too late to get into comics so maybe I should grab some next time..wouldn't have a clue where to start though!

Do you collect anything?

I used to collect all sort of things as a kid, these days the closest thing I come to collecting are T-shirts, that's the only item I can think of that I have an unhealthy amount of.

Do you have any tips for budding new designers?

Focus on improving yourself based on your own work, rather than trying to be better than the next guy, its easy to look at other peoples work and start comparing yourself to them too much. I've always tried to set my own standards for myself instead of trying to out-draw everyone else, the most important thing is to come up with work that is unique to you, it takes a long time to develop but it's worth it in the long run. I'm personally still learning and developing my way of working all the time, so never stop trying to challenge yourself and improve on what you're already good at as well as trying new things.

Interview by Ambassador Tom Bryce

Decision Announced: Threadless + Photojojo Want To Help You Pack Your Bags For Your Dream Trip.

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Congrats to Sean Tan, you snagged the prize! Check out Sean's board.

Wanna travel? We wanna help. We're teaming up (hi-fives galore) with our friends at Photojojo and asking you to create a Pinterest board inspired by that trip you keep meaning to take. We’ll hook up one lucky pinner with all the supplies needed to snap jealousy inducing travel pics: good lookin’ threads and the most awesome photo gear anywhere.

Show us by creating a board called "Threadless + Photojojo, Help Me Pack My Bags!"

Create a board that includes:


*Enter by leaving a link to your board in the comments below.

Up for grabs: - $200 Threadless gift certificate - $200 in Photojojo dollaroos - That extra kick in the butt to make this trip happen

*New to Threadless? To comment or leave the link to your board, you'll need to register for a Threadless account. It just takes a moment and it's even easier if you connect through the facebook button at the top right.


We find the best photo shiz anywhere. More specifically, we scour the internets, rip pages out of magazines, ransack our friends' closets, and go through dumpsters to find the very best Photo tips, DIY projects, and Gear. The Photojojo Store carries only the most awesome photo gifts and gear for photographers. We also publish an insanely great newsletter on photography.

Bringing Wounded Soldiers And Artists Together To Tell Stories On Tees

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We just launched The Corporal Hoffman Series. This series is part of Threadless Causes, community-based design for the power of good. Each tee in this series tells the story of a wounded war veteran. And 25% of the sale of each of the tees will benefit Fashion Has Heart to support and benefit the wounded war veterans and heroes through art, design, and fashion.

The Corporal Hoffman series brought together five wounded American soldiers from different military branches and five artists from all over the country. The two groups met for the first time this June in Grand Rapids, Michigan and collaborated to share each of the wounded soldiers’ powerful stories through graphic design.

These wearable works of art are featured not only on our site, but also at a special exhibit at ArtPrize, an international art contest showcasing work from over 1,000 artists now open in downtown Grand Rapids.

Team U.S. Coast Guard: Adapt and Overcome by Seth Herman and Petty Officer Michael Bell image Hero Story: While stationed at the U.S. Coast Guard Sector in Detroit in 2007, Electrician’s Third Mate Michael Bell suffered a massive intracranial bleed (stroke), rendering his entire right side of his body paralyzed. He spent the next 18 months at the Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis where he had to re-learn how to walk, talk, eat, and do many other routine activities. Throughout his rehab journey, EM3 Bell has worked with many therapists, doctors, and other injured veterans. The support along his path to recovery has encouraged him to go back to school and dedicate his civilian profession to helping others. EM3 Bell is currently working towards a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling.

EM3 Bell credits much of his recovery to his love for cycling. He has competed in numerous cycling events including the Tour De Corn, Tour De Cure, Warrior Games, and the Multiple Sclerosis 150. Supporting charities through these races is one of EM3 Bell’s ways to give back to others.

Design Story: Even after a massive stroke forever changed this young man’s life, artist Seth Herman witnessed the uplifting attitude that Mike maintains. The Coast Guard motto, “Always Ready,” inspired Mike’s personal motto, “Adapt & Overcome.” When life doesn’t go as planned, you have to adapt to your new circumstances and work to overcome the obstacles in your way. This shirt represents the power Mike now feels when racing his bike to benefit others.

Team U.S. Air Force: Through The Fire by Chuck Anderson and Tech Sergeant Isreal Del Toro - USAF image Hero Story: Tech Sergeant Israel Del Toro’s job was to call in air strikes but, in December 2005, he received instructions to ambush Afghan insurgents when his Humvee rolled over a roadside bomb.

Over 80 percent of his body was burned. He was later told by doctors he had nearly died three times and that he would likely never walk again or breathe without the use of a respirator. Del Toro was devastated. To make matters worse, doctors gave Del Toro a 50 percent chance of survival.

Against all odds, Del Toro embarked on a four year mission to prove to his superiors that he could still serve his country. He was out of the hospital in less than three months and began campaigning for re-enlistment in the Air Force, making him the first 100 percent combat-disabled Air Force technician to re-enlist.

Design Story: Inspired by a tattoo on his severely burned arm (inked by Kat Von D, celebrity tattoo artist), artist Chuck Anderson added his own design style to Israel’s personal body art. The Phoenix represents Israel with his arms raised up among the flames. Israel has adopted the motto, “Through these flames, I am stronger.” This shirt represents the strength, courage, and confidence that Israel embodies on a daily basis.

Team U.S. Army: Life Is.. by Phil Jones and Specialist Danielle Green Byrd - US ARMY image Hero Story: Army Specialist Danielle Green-Byrd was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. Overcoming a rough childhood, she earned full-ride athletic and academic scholarships to her dream school, the University of Notre Dame. Following a very successful basketball career, Green-Byrd followed her second dream: enlisting in the U.S. Army.

While on patrol in Iraq, Green-Byrd was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade. After she regained consciousness in the hospital, she discovered that her dominant arm had been removed. The former “South Paw” shooting guard immediately thought of one thing: her wedding ring. She had been married just weeks prior to her injury while back in Chicago for a short leave. It was not long after she returned home and learned how to live without her dominant arm when her husband unexpectedly passed away. Through all of life’s ups and downs, Green-Byrd continues to give back to others. She received two Master’s Degrees and is now providing therapy counseling to returning wounded soldiers and their families.

Design Story: After learning Danielle’s remarkable life journey, artist Phil Jones kept thinking of the saying, “Life may close one door so that it may open another.” This design represents Danielle’s journey. Each door is a symbol of her path, from the door knob changing orientation to accommodate her lost arm, to the chapel door being left open to symbolize her husband’s passing. This shirt is a daily reminder to continue pushing forward, no matter what door may close.

Team U.S. Marine Corps: Relentless by Tyler Way and Corporal Josh Hoffman - USMC image Hero Story: While leading his group of Marines in pursuit of a suspected terrorist in Fallujah, Iraq, Corporal Josh Hoffman and his team were led down a dead end -- and soon found out it was a trap. The first shot rang out. One man was down; it was CPL Hoffman. The sniper’s bullet left him paralyzed from the neck down. His vocal cords were severely damaged, leaving him unable to speak. Now he uses an alphanumeric communication code. He nods his head “Yes” or “No” as his aids guess each row of numbers and letters.

Design Story: This design represents Josh, before and after his injury. It shows his love and passion for his white Ford Mustang. It boasts his relentless spirit, courage, strength and, above all else, loyalty. As a U.S. Marine, CPL Hoffman embodies every part of their motto, “Semper Fi,” which can be translated to “Always Loyal.”

The English Bulldog is known as the “unofficial” mascot of the U.S. Marines because of its relentless tenacity. This mid-run, frozen pose was inspired by a vintage WWII poster, creating a perfect combination with the classic American muscle car logo.

Team U.S. Marine Corps: Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever by Priscilla Wilson and Corproal Chris Wiers - USMC image Hero Story: Combat Engineer Chris Wiers enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in 2001 before the 9/11 terrorist attacks and while a Junior at Grand Rapids Christian High School. Coming from a family who served, Wiers always knew he would as well.

On his second deployment in 2005, Wiers was part of a lead security team for convoys. They would go ahead of the other 50-100 vehicles traveling in a convoy and check for mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). If anything was found, they would destroy it before the others arrived. Although he normally rode in the front passenger seat, Wiers allowed his teammate to sit in front.

Wiers said he never heard the blast. His Humvee drove over an undetected IED and he was thrown from the vehicle. The two men in the front seats died immediately. Wiers was left with two broken vertebrae, torn shoulder nerves, a radial head fracture on his left arm, damage to both eyes, and shrapnel covering his legs, arms, hands, face, and eyes.

Design Story: Chris knew immediately what he wanted his design to be like. It was the difficult task for artist Priscilla Wilson to make it a reality. The design is a memorial to those who have shed blood on the dangerous roads of Iraq. The Marine motto reads, “Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever.”

Join Us For The Second Threadless E-Chat Featuring Artists Dustin Hostetler And Chuck Anderson

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Chat's here!

Join us tomorrow for our second Threadless E-Chat! In this session, we’ll hear from Dustin Hostetler and Chuck Anderson. The chat will be tomorrow (Thursday 9/20) at 7:30 pm CT!

Check out Dustin + Chuck’s bios and start thinking about questions you may want to ask!

To find the link to the chat, check this blog tomorrow just a little before the chat. We’ll have a link so you can join in.

Dustin Hostetler / UPSO aka upso


Dustin Hostetler, a.k.a. UPSO, currently resides in Toledo, Ohio where works on art projects for clients such as Mountain Dew, Skittles, MTV, and Converse. He also co-owns a restaurant, publishes Faesthetic Magazine, and is the Director of Artist Curation for Viva La Card, a greeting card company. He has two Select prints at Threadless, and he describes his favorite imaginary animal as, "A dog, but it can talk and doesn't smell and my wife isn't allergic to it, and it basically looks exactly like the dog I already have but she's allowed to sleep in bed with us because she's a real good girl."

Chuck Anderson aka nopattern


Chuck Anderson, a resident of Grand Rapids, Michigan, runs No Pattern Studio working for clients such as Microsoft, ESPN, Target, UnderArmour, and Vans. He has had two Threadless prints, but also used to pack shirts for them back in 2004 – so he is an OG. His favorite imaginary animal is "the jeans dog (a dog that wears jeans).”

Threadless E-Chat is an an online panel discussion founded by kick butt Threadless Ambassador Priscilla Wilson. Priscilla invites notable designers to community chats to share their experiences, answer questions, and have fun with the community. Bloggers, artists, and Threadfans get to virtually hang with some of Threadless’ most admired alumni.

Threadspotting: Presidential Edition

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A message to the House of Threadpresentatives,

The newest campaign advertisement supporting President Barack Obama may be titled “47 Percent,” but we can tell you that we’re 100% certain that there is a Threadless tee to be spotted in the video! The video, which was released yesterday, features The Pen is Mightier than the Sword by Clarice Crawford on a gentleman being interviewed in downtown Chicago. Check out a screenshot of the video:

Obama campaign ad The Pen is Mightier than the Sword by Clarice Crawford

Pretty cool, right? Remember, as always, if you see Threadless tees in the wild, send us a note at and we’ll talk about them here... AND we’ll give you some Street Team Points to boot! Enjoy!

Create A T-Shirt Inspired By Disneyâ·Pixar's Toy Story.

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In the 17 years since Disney·Pixar brought Buzz, Woody, and the Toy Story crew to life, this gang of adventure loving friends has rescued many a toy from danger. Whether they’re teaching selfish toys the true meaning of friendship or battling the sworn enemy of the Galactic Alliance, Toy Story characters follow one rule: never leave a toy behind. Now all the characters who have come to call Andy’s toy box their home are ready for their next adventure.

Your challenge is to design a t-shirt inspired by Disney·Pixar’s Toy Story.

So reach for the sky, and design a t-shirt so out of this world, it’ll take anyone who wears it to infinity . . . and beyond!

Keep in mind: - Characters not original to Toy Story (Barbie, Ken, Mr. Potato Head) can only be used along with other characters. - Don’t you just love Jessie’s cowhide chaps? Us too, so try not to alter characters’ costumes. - Keep it clean, kiddo! No adult references (sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, profanity, gambling, etc.) allowed.

Up for grabs: - $5,000 cash - Buzz Lightyear collectible statue - Buzz Lightyear talking action figure - Toy Story poster art - Toy Story character illustrated by a Disney Character Artist - Toy Story throw blanket - Toy Story tin lunch box - Toy Story tumbler

Click here to submit your idea!

$5k Up For Grabs In The Threadless + Gap Kids Design Challenge!

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They scribble on walls, make faces with their food, and color outside the lines. Kids are the most creative and artistic bunch of us all! We want you to channel your inner kid or team up with one to create a t-shirt design that will make the lil' ones who wear it look even cuter (if that's even possible).

Your challenge is to create a Threadless + Gap Kids t-shirt design.

Think of an idea that'll bring smiles to both kids and kids at heart, no matter how many years young they are. The designs from this challenge will be released on Threadless + Gap kids, toddler, and baby tees and will be sold in select Gap stores and on

So sharpen every crayon in the box, and get to work creating your most colorful kid-friendly design yet!

One lucky designer will receive $5,000 cash.

Click here to submit your idea!

New Select Swag Just Added To The Fall Collection!

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Did you see all the fancy new Select products we launched today? Check out what’s new for guys and girly in The Fall Collection.



All were designed from our in-house production team, are made in USA, and feature more designs from the community aka you guys. This collection is a combination of products you’ve seen before (like the tees and guys raglan) and new warmer fallish ones we released just in time for picking apples, getting lost in hay mazes, and other autumnlike activities of the brisk outdoors. Here’s a little bit more info about what’s new.

New Girly Select

Threadless Long Sleeve Dolman Silky, comfy polyester and rayon blend. A relaxed, loose fit in chest and waist. Fitted arms and sleeves.

Threadless Tri-Blend Dolman Cardigan Description: Polyester, cotton, and rayon blend. Extra warm and comfy with lightweight cotton lining. Relaxed loose fit and longer rounded hem in back.

Threadless Hooded Tunic Blend of cotton and polyester lightweight French terry make this tunic warm and cozy for fall. Wear with leggings or pants. Three-quarter length sleeves, pockets, and elastic in back for more fitted shape.

New Guys Select

Threadless Guys French Terry Hoody A few more inches of zipper and hood keep your neck warm, plus zipper garage protects your precious chin and beard. French terry blend of polyester, cotton, and rayon. Neckline, cuffs, and hem are cotton and polyester rib.

Threadless Guys French Terry Shawl Cardigan The coziness of a hoody dressed up in a cardigan. French terry blend of polyester, cotton, and rayon. Neckline, cuffs, and hem are cotton and polyester rib. Details include reinforced pockets, diagonal buttonholes, and shawl collar.


Unisex Ballcap An all-around accessory for all the sports you play (or don’t). This vintage wool broadcloth Ebbets ballcap has satin undervisor and inner taping, sewn felt lettering, and an adjustable leather back. Limited edition of 50 caps.

San Francisconites, Meet Up With Us At Dsf Gallery On Sept. 28!

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Hey you cool west coasters, we’re comin’ to visit and we’re bringing super cool Threadless art with us.

On Sept. 28, we’re hosting a gallery event with DSF gallery to showcase our new Threadless wall art. Come check out the brand new wall canvases featuring some of the most classic Threadless designs.

Grab some free beers, give Jess a high five, and enter to win a piece of art to hang on your own wall at home. In the Make Great Together spirit, we’ll even be making one giant piece of art, together. We may even have another surprise or two.

Threadless @ DSF Gallery 520 Haight St, San Francisco Sept. 28, 8-11 pm

You comin’ or what? RSVP!

Wanna See The Chosen Design From The Disney It's A Small World Challenge? It's A Good Thing.

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OK, we’re gonna try real hard to announce this design and not get a song in your head. Oh. Woops.

But anyway, check out the chosen design from the Disney It’s a Small World Challenge.


The Chipper Widget was designed by Matt Lyon. It’s available on girly, guys, kids and baby products so everyone can enjoy a little Disney magic.

According to Matt, “This is a design for a machine that makes good things... Hooray for Mary Blair!”

We agree. Go get yourself a good thing.

Virginie Caplet &Amp; Chicago Brain Tumor Foundation Know Everything Is Rawrsome.

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Don’t ya just love Virginie Caplet’s design Everything is Rawrsome?


It’s the chosen design from the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation challenge. 25% of the sale of each tee will benefit CBTF to improve the treatment, quality of life, and the long term outlook for children with brain and spinal cord tumors. And it’s the first Causes tee that’s been printed on baby one pieces and kids tees.

We asked Virginie a few questions about her design and as it turns out, this was a pretty personal cause.

Why did you choose to submit to this challenge? Because I had to: the subject "Overcoming Obstacles" is really fun and open to a lot of interpretations, the cause touches me a lot for personal reason and my boyfriend and I are huge fans of The Big Bang Theory show.*

Is this an important cause to you? A few years ago one of my best friend's little sisters had a brain tumor. In my whole life I seldom met such a beautiful and powerful mind: she never resigned and she always kept fighting not because she was angry or thought life was unfair, just because she wanted to show her family and friends she was stronger than we think. In a way, the brain tumor made her and us discover the lion hidden in her. But I also realized how hard it was for the family and friends to not find the words and the power to keep going. That's why I wanted something happy to express our inner power.

What was your inspiration for this design? I am a dog person, and when I walk with my dog I often meet this old golden cat down the street. I know he is old because I’ve been seeing him for a long time now, but he still looks young and foolish. So every time this cat meets my dog, he acts as if he were a tiger and just walks straight and slowly with a lot of pride. Funny part: my dog is quite a big one (a lab), and the “tiger” cat scares him every time!

*The prizing for this challenge included a visit to next season’s taping of The Big Bang Theory, a Warner Bros. Studios Tour, and air travel + hotel.

Dogs Of Threadless: Keeva

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Dogs of Threadless is back! Today we’re meeting Keeva. When she’s not hanging out at Threadless HQ, she’s hanging with norao, Accounting Ninja and Controller at Threadless.


Name, Age, Breed Keeva La Fawnda O'Brien, 1 year 6 month, Schnauzer Border Terrier mix

What department do you work in? I work in accounting (booring!!)

What do you like most about Threadless? I love the other dogs here, but mostly I love to tip over garbage cans to see what people had for lunch and see if they left any for me. I also love to play catch in the bulk aisle of the warehouse!

What is your proudest accomplishment? I am a certified Canine Good Citizen with the American Kennel Club... soon I will start school to become a therapy dog. I want to listen to little kids tell me stories when they don't have the courage to read in front of their classmates. Me listening to them will help them have the courage to read out loud in front of the classmates!


What hobbies or tricks do you have? I am a super fast runner (we call it turbo!) and I am an amazing swimmer. I could spend all day at the beach playing catch, jumping waves to get my ball, and riding them on the way back to the sand. I swim as far as my mom can throw and it is the best, except when the big dogs dunk me to get my ball from me :(

What was your life like before Threadless? I am not sure where I was born, but I do know the family took me to the Chicago Canine Rescue with my two brothers and left us at the front door in the middle of the night. The rescue took us in and sent us all to a foster home in Humboldt Park. I was only a month old. Both my brothers got new homes before I did, but it was okay. My foster family had two dogs that helped keep me happy until my mommy came to meet me. I was 2 months old when I met her and could barely walk down the stairs by myself. A few weeks later (after I begged and begged) the rescue dropped me off at my new house. It was the best day of my life and I am pretty sure I rescued my mom that day too.



We'll Be At Cincinnati Comic Expo With Exclusive Products, High Fives, &Amp; A Fridge On The Run.

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Hey ho, comic fans. Meet Lance, Jess & Rachel in Ohio on Sept. 22 for the Cincinatti Comic Expo! We’ll be at booth 104.

For the first time, we’re very excited to offer an item for sale exclusive to the convention. Our booth is the only place you’ll be able to find prints of both of Kerry Callen aka Angelrobot’s new designs Super Embarrassment and Forgot Something Wonderful


Super Embarrassment goes on sale on a tee next week (and will be available at our booth) but Forgot Something Wonderful will only be available to those who stop by our booth! We’ll have a VERY limited number of prints, so get there early!

Of course, we’re mainly attending so we can high five all of you. But, we’ve got other reasons too. We’re looking forward to hanging out with our pal, Walking Dead co-creator Tony Moore. Cast member Chandler Riggs aka Carl will also be there! Remember last season when he... aw, we shouldn’t say.

And don’t forget your animatronic Pac-Man bowtie because there’s going to be a Geek Prom! Rachel and Jess still need dates so please post requests below.

Go buy your tickets and when you’re there, try to catch the running fridge!

Submit Your Idea To The Threadless Loves Minecraft Challenge!

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Drop your blocks and sit down. Well, you are probably already sitting down. Anyway, if the banner hasn’t already given it away, we’ve partnered with Minecraft for a challenge! We’re kind of geekin’ out over here. Plus, three designs will be chosen from this challenge and released at the annual MineCon convention on November 24.

Each of the three chosen artists will receive $3,000, and Minecraft will fly them all out to Disneyland Resort Paris to attend MineCon! There’s three $500 Threadless gift certificates up for grabs too, which will be perfect for snagging all the Minecraft tees once they’re sold on in January.

Check out the challenge page to get started.

BONUS CHALLENGE! Recreate your favorite Threadless design within Minecraft & score a $200 gift code!

You can even recreate Threadless designs on the Threadless server. To play with us, start minecraft and enter the following server name:

But be aware, ours is a survival server. That means things can be killed or blown up. So watch out!

Post your submission below in the comments in video or photo form. You have until 10/4.

Need inspiration? Here's every Threadless design EVER.

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