Ferraby Lionheart &Amp; Epiphone Loves Threadless!

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Ferraby Lionheart might be a thin, young man with a straw hat who lives on a wide street with tall skinny palm trees that stretch up to the sky. And he might have written an amazing record featuring the oft-office-listened jam "Small Planet." And he might have some pull with the nice folks at Epiphone guitars... But if there's one thing that I know for absolutely certain...

Yes! I'm assuming you've headed over to the page to see the ridiculous grand prize that Ol' Mr. Lionheart and Epiphone will be granting the chosen submission to the tune of "Small Planet." Amazing, no? We've included the lyrics as well to help generate the creativity!! Get to it, friends, and just maybe your beautiful shirt design will be gracing your very own custom axe...

Ah yes, this planet's small enough for two...

It's A Girl!!!!!!

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On behalf of the entire Threadless staff, we'd like to welcome the current smallest Threadless user, and the only Threadless heiress to the world! Jake's wife Shondi gave birth to a little girl a little while ago. Congrats to them! Yay!


New Slogan: Up The Prize, Reward The Reprint, Party!

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Hey everybody! It's a long time coming, we know, but starting with Monday's new shirts, we're upping the love factor for our treasured slogan submitters and adding a reprint reward!!! Happy days.

From here on out, if we choose your slogan, you'll be awarded $200 in addition to $100 store credit! And if your slogan-inspired shirt is popular enough to get reprinted, you'll bank an extra $100 every time!

So keep those slogans coming, my friends! You've done a great job, you deserve it, and you're very welcome.

xxoo Your Pals at Threadless!

Thank You, Chicago!

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Well, maybe we should say - THANK YOU WORLD seeing how many of you guys came from around it to come to the Grand Opening of our first retail store in Chicago! Friday was a monumental day for all of us at Threadless. So many people worked so hard to see the Grand Opening of the store, it was amazing to breathe a collective sigh of relief that the day had finally come.

The day started out with opening the doors at 11:00am and letting in the droves of people waiting outside. The store was decorated with Threadless colored balloons, Threadless colored M&Ms, and the smiling faces of about 30 Threadless employees who all came over to see the store open.

Later on, it was over to the famous Chicago music venue The Metro to see not one but TWO shows to celebrate the store's Grand Opening. People started lining up for the show at around 1:30pm, which was totally amazing. By 5:00pm the line went down the block, rounded a corner, then went all the way down another block. The doors opened at 6:00pm, and everyone rushed in for the show to start at 6:30pm. The first show was absolutely amazing. Almost 1000 people filled The Metro to see Freer, Anathallo, and Hey Mercedes. Marcus Monroe was a really fun host - especially when he was juggling knives while riding a 6' unicycle. All the bands completely rocked it, and we forget how much of a rock star our own Bob Nanna is sometimes. It really was an amazing evening... and that wasn't even all of it!

Everyone filed out of The Metro around 10:00 to get back in line to re-enter for the late show to see The Assembly, White Hot Knife, and Office along with DJ Bald Eagle. By the end of The Assembly's set, there were almost 700 people back in The Metro! Amazing. All the bands for the late show were spectacular. The only way you didn't leave that night as fans of the bands you saw is if you weren't paying attention!

We want to sincerely thank every single person who came out to celebrate the Grand Opening with us. Thank you to everyone who helped us open our store: our amazing staff, Joel our architect and his team and Tony our contractor and his team. Thank you to Stacey, Rochelle, Arel and all the staff at The Metro for helping make both shows run flawlessly. Also, a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE thank you to the 42 members of The Black Rock who created this totally ridiculously amazing poster for us. Wow. Just, wow.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you all! We love all you guys! Hope to see you all again really soon!!!

The Comebacks Loves Threadless!

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It's no secret that there are some big football fans here at Threadless. In fact, we're presently in the throes of some heated fantasy action. Sounds kinda dirty, huh? Why yes it does. And so, it's now time to get down and dirty with a brand new Loves explosion...

The Comebacks, starring David Koechner as the "worst coach in the history of sports" hits theaters October 19! Heck by that time, you'll have already taken our theme of "Keep Your Eye on the Ball," submitted an amazing design, and be running full sprint to the end zone, hopefully to cash in on fabulous prizes! If American football isn't your thing, perhaps you'll be lining up the winning goal, the killer ping pong smash, the eating-contest-winning hot dog... The scenarios are endless but this Loves isn't! You only have until October 17 so...


Threadless Grand Opening!! 09.14.07!!!!!!

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Hellooooo Everyone!!! The time has come for the GRAND OPENING of the New Threadless Retail Store!! Friday Sept. 14th 2007 at 11am 3011 N. Broadway 60657... We will be having a boat load of fun!! The first 25 people get a buy one get one free coupon..Free Candy!! It's a Celebration for the masses!!! If you are in the neighborhood come on down and check out the new Threadless Retail Shop and meet the entire Threadless Staff!!!!

E For All Loves Threadless

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E for All is North America’s premiere video game event. A celebration of video games and the people who play them! Finally, right? For far too long, our gaming ways have been completely unappreciated! Not anymore, my friends. Set down the controllers for a bit and check this...

Love it! With the help of the E For All folks, we're giving away an amazing JetBlue credit voucher to help you get to LA for the festivities! And if you can't make it, no biggie! Use it at your leisure. And speaking of leisure, you may also soon be kickin' back with your new Wii, decked out and surrounded by E For All swag! All of these fabulous prizes can be yours if you just...

Power Up and Play!

First Threadless Van For Sale!

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Hey everyone, skaw (Jake) here!

A few years ago, I gave my brother a couple hundred dollars to completely sticker his van in Threadless stickers. It was the first van ever to be covered. We've since covered our own company van and a few Threadless fans have covered their cars as well.

Well, my brother started a 2 year stint with the Peace Corps down in Guyana in South America and my parents now have the van and are selling it. It's been in my family since I was 13. (14 years ago) It's got a ton of miles on it but it still surprisingly runs great...

Here's the listing in case anyone is looking for a sweet party van.

My dad posing with the van:

edit, found some more pics:

my brother's van (the burrtio)

my brother's van (the burrtio)

my brother's van (the burrtio)