Threadless $10 Mid-Term Sale!

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So, we were going to do a back-to-school sale for you guys. Then a group of independent goverment scientists brought some research to our attention... WEARING OUR TEES WILL MAKE YOU SMARTER! "Eureka!" we exclaimed.

Eureka, indeed. Thus, we bring you the Threadless $10 Mid-Term Sale! All you have to do is buy a new tee and wear it to your mid-terms. You will be "guaranteed" to ace your exams! Plus you get free Threadless pencils with every order!!!!

The sale ends Monday, October 3rd, so get em now!

Note: If you've ordered in the last 6 hours, you can email customer service to get a refund of the difference in prices.

Also note that we are waiting until the sale is over to put up new shirts.

Have Some Free Time And Want To Make Some Cash?

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Christmas is coming up and we're going to need some temporary help in our shipping department. We're paying $10 per hour to anyone who lives in Chicago and has a day or two to help between mid November and January.

Click here for details and to apply:

Note that these are only temporary positions and may last anywhere from 1 day to a few weeks. But if you do do a good job and we end up needing to hire more people after Christmas, it could result in a position.

Urb Loves Threadless Prizes Announced!

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Sorry for the delay! There are still more prizes to be annouced, but this is what we have so far!

  • MACKIE Tapco Speakers ($500 retail value!)
  • Gravis Shoes & Bag
  • One pair of Oakley sunglasses
  • CDs & Vinyl
  • 1 year subscription to URB
  • $750 Cash
  • $250 Threadless Gift Certificate
  • More prized to be announced!

This looks to be one of our biggest prize packages yet! Keep those designs coming!

Urb Loves Threadless!

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URB Magazine is America’s top publication for underground music and culture. From the exploding indie-rock scene to the independent hip-hop nation and the global mega-club culture, URB is there, covering the hottest sounds with precise reviews, in-depth interviews and thoughtful tales of the music, media, fashion and politics that make up today’s forward sonic community.

Now it's up to you our fine friends! Give it your best and win a bunch of awesome prizes and whole lotta cash!

Check it out!

The Used Loves Winners And Two Reprints

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Geez-o-petes it has been a crazy couple of weeks! We've nearly raised $100,000 for hurricane relief! We're sorry we weren't able to come out with any more new designs last week but the sales for the Regrowth shirt have been quite overwhelming. We were able to get The Used Loves Threadless winners up this week along with a couple of reprints. YAY ! ! ! !

The Used Winners

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The Reprints


Regrowth: Katrina. Buy For $10, We Donate $20!

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Here's how it works: You buy a tee for $10 We donate $20 to Hurricane relief *up to $50,000!

So tell your friends, parents, neighbors, teachers, grandparents, garbageman, the cop writing you a ticket, you know pretty much everyone you see to buy this shirt. It's for a great cause. Thank you.

Update: - First off we want to say thanks to everyone that has already purchased a tee. As you can see it's selling very well and we're unable to keep up with the demand at this time. Due to stock shortages in the cream girly tees we're running the tee on at least one new color(Grass) just so we can get as many of these out as we can. Pictures will be posted when we have them. The cream should be available again early next week. Please also be aware that processing your order may take longer than the usual 2-4 days. We ask that you please be patient.

Semi-Permanent 05 Winners, 2 New And 1 Reprint!

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One week closer to Winter folks! As time dwindles down, you don't want to waste your sunny days in tees that people have already seen you in! Think of your public, people!

We got some sweet new digs for you! We got the winners of the Semi-Permanent competition, two new tees and one hot reprint! (Get it... hot?! cuz he's on fire?! GET IT?! HOLY HELL THAT'S FUNNY!) sigh


Semi-Permanent 05 Winners

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2 New Designs and one reprint on TWO colors