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Update: Here's the video!


^ tl;dr, stop here and just go make something :)

Last week I had the opportunity to speak at TEDxBoulder in front of 1,700 people! TED talks are all about "ideas worth spreading." I've given many talks over the years about Threadless but they are usually just telling the Threadless story. I approached this talk by challenging myself to share a more relatable idea that my experience in starting and running Threadless has helped me develop over the years. Something that we can all use in our lives. I'd like to share it with you all here.


It's been 11 years now since starting Threadless. It began as a hobby. I was attending art school and I just wanted to make cool things together with my friends. I started a thread on an art forum that I participated on asking for people to post some ideas for t-shirt designs and I'd print the best ones. For the first two years I didn't take a penny for myself, every dollar was spent on printing more shirts. The next two years Threadless graduated from hobby to side project for a small web consultancy I started called skinnyCorp. Finally after those four years in, it became our real business, what we did every day. "Making cool things together with friends" is still what Threadless does today. The group of friends is a bit bigger with millions of people involved in some way and over a hundred thousand artists having submitted designs, but the spirit remains. Threadless exists as a place for artists and designers who make things to have a productive way to show and benefit from those things. We make products from their art and distribute them to the world.


Jeff Howe, the guy who coined the term "crowdsourcing," wrote an amazing piece in our book last year. He wrote about following Warped Tour one year, how he witnessed all these creative kids making tattoos, poetry, videos, music, etc. But they weren't doing it because they wanted to be filmmakers or poets. And they weren't doing it to make money. The way Jeff puts it is because "making stuff is the most joyful occupation in which we ever engage. It's the closest we come to God." This really struck me. I believe that we all have a need to create.


Being mostly self-taught myself, I find great value in learning how to do something on your own. Don't get me wrong, sometimes you need to ask for help or go to a class to learn something. But I love the discovery process of learning, it gives you your own point of view about a subject. I learned HTML by clicking view->source in a web browser and reading it line by line. I learned Photoshop by clicking every button in the program until I figured out what it does. I learned how to build a tree fort by nailing a board into a tree, standing on that board and nailing the next one in. There is so much value to be had in figuring something out on your own. It teaches you to have confidence when you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. You must rely on your own, new ideas. You learn to be innovative.


When you don't know how to do something, so long as you have the confidence to try, that's when you're the most creative & innovative. Be good at something, comfortable with it, but realize that when you are doing something that you're an expert at, something you've already mastered, you aren't really adding anything new to the world. That was a lot of commas. So uncomfortable. Step outside of your comfort zone and approach a situation with fresh eyes. Offer a new perspective. You'll either learn something new or you'll teach someone else a new way of thinking about things!


Make something and put it out into the world. It's impossible to predict what will happen, what you'll learn, how people will react, how it could snowball out of control. One thing's for sure, more will happen than if you do nothing. My hobby turned into what I've done for a living for over a decade. It turned into a multi-million dollar business that supports artists all around the world. That was certainly unintended. Thousands of years ago we divided our lives into "work" and "play" and I'm here to say that it doesn't have to be like that. But let it happen organically. The best, most fun things to work on were results of the Joy of Creation. At first you're just having fun with no real purpose. You want to learn to cook. The next thing you know you own a restaurant or you're making a killing selling bread on the internet.


Do it for yourself. Scratch the itch. Give yourself a creative release from your work, your wife, your kids. Have something in your life that you do and do well, that you're proud of. And you do it simply because it's something you are craving to do with your life. In today's culture it's far too easy to just become a passive viewer of the world. It's up to you to define your legacy. When your children ask what kind of people their parents were, you don't want them to say "he was really good at watching funny youtube videos." This weird state of our culture is exactly why we need to make stuff more than ever.


The other day I went out in my backyard in Chicago and built an outdoor fire pit from brick and mortar. It may have been illegal. That was my first time mortaring anything and it turned out quite ugly. But it got the job done, I learned something (don't use too much water), and best of all, I built something with my bare hands. It felt good. I made that fire pit! And now I cook marshmallows over it with my wife and kids. Every once in a while you just need to build something. Stretch your own canvas and paint on it. Dig a hole in the ground. Or, one of my favorites, go camping without a tent and build your own shelter :) It reminds you what we're here for.


You have ideas you want to bring to life, I'm sure! Maybe you've had them for years. A lot of times they are so big that they are overwhelming. You think you'll never do it and you never start. Well, start small. You don't need to know the master plan for the great american novel or the next Facebook or mona lisa before you being. Simply start sketching it out a bit, write out how it would work, build a prototype. The simple, physical act of touching a pen to a piece of paper is so powerful. I also find that this is the best way to stop a bad idea from haunting you. As soon as you start to see it's physical representation as a doodle, just give it it's moment - it'll show you right away that it may not work. Also, try doing this when your 'supposed' to be doing something else. Try it at work.


This is something that a lot of artists do within the Threadless community. It's a fantastic challenge to give yourself. Commit to making something. Every. Single. Day. I'm trying to do this with my wife and kids. We skip a day here and there but the goal is to actually do a project, no matter how small, every day. It can (should) be silly! One of the things we want to do is build a visitor center for this mysterious "shoe corner" in our home town. It's a corner in the middle of a bunch of corn fields where shoes just appear on the side of the road. Every week they have to clean it up and ever week more shoes appear. We'll make up a story for why and celebrate it with the visitor center.


This is so important! Don't forget the power of collaboration. If you're an entrepreneur looking for a co-founder, a musician who wants to start a band, a writer looking for an illustrator, whatever the case may be, here's my suggestion to you. Make friends. Then make things with your friends. I first met my co-founder by getting into weird, experimental javascript battles with him on an artsy-fartsy forum on the internet. He figured out how to make the whole browser window move with some code. So I made it move in a circle. Then he made it move in a star shape. Then we started Threadless! You may think you're just goofing around. And maybe you are, but embrace it. That's how great things begin!


Watch less TV. Always have a project. I don't know about you but once I get going on something, I can't put it down. Making things is the best fuel there is for making more things. Get into that cycle. Any waking moment you have, try to use that precious time to create something!


The internet is so empowering for people who make things. They no longer just collect dust in the basement. They live on in ones and zeros. At the very least, take a picture of it and post it up. Tumblr, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, wherever! Just let people see and react to what you've made. Maybe they will make it better, get inspired, who knows. Take it a step further by using services like Etsy to sell your crafts. Or set up shop on Foodzie. Post your design to Threadless! As powerful as simply making something is, it's that much more powerful when you let the world have it.


Basically, making things is the best medicine there is for anyone feeling stagnant, lost, in a rut, caught in a routine, too comfortable, whatever it is. Grow and learn by making stuff. It could be the beginning of something amazing.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed "Make" drawings to this thread. It had the unintended consequence of helping me put together this presentation!

Top photo by Rocky Mountain Joe

College! T-Shirt Design Challenge

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Yesterday we launched the College! Challenge on Atrium. We’re challenging you to create a design inspired by one of 12 college mascots or symbols — Alabama, Auburn, Cal, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, LSU, Miami, UCLA, Washington, USC, or Iowa. This is really a series of challenges; we’ll print 12 separate designs, with 12 separate prize packs. And we’re trying a new timeline for submissions and voting, too. We’re accepting submissions for three weeks. Once submissions close, you can vote on all the designs for one week.

There’s been some confusion and discussion about what this challenge is all about, so here’s some clarification.

  • As with all things Threadless, we’re looking for creative and original designs. The animals, art, and colors are the focus on this challenge, not the logos. If you have an idea for a bulldog, elephant, or tiger, the College! Challenge could be a good place to submit it. For example, here is what Ross was thinking when he first started brainstorming this challenge last year:

  • We’re starting with these 12 schools. We hope that in the future, we can run design challenges with more schools, maybe even your favorite one or your alma mater! If this challenge goes smashingly, we’ll open it up to other schools.

  • Interpret these mascots and symbols how you like. Sure you can redesign the mascot. Sure you can add some type. It’s really up to you. If your College! idea would make an awesome shirt for fans, students, alumni of these schools, then do it. If your College! idea would make an awesome tee just because, then do it.

Threadless Worldwide! 8 New Job Postings All Over The Globe!

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Did you know that over half of our community and artists come from outside the United States? It’s true! We love our international following and want to support everyone who helps make us who we are. Threadless is a place where anyone in the world can feel welcome to participate and be a part of our community. We want to do our best job making sure everyone has a chance to hear our message, and become a part of the team!

Want to help us reach out to people from your country? We’re hiring local marketers in Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Singapore to help make sure everyone has a chance to hear about Threadless and what we have to offer. To find out more, check out our jobs page.

Threadless Loves The Perfect Gift!

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You shopped for weeks and finally found just the thing. You wrap it and it sits on the table for days. You can't WAIT for him to open it. Finally, it's time. Everyone gasps and says stuff like, "Oh my god, that's so him!" "Why didn't I think of that?" "Wow, that is the PERFECT GIFT!"

We want all of you to experience that feeling! Design a tee that is just PERFECT for someone you know. Think of your favorite person and what you would design for them. What would make their holiday just spectacular? Receiving this tee as a gift from you, of course.

Your challenge is to create a the perfect gift tee.

Show us the perfect gift for your biker friend or your folk singing boyfriend. Show us the gift that would make even a grumpy sloth happy!

Whatever it turns out to be, we think your submissions are the most perfect gift of all.

Click here to check out prizing and submit your designs.

Peace One Day T-Shirt Design Challenge

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Design a t-shirt for Peace One Day

Peace One Day started with filmmaker Jeremy Gilly’s campaign for an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence. In 2001, the United Nations member states unanimously adopted September 21 as Peace Day. Last year’s Peace Day was so successful — there were 88 life-saving activities by 21 organizations across 31 countries — that now Peace One Day is working towards a 2012 Global Truce.

With the help of your design and Social Media Week, Peace One Day aims for the largest reduction in global violence in recorded history, both domestically and internationally. In creating your design, think about how a global truce can affect change. A day of peace can bring communities together for a friendly football game, vaccines to children in high conflict areas, and conflict resolution curriculum to schools.

The chosen design will be sold on Threadless and 25% of the sale from each tee will benefit the cause.

Up for Grabs: $750 cash $250 Threadless gift certificate Two VIP tickets to the Peace One Day concert in London on Peace Day, September 21, 2012, featuring Elton John $500 towards travel to the concert

Movember T-Shirt Design Challenge

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Design a t-shirt for Movember around a theme of Mustaches in the Wild

Movember, the month formerly known as November, is almost upon us. Hundreds of thousands of men and women across the world will soon be up to their moustaches in raising awareness and funds for men’s health and cancer affecting men. Men start Movember 1st clean-shaven, then grow and flow their moustaches for 30 days while getting friends and family to sponsor their efforts. You can support the Mo, whether you can grow one or not!

Your challenge is to create a t-shirt design for Movember around the theme of Moustaches in the Wild. Think chopping wood, wrestling bears, building log cabins with your bare hands, and the like. Also, think moustaches. The more designs that are submitted, the more awareness you’ll raise to help Movember change the face of men’s health. The chosen tee will be sold on Threadless, and 25% of the sale of each tee will benefit Movember.

In the US, Movember’s men’s health partners are Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG, the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Up for Grabs: $750 cash $250 Threadless gift certificate The 2011 Ultimate Mo Bro Prize Pack. Consists of a limited edition "Movember Razor Handle" from The Art of Shaving, A limited edition Movember Country Gentleman button-down by Five Four, limited edition "Movember x Electric" sunglasses and beanie, a Wahl Movember "Mini Trimmer," and a $30 Fuzzy Ink Gift Certificate” VIP tickets to the swanky Movember Gala Parté of your choice. Check them out here.

Introducing A New Style Of Zip Hoodies!

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We thought about everything that could make a hoody better, and then we made it ourselves! 60% cotton and 40% polyester blend makes for super soft fleece. Additional features include reinforced pocket and zipper stitching and cord control (a nifty slit inside the right pocket plus an interior loop). Our product gurus Ross and Sean deserve major props for all of their efforts. These things are SWEET!

All new zips will be on this new style going forward. As of right now, here are TWO that are currently available. Please let us know whatcha think!

Threadless Loves Endless Summer!

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We don't wanna believe the season of sun has ended. But the fact of the matter is, it's a fact: into storage our Speedos and surfboards must go, cuz summer is officially over. As the cold front sweeps in, we're doing our darnedest to keep our fondest suntime memories alive with this Loves challenge.

Create an Endless Summer t-shirt that evokes the fun and adventure of the summer holidays. Think back to those weekend roadtrips, surfing seshes, and debauchery on your rich friend's boat. Maybe it wasn't so great when your clunker's AC broke, you got eaten by a shark, and you were seasick on the Pacific. But in the end, it was all part of one glorious summer, and your memories deserve to be forever preserved on a t-shirt.

So crank up the heat to blistering summer temps! Accidentally swallow some saltwater! Throw on a captain's hat! And create a t-shirt design that smells like sunscreen and sounds like your Echoes of Nature: Ocean Waves CD.

Check out the prizing and submit your design here.

Ultimate Prankster Voting Challenge: Extended!

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Great news, Threadprankers! We’re extended the ULTIMATE PRANKSTER voting challenge for 24 more hours! That means you’ve got another day of voting on designs for your chance to become the ULTIMATE PRANKSTER.

Let’s review the details:

If the Threadless community votes on at least 100,000 designs before midnight (12am CST) on Thursday, we’re going to prank one of the Threadstaff! And if you personally vote on 200+ designs, you could be chosen as THE ULTIMATE PRANKSTER and help us decide what that prank will be.

If the community gets to 100,000 votes in the next 24 hours, we'll prank Rachel Gottesman For 250,000 votes, we'll prank Joe Van Wetering For 500,000 votes, we'll prank Kristen Studard For 750,000 votes, we'll prank Craig Shimala For 1 Million votes, we'll prank Jake Nickell

Every member that votes on 200+ designs today will be in the running to be randomly selected to be THE ULTIMATE PRANKSTER. The U.P. will help pick and plan the prank, which we will video and share afterwards.

So go on! Start voting now!


We All Had A Blast At The 5th Annual Family Reunion!

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As most of you know, this past Saturday we held the 5th Annual Threadless Family Reunion at Threadless HQ in Chicago. We had an amazing time and we were so happy to see so many Threadfans join us for the event!

We had some awesome swag bags for all the attendees, thanks in part to our friends at Sticky Gram and Think Geek! Also inside the swag bags were tons of Threadless vinyl stickets from Brock Rumer, Buko’s sweet Memento temporary tat, and buttons with Threadless designs.

We were honored to have twelve-time printed artist Alice X. Zhang start out the artist talks. She spoke about what inspires her designs and collaborating with other artists. Three of our four ambassadors were able to make it to Chicago and spoke about what they’ve been doing this year to help the Threadless community.


In from Minnesota to speak were artists Phil Jones & David Schwen who collaborate and help each other out on many of their designs. Along with many hilarious photos of art they create in their homes and around Minnesota, they shared a video about living in Minneapolis.

Throughout they day we had many exciting events. Derek Maxfield and Susan Walters from Ice Sculptures Ltd. (from Food Network’s show Ice Brigade) carved this awesome sculpture right before our eyes.


Everyone got out their their best markers for the doodle wall, Craig Shimala was a star in the dunk tank and doggy tee-shark made an appearance.


To finish up the day event, Rachel and Ross hosted a game of Doodle & Dominate that got wild. Rachel’s team of Riley Stroope, Alex Solis, Enkal Dika, Phil Jones & Steve Wierrth took home the win.


Once the sun set, we headed over to Bottom Lounge. Each guest came dressed in their thrift store formal attire walked the red carpet, complete with doodled backdrop.


Jake and Mimi hosted the Bestee 2011 Award Show and announced the 2011 Bestee award winners! For those that weren’t there, here are the winners: Best Blogger Challenge - Ryder Doty for "Minimalism" challenge Best Collaboration - Jonah Block & Branko Ricov for "Retold with Unicorns" New and Noteworthy Designer - Aaron Jay with 9 designs printed from January - August Designer of the Year - Lim Heng Swee with 10 designs printed from January - August Best Causes Design - Jason Yang for "Rebuild Japan" Scorer of the Year - Jessica Yu with over 27,000 votes from January - August

Best dressed was awarded to the lovely Stacey Ferguson and the dashing Phil Tseng.


We celebrated long into the night with a dance performance by Alex Solis and his dance crew, karaoke sung by all and a Threadless tee sculpture created by Derek Maxfield.


We hope everyone that attended had an awesome time! By the looks of the pictures, we know you did. For all of you who had Meetups other places, or checked in with us on Ustream, we hope you had fun too! We’re also happy to announce that the winner of the 3rd Threadless Meetup Challenge is rollerderbyderpderp! You’ve got a $50 gift certificate comin’ your way!

Thanks to everyone who made this event so much fun! See ya next year!

A Threadless Que Fala Portuguãªs Do Brasil!

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Bandeira do Brasil

Já tem um tempo que nós lançamos a versão em Português do nosso site E pra nós é um verdadeiro orgulho poder conversar de forma muito mais direta com vocês, Brasileiros!

Estamos bastante animados com o feedback constante de vocês em nossos perfis sociais nacionais. Ainda não conhece? Visite, siga e torne-se fã agora!



E detalhe! Ao curtir nossa Fan Page no Facebook você pode levar um vale-compras de $5 pra economizar em nosso site, corre lá!

Queremos ouvir cada vez mais de vocês e contar com a sua participação pra continuar criando as estampas mais fantásticas da Terra! Tragam todo esse brilho e essa garra Brasileira pra nossa marca.

Nós literalmente amamos o Brasil!

Vote Today To Become The Ultimate Prankster!

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image You convinced your sister that your grandma was an alien. You dipped every sleeping person’s hand in hot water at every sleepover. You even tricked your brother into going to school on a Saturday. You really are quite the prankster. So, today we’re hosting a voting challenge to allow one of you to become the ULTIMATE PRANKSTER!

If the Threadless community votes on at least 100,000 designs today, we’re going to prank one of the Threadstaff! And if you personally vote on 200+ designs, you could be chosen as THE ULTIMATE PRANKSTER and help us decide what that prank will be.

If the community gets to 100,000 votes in the next 24 hours, we'll prank Rachel Gottesman For 250,000 votes, we'll prank Joe Van Wetering For 500,000 votes, we'll prank Kristen Studard For 750,000 votes, we'll prank Craig Shimala For 1 Million votes, we'll prank Jake Nickell

Every member that votes on 200+ designs today will be in the running to be randomly selected to be the ULTIMATE PRANKSTER. The U.P. will help pick and plan the prank, which we will video and share afterwards.

Start voting now because today could be the day you become the ULTIMATE PRANKSTER.


Introducing Threadless Labs And Our First Experiment!

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We're experimenting with some new stuff (products, printing, and some more jazzed up things) and we're calling it Threadless Labs! The first thing we're going to test out is direct to garment printing (DTG). DTG printers use nozzles to print, rather than screens. So it's an inkjet printer basically. The color comes out all in one pass and directly onto the tee (hence, direct!), rather than with multiple printing screens with multiple colors. The benefit of this for you as a shopper is that you'll be able to buy more designs every week. The benefit for you as an artist is that you'll have more of an opportunity to be part of one of our lines (regular line, guys only, girly only, hoodies, kids only).

Here's how it works: starting today, we'll print 4 more new designs every single week (in addition to our 10 new ones), so we'll be selling 14 designs a week. Each of these 4 shirts will get a week trial. They'll be on preorder and if they sell well, we'll rush them to our printer and screenprint a large batch. The artist will receive the full Threadless payment as if it was a normal print. If they don't sell well, we'll give the artist 10% of what we sell for that week total, and the rights to the design back to them. This format will allow us to take mega risks on what designs we decide to print. So we'll be able to print crazier stuff, hopefully!

We'll use those 4 extra spots to experiment in all kinds of different ways, so you'll start to see some more stuff soon about this!

UPDATE: We just wanted to let everyone know that if you do order a shirt that’s been printed with DTG, it’ll take a tad bit longer to arrive, since it’s a special order. It could be up to 2 weeks, but hopefully no later.

9/19/11 TEES Diagonally Architecture of a Dream: DTG

Jetpack Sound Parrot Pirate

Threadless Sports League! Coming 9/15/11.

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The Threadless Sports League, established 2011. Introducing 6 esteemed institutions of competitive play. Let's celebrate the guts, the glory, and most importantly, the gear. Opening Day is Thursday, September 15. For now, meet the teams, fan up on Facebook, and get ready for a great season!

The North Champlin HS Fighting Bird's Nests design by Brock Davis

1982: Cheers debuts, Thriller is released, and most importantly the Fighting Bird's Nests of North Champlin High emerge from the trees and take to the field. For 29 years, they have proclaimed themselves the "dirty dozen," symbolizing the 11 players on the field and their ever present wingman of a mascot, Nesty, a giant sprinting bird's nest. Let's egg them on to victory with a hearty "Go Nesty Go!" Look out for two types of tees, a sporty hat, and a comfy zip up!

Thor Harbour Thunder Crabs design by Glenn Jones

One needs a thick shell to weather the intense sport of Rugby, especially in the frigid blue waters of Thor Harbour. But what's this? KAPOW! Like the hammer smash from Thor himself, the Thunder Crabs emerge from their muddy, sandy locker room and ferociously claw their way to victory match after match. You might not be able to attend the games given the harsh Thor Harbour climate but for now, you can scuttle over to Threadless to show your spirit with tees, zip ups, and hats!

University of Crystal Cave Vampire Bats design by Alex Solis

Known for their unwillingness to play during the day, the cherished Vampire Bats of U of Crystal Cave are a winged terror on the diamond. Fly balls stand no chance against their tenacious precision on defense and their starting lineup of "bat men" famously force opponents to hold their heads and run shrieking toward the dugouts. Become one of them by sinking your teeth into tees, hats, and zip ups!

Las Mananas Lazy Bones design by Aled Lewis

Practice? Who needs practice? The Lazy Bones of the sleepy village of Las Mananas pregame with leisurely naps. And if you didn't know, now you do: Soccer balls make decent pillows in a pinch. They may possibly call them "futbols" but in all honesty, it's just too much to think about right now for them. Say what you will about their lackadaisical performance on the field, cause with all that sleeping, they are bound to have some big big dreams! No official pillows yet but for now lounge around in a pullover, an organic tee, and a sweet hat!

Bombay Spiders Cricket Club design by Dan Sheffield

At times scampering as if eight-legged, the Spiders Cricket Club of Bombay is also adept at creeping up from behind in the score only to bite down for a win. Speaking of creepy, they are also known for swarming uncooperative umpires post game. What a show! They also have one hell of a website, although it's presently weighed down by bugs. Don't be afraid to pick up a hat, a zip up, and a tee!

Oakdale Leaping Dolphins design by Brock Davis

Sleek, quick, and highly intelligent, the Oakdale Leaping Dolphins Badminton Club will have every fan leaping out of their seats in celebration! They work with a qualified set of trainers every hour on the hour to ensure an entertaining show. So sit back and watch that shuttlecock go! Flip out with an exclusive pullover and tee!

Stars Of Food Network's Show Ice Brigade Will Kick Off The Meetup Saturday Morning At 11am!

by Threadless / None /

Reunion goers! Make sure to set the alarm and show up right at 11am this Saturday because we’re kicking off the day with ice sculptors Derek Maxfield and Susan Walters from Ice Sculptures Ltd. , stars of Ice Brigade on Food Network! Ice Brigade documents the talented crew of Ice Sculptures Ltd. as they create incredibly creative ice sculptures.

They’ll be sculpting up a storm making an amazing creation right before your eyes! We can’t tell you exactly what it’s going to be, because it’s a surprise! (Actually, the truth is, we don’t even know ourselves).

Some of their greatest hits include: A working pinball machine, a working piano with keys made of ice that actually played notes when touched and was played by Matt Giraud from American Idol, a 6 foot tall working hookah, a full sized working pool table and a miniature double Ferris Wheel that actually rotated!

Check out some more of their work here and be sure to like them on Facebook!



Check out some more of their work here and be sure to like them on Facebook!

Amazing things are in the works!


Threadless Loves Polos!

by Threadless / None /


You know why people don't pop their collars anymore? It's because they aren't proud of the polo shirts those collars are attached to. They're all the same. It's either a family crest or a man on a horse. Nothing collar-pop worthy about that. We think it's time for a change.

Your challenge is to create an original emblem to be stitched onto a polo shirt.

That's right, the world of creative stitchery has been unleashed to the Threadverse. These polos will breathe new life into lazy Sunday brunches. Golf outings will never be the same. Try NOT winning the three-legged race at the company barbecue wearin' one of these.

The maximum area for these emblems should be 3 inches x 3 inches, and they'll be sold in our Select line (of course, they're so fancy!). Get down to business and start changing "business casual" forever. We can already hear those collars: pop, pop, pop!

Check out the submission kit and submit here!

New Updates On Slogans!

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Change is coming, but...

Hey Sloganeers! We wanted to share some big news with you about slogans!

We redesigned the slogan submission process a few months ago with the hopes that quality slogans would be easier for us to find and print. Unfortunately, this hasn't really been the case. The biggest problem we've faced in printing type tees is the design process... who designs it, how the design effects the slogan's meaning, how the whole package works as a tee.

Meanwhile, the 3 Words or Less challenge was a great success. We found lots of amazing slogans that were not only clever, but were beautifully designed and varied greatly in their style, which is something that's harder for us to achieve when only a couple of designers are creating type tees from slogans.

Here's what's going to happen:

We're going to integrate slogans with all of the designs available for scoring. The current slogan submission and voting process will end, and we'll accept slogans as type-based designs much like the awesome designs that you saw in the 3 Words or Less challenge.

At the same time we're going to be officially accepting collaborations during the submission process. One person will submit the design, but all the collaborators will be shown on the sub and it will appear on all their profiles. And best of all the $ will be split between the collaborators. That means if a designer and sloganeer team up the sloganeer will now will now earn $1000 instead of $500! The designer will also earn $1000 for creating the design, much like the way design collaborations work now. Best of all, when this change happens the sloganeer will achieve alumni status! We'll also be extending alumni status to all past printed sloganeers. Congratulations to all sloganeers that have been printed!

Most importantly, this is going to give type-based designs more prominence in the pool of potential designs, and that's bound to increase the number of type-based designs that get printed.

We hope that you're all as excited about these developments as we are!

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