Create A T-Shirt Design Inspired By Bats And You Could Help The Little Guys Survive.

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Bats sleep upside down, use sonar ears to see what we cannot, and have inspired the success of superheroes and villains alike. But they're also in danger of losing their little bat homes. Even though bats keep Earth healthy by pollinating plants, feasting on nasty pests, and spreading seeds, they're a very misunderstood and endangered bunch. Bat populations are declining almost everywhere.

Your challenge is to create a t-shirt design inspired by bats.

Go batty designing for the little guys because you could help save their lives. 25% of the sale of each tee will go to Bat Conservation International's efforts to help these furry creatures of the night fight the good fight. Bring to life your love of bats in any way you can imagine. Your design can be spooky, funny, creepy, or scary

Check out this incredible prizing provided by Threadless, Bat Conservation International & Bacardi+

  • $750 cash
  • $250 Threadless gift certificate
  • Two VIP passes to the Austin City Limits Music Festival from October 12-14, 2012
  • Airfare voucher up to $1,000 to Austin, Texas to attend the festival
  • Lodging for two in Austin, Texas during the festival
  • Two autographed Girl Talk t-shirts

So get started already. Stay up all night if you have to. The bats need you!

Congrats To Tobe Fonseca For Scoring $10,000 In The First Threadless + Gap Challenge.

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For our very first Threadless + Gap design challenge back in March, we asked you to design the next iconic Threadless + Gap tee. From 1,253 submissions, one design was chosen for the grand prize. Congrats to Tobe Fonseca for scoring the $10,000 for his design, Tattooed Panda!


We asked Tobe a few questions about his design.

What does it mean to you to be in so many stores? I still don't believe it. Really, it's like a dream. As a t-shirt designer, it's all that I ever wanted.

What was your reaction when you found out the $10k news? I just sent and e-mail back with the works "Guys, are you joking me?" It was like WOW, as I said unbelievable! I got the news on 08/16/2012 I'll never forget this day!

What inspired your panda design? I was just trying to create something with pandas and this idea just appeared like a "click." I think those are the best ones!

What's your usual design process like? I use lots of pages of my Moleskine trying to find some idea that can work on a tee. I check the Internet or books for reference after I have the concept. Curiously, I think my best ideas come from nowhere about a week after my research. My brain needs a rest to come up with something useful.

Besides your own, what's your favorite Threadless + Gap design? I have to say "Anchor News" from Dina Prasetyawan. It’s not just about the design. He’s a great artist and his trajectory is very inspiring! GREAT $5!

Tattooed Panda was released this week along with 42 other brand new Threadless + Gap designs including styles for women, men, boys, girls & infants. This is the first Threadless + Gap print for 34 artists, and this collection includes designs from artists from 15 different countries.


Help Flood Relief In The Philippines

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On August 6, Tropical Storm Haikui brought massive flooding and landslides to the capital city of Manila in the Philippines. Over 800,000 people were evacuated from their homes and 250,000 people have moved into emergency shelters. An estimated 2 million people live in informal settlements in high risk areas along river beds that are prone to flooding.

Filipino artists feanne and the110 aka AJ Dimarucot approached us about designing a tee to support flood relief efforts. Today we released their design Bayanihan, which is a Filipino word that represents a community coming together as a family for the greater good.

The design is a sun made from species and flag symbols of the Philippines. If you look closely, you'll even find Pandaka pygmaea, a fingernail-sized fish, formerly the smallest fish in the world. Sadly, this fish is now considered extinct in the Philippines, due to the same kind of environmental degradation that was a major factor in the recent floods.


100% of net proceeds from the sale of their tee will go to Architecture for Humanity’s Philippines Floods Response Program. Their goal is to raise at least $100,000 to execute a disaster resiliency and reconstruction program and provide communities with the skills and training needed to mitigate the impacts of future flooding.

Feanne explains more about the design: In collaboration with my fellow Filipino artist AJ Dimarucot, I have chosen these three iconic animals to illustrate a t-shirt design that will be sold online on Threadless to raise funds for Architecture For Humanity's sustainable rebuilding efforts in our country. We believe that this global movement, in cooperation with local partners, will bring real and lasting change by creating resilient, flood-resistant communities with smart architecture and urban planning. In the design, the Philippine eagle represents dignity, the tamaraw represents strength, the dwarf pygmy goby represents humility, and the sampaguita flower represents goodwill. Below these roll the waves that represent the bodies of water that suffuse and surround our tropical archipelago. Above is a luminous night sky, unobscured by air pollution. The entire design references our national flag-- a triangle with a star at each point, and a circle that symbolizes both the life-giving sun and our nation's status as the Pearl of the Orient.


Interview With Artist Hillary White!

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Threadless Ambassador Tom interviews the daring and innovative Hillary White aka wytrab8.

First of all hi and welcome! How would you describe yourself as a person?

Hi and thanks! I'm about 5'6" with blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm also hilarious!

What projects are you working on now?

Another pop painting is under way, and there are always loose ideas and T-shirt designs rattling around upstairs.

What was your first piece of professional work?

A long, long time ago I painted a fantasy/fairy mural in the gift section of a bookstore where I was working. It was in my senior year of high school.

How did your idea for 'Motocross-Stitch Kitteh' come about?

I was visiting with my Gram who, like most grammies (right?), has a couple little cross-stitch pieces she made hanging on her walls. That sparked the idea—it needed to be removed from the usual "Home Sweet Home" vibe, and as a cat lover I wanted to do something with cats, so it sort of took it's own direction once I got thinking about these elements. I basically like to take the familiar and twist it.

"Motocross-Stitch Kitteh" is available as tee!

Could you explain the concept of your Rabbit Heads series as featured on your website?

The white rabbit is Alice's guide through Wonderland, and for me it is a symbolic of synchronicity. So taking that idea, and my love for classical art, the rabbit head series came about. It was enticing to tackle a range of styles, while also paying tribute to these various artists and art movements I grew up admiring.

Could you discuss your Pop-Reinterpretation series too?

The Rabbit Heads just eventually evolved into the Pop series, I wanted the work to connect with more people in a positive way. Pop culture is where the people are, and I just can't help my subversive sense of humor.

Your work often covers traditional styles and imagery, but with a juxtaposed element of pop imagery. Would you say that your work attacks and seeks to overthrow traditionalism or embraces it?

I'm not a particularly serious person, so I like to keep things fun and light. I'm not really seeking to overthrow anything or anyone! I love the range of styles and the history behind them. I would say I'm more embracing traditionalism, by using or reworking it.

Are there any topics that you would not feel comfortable with in a painting?

I don't think so, but there's probably something I'm not considering. Anyway, no sense limiting myself in advance.

Has anybody ever been offended by your work?

I imagine so, although offending people is not my intention.

What shocks you?

The Human Centipede; unfortunately, I stumbled across the trailer. That, and the salaries of reality TV stars.

Which animal is your favourite from your 'Friendly Beasts' design? If they were real, would you like to pet any of them, or would you be too scared?

I'm partial to the bearded tortoise. Haha, I would probably pet any of them. I mean, the scariest one for me is the Cookie-Loving Grizzly with googly eyes (don't come between him and his cookies!). There are scarier things in my dreams.

"Friendly Beasts" is available as adult and kids tees!

Who has been most significant to you as your development as an artist?

That's a tricky question to answer. It's not so much, "who" as "what". Support from family and friends, vivid bizarre dreams, pop culture (the '80s!) and various art movements have all been significant factors.

If you had to be a video game character for a day, which one would you be?

No specific character, but I would like to live in the Monkey Island Universe for a day.

What would you like to achieve in five years time?

I guess I haven't thought much about the future that way, is that bad? (I'm not so much into achieving things as doing things.)

No, not at all. Keep on making, that's the most important thing!

You can have three wishes, what would they be?

Temporarily excluding things like world peace and no poverty: 1. Time travel 2. The ability to fly 3. 3 more wishes (or 1 more genie)

Many thanks for taking part in the interview and I wish you all the luck in the future, with your wonderful pop-culture inspired creations.

Interview by Ambassador Tom Bryce

Interview With Artist Jerry Maninang!

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Threadless Abmassador Tom interviews the wonderful and talented, multi-tasking Jerry Maninang aka dzeri29.

Howdy Jerry! What's it like living in The Philippines?

It’s fun, The Philippines is a wonderful place to live in. Filipinos are generally friendly and accommodating, we can be over friendly but in a cool and humble way. Living here is good fun, but life can be tough, you have to be hard-working and versatile in so many different ways just to survive.

What would be a typical day for you?

My everyday life is simple, I always wake up late in the morning! I drink milk or coffee, thanks to my wife who always prepares my breakfast. Then I check all of my emails before I start my work. I take a break at lunchtime, rest and then spend some time bonding with my wife and daughter (I always make sure that I have time for them) then I go back to work again. I sometimes stay up up ‘til midnight.

How would you describe your work?

Since I have different styles, I would say a bit surreal, artistic, imaginative and fun.

Could you tell us about some of the techniques that you use? I manually draw all of my work using a light table, it makes it easy to re-sketch my work. I also create my own Photoshop brushes for my watercolor stuff, so that it is much easier for me to color my artwork in a watercolor style.

You have quite an eclectic style, do you think that you will ever 'settle down' to one particular style only?

I think I have my own style but I haven’t tried it yet for a t-shirt design, sometimes it doesn’t suit a particular idea or concept. I believe that it’s good to have your own style because as an artist it helps us to keep our own identity or individuality. I think in my case, I will keep on exploring new and different styles of design. Using this kind of approach helps me enhance and develop my own personal style.

Who are some of your favourite Threadless artists?

I’m a big fan of Alex Solis, Collisiontheory, Nicebleed, Carbine, Mathiole, Studio8works, Terry Fan, Spykee, Niel Quisaba, Robson Borges and Dandingeroz.

How do you plan a new piece of artwork?

I start off my concept with a rough sketch, then I turn to reference photographs, mainly for inspiration. Then I compose everything in Photoshop. After that, I start work on my final sketch, paying attention to the outlines and detailing for aclean look, then I ink the artwork. Next, I scan the design sketch and finalize it using Photoshop.

Are you formally trained or are you self-taught?

I’m a Fine Arts graduate, and a self-taught artist when it comes to digital software. I learned a lot from the internet bywatching tutorials on Youtube. I still continue to educate myself and I make sure that I'm up to date with the latest trends and designs.

How much of your work is digital? 60% of my work is digital, and 40% is traditional media via sketching, inks and watercolors.

Could you tell us about some of the reactions from your t-shirts from the general public?

They are all amazed with my work! Everybody says that all of my designs are totally worth buying.

One of your prints 'Mo' Deer Nature' is a very peaceful design, do you have time to relax or do you lead a busy life?

Thanks. I think I lead a very busy life as a freelancer. Currently, I still have artwork to finish for some of my local design projects and of course I spend time making designs for t-shirts. I try to take breaks to keep me refreshed though.

Your other print 'Wishful thinking' has a dreamlike quality to it, how much inspiration do you draw from your dreams?

Never, really. My designs are more about a creative way of imagining things rather than what’s in a dream or a fantasy world.

“Wishful Thinking" is available as a tee!

Could you explain the thought process behind your Peace One Day Causes design 'Peace Within'?

I thought about the symbols for Peace, which are a dove and an olive branch. Since the design challenge was about global ceasefire and non-violence, I thought of using an ArmaLite gun where the mouth of the gun is buried under the ground. I gave the soldier’s helmet a world map and the dove a white band. All of this combined symbolizes ceasefire, the end of war and world peace throughout the human race.

“Peace Within" is available as a tee!

'Ramen'ses Return is about a mummy made from noodles, how would you react if that really happened?

I think it would look weirder and more abnormal than a regular mummy, but I hope that it wouldn't ever happen because a mummy made from noodles could easily break apart.

“Ramen’ses Return" is available as tees and kids tees!

What is the most important thing that you have learned about Art?

The most important thing that I’ve learned is just do what you love and this will make it more meaningful. It’s good to express our emotions through art. Art touches our souls and it can save the souls of others in their lives as well.

If the world was going to end in seven days, how would you live your last week on Earth?

As a person with strong religious beliefs, I would spend time with my family, pray with them and I would strengthen my faith with God. I believe that he alone knows when will be the right time, the end of time. I’ll continue to pray that this will not happen, but if it does, I want to be with my family 'til the end.

Thanks for taking part in the interview! As Albert Einstein said, 'Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!'

Interview by Ambassador Tom Bryce

Interview With Artist Paul Berthelot!

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Threadless Abmassador Tom interviews the humorous Paul Berthelot aka thedeetzes (named after the family in Beetlejuice).

First of all hi and welcome!

Thanks! I'm so flattered and excited you like me enough to do an interview!

You seem to be quite a fan of the horror genre, what is it that you like about these films?

I love horror movies, but really I'm inspired by all film genres. It's definitely the medium that most stimulates my creativity. My horror designs seem to get more attention with the Threadless crowd. I think this may be because horror is polarizing. You usually love it or hate it. That creates a sort of cult like following that can be really fun to tap into for designs. A good horror sticks with you and using those references creatively in a design is a lot of fun.

Old farm houses appear in a few of your subs, could you tell us what appeals to you about drawing houses?

I love architecture. The way a structures takes on it's own personality is fascinating to me. I love when a movie uses a house almost like a character. I think that's why I like haunted house films so much. The best example of this is Beetlejuice. The way the house is coveted and goes through this drastic change instrumental to the plot is just so interesting.

Many of your submissions have a hand drawn pencil-like quality to them, do you scan your pencil drawings in or do you prefer to work digitally?

I'm still a die hard hand drawing fan. I usually do as much as I can off the computer just like when I was a kid (in front of the TV, of course). I typically add colour and texture on the computer. I do some designs completely in Photoshop but only one of those has ever been printed and that's my Beetlejuice inspired "Recently Deceased" design.

“Recently Deceased" is available as a tee!

How do you usually make a Threadless design?

It usually starts with a concept that pops up in my mind out of nowhere. If there is a pen and paper around I'll jot down the name or a quick sketch (one I'm sure only I could ever decipher). Once I get the chance I either sit down with a pencil and paper or jump on the computer to put it all together. I almost always use reference photos as I feel it gives things a more realistic look I could never make up. I almost never stop once I start. Once I've begun I don't quit till I've submitted the final file. I don't know why. I just feel inspired and have to finish!

How did you celebrate your first print?

I WANTED IT SOOOO BAD! I had submitted so many designs and was, of course, doubting myself thinking "Is getting printed just a completely unrealistic goal?" and "What are the odds of getting noticed when I see AMAZING work get passed over all the time?!" When I got printed I couldn't believe what I was reading. I screamed out loud and wrote a mass e-mail to people who knew how much I'd worked and wanted a print. I also went off my diet and ate a celebratory cheesecake (yes, the entire cake)

Which artists inspire you?

The Threadless community inspires me. The endless amount of fresh ideas being submitted after this many years is incredible. That's why being a printed designer is such an honor and a privilege I never take for granted.

What projects are you currently working on?

No Joke, the main project I'm excited for right now is sculpting a small scale version of a piece made by the Delia character from Beetlejuice. I'm obsessed, I know, but Beetlejuice is to me what Star Wars is to so many.

The director and film-maker Tim Burton seems to be a constant source of inspiration, could you tell us more about this?

I think Tim Burton's perfectly twisted point of view is an inspiration to a lot of people. I love that his style is so unique that you would know he directed a movie without ever being told. I'm a huge fan of all his work but my main inspiration is, and always has been, Beetlejuice (which, as we all know, he directed). I was born in 1987 and the movie came out in 1988. I don't remember the first time I saw it. I just remember I've always known it by heart and been endlessly enthralled by it. My parents have a VHS of me singing "Day-O" to them and I'm not even sure I was three years old yet.

What did you think of the animated version of Beetlejuice?

I definitely watched it and enjoyed it. I was always too loyal to the film though. I'd watch and say things like "...but Lydia hates Beetlejuice! How are they now friends!?" or "Delia isn't girly! She's modern and artistic!" It also bothered me to no end that the Maitlands were completely cut from the cartoon. WHY?!

Would you have liked to have seen the scripted but never produced 'Beetlejuice goes Hawaiian'?

I've known about the idea since I was first introduced to the internet. Honestly, it sounds terrible. I'm not against a sequel at all but going into it I would know it could never measure up the the original. Part of what makes the original so good are the in-camera on set effects which would never happen now. As weird as it sounds Beetlejuice himself was never my favorite character. I love the Deetzes and the Maitlands most so to do a story without them (as it was proposed in Beetlejuice goes Hawaiian) would be a huge loss. They are actually looking into making a sequel now. New scripts have been commissioned and Tim Burton and Michael Keaton have both said they'd be on board. The best way to do it would be to do a where-are-they-now type story line where they are desperate enough to enlist Beetljuice's help again. If they do do it hopefully they'll enlist me as an expert or let me be an extra!

How was your recent trip to east coast Vermont?

This, again, ties into Beetlejuice. I sound like such a one note! I've always wanted to go there because it was the location for all the outdoor shots in Beetlejuice. My sister took me as a birthday gift and we had a blast! We saw what was left of "Maitland Hardware", the bridge where they crashed, Lydia's school etc. I also made my sister climb the hill, where the original house had been, with me. The house was built for the film and torn down at the end of production but the view hadn't changed. Standing there looking over the town was an amazing moment and I'd do it again in a heart beat.

'Monarch' and 'The Original General Lee' both have black linework and splashes of orange. Would you consider doing a series in this style?

I've done a few designs in that old-world-pen-drawing-with splashes-of-colour series. Monarch was the first and after that came Don't Mess with Goldilocks, The Evolution of Womenswear, The Original General Lee and, most recently, Courtyard Sale. It just so happens Threadless chose the two designs that only used orange. I would definitely do a series like that if Threadless asked me to. I'd do anything they asked me to! (accept kill....well, maybe kill.)

As well as being a graphic designer you also work as a model, could you tell us about some of your experiences modelling? Who have you worked with?

Modeling is something I really love. I feel knowing what goes on in post production gives me a bit of an advantage as well. I few modeling experiences stand out for sure. I was in an ad that ran in both Flare and Lou Lou magazine which was exciting. I was also sent to Paris by my first agency which was amazing. I'd never been on a plane before let alone to France. I interviewed at some legendary agencies like Ford Europe and worked with a contributing photographer for Vogue Japan. I also did a shoot in the courtyard of the Louvre which felt surreal. Fashion and modeling is something I love and will be a part of for as long as they'll have me.

What would be your dream modelling job?

Well, my biggest dream would be to work for American Vogue and Vanity Fair. I'd love to book a job modeling for Threadless too! I love what they're doing for the Select campaign. If ever you need me, I'm available! ha ha

Were you named after a famous champagne?

Ha ha ha no. My family and I never even heard about it until a relative from L.A. sent us an e-mail with a photo of the bottle. It's pretty cool. When I get some money I'll have to order myself a case!

What kind of people do you dislike?

People who never create yet always criticize. People who complain ALL THE TIME. Strangers you hold the the door for that don't say "thank you". People who wear pajamas in public. Close talkers...Get out of my personal space! People who are mean to servers and retail staff. Pretty sure the guy working the register at the KFC in the food-court is having a rough enough day without you being rude. This list could go on and on with my petty observations. For the record, I like most people!

Of course we like you, thedeetzes! Many thanks for the interview and good luck with your intelligently gothic works and also your modelling career!

Interview by Ambassador Tom Bryce

We're Broadcasting The Family Reunion All Day!

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Check out all of the days events at!


11 am Doors Open. Snag your SWAG bag!* Say hi to all of your Threadfriends, screenprint your own Meetup tee, doodle on the Make Great Together backdrop, or upcycle some tees with Brianne! 12 pm Chow down on some free lunch and listen to live music from Tall Animals! 1 pm Watch the hilarious Show ‘n Tell show interview Threadless artists Justin White, Katie Campbell & Matheus Lopes! 2 pm #MakeGreat competition for the chance at awesome prizes 2:45 pm Presentation by Charles Anderson, founder of CSA images 3:15 pm Great Things: Threadstaff presentation 3:45 pm Official Threadless knock out game hosted by Speedy Joe! Get your photo taken in your new Meetup Tees! Check out the Black Rock Collective Art Show! 5:00 pm Dinner Break! Go get some food around the 'hood

Submit A Clever Design And $5,000 Could Be Yours.

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You witty son of a monkey's uncle. You're always comin' up with those visual whatcha ma hoos that make us think, "So smart! So simple! Why didn't I think of that?" It's time to show off a little for the next Threadless + Gap collection.

Your challenge is to create a clever design.

Create a design that will make friends, enemies, and strangers smile. Keep in mind that we're now printing Threadless + Gap designs on tees for men, women, kids, toddlers, and babies. So your design can be whimsical, funny, or beautiful.

Whatcha waitin' for? Get to work, smarty pants.

There's $5,000 on the line! Submit now.

Score 100 Trina Turk Submissions And You Could Get Yourself Some Trina Turk Cash!

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UPDATE: Congrats to leslee! chose you to get the $100 in Threadless cash and $100 Trina Turk gift certificate!

There’s so many awesome Trina Turk submissions, we don’t know where to start! Help us find the best ones by scoring ‘em!

Score 100 Trina Turk designs by 8/30 and one randomly selected scorer will get a $100 Trina Turk gift certificate and $100 in Threadless cash!

Help us decide what design would make ya look like a million bucks and you could get a few of those bucks yourself.

Start scoring.

Wizard World Chicago Was A Geeky Blast!

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We had a great time at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con last weekend! It was awesome to see all of you that came out to pick up some tees, score designs on the scoring machine, or pose with the zombie. We geeked out seeing Stan Lee and our pal Tony Moore. Check out some photos of some of our favorite Threadfans and their awesome costumes.


Congrats to @abalistar for pickin’ up the $25 gift certificate in the “Pose with the Zombie” challenge.


Check back soon for some possible video footage and celebrity sightings!

What con should we go to next? Let us know. We’d love to see ya.

Score Duvet Subs For Your Chance At $50 &Amp; A Bed Bath &Amp; Beyond Duvet

by Threadless / None /

UPDATE: HOT OFF THE PRESSES! Thanks to, the chosen design scorers who are each getting $50 in Threadless cash and a Bed Bath and Beyond duvet are: YaaH, Ertsatz, manu29 & celandinestern


Time to let us know what you think of all the 890 duvet designs submitted for the Bed Bath & Beyond challenge.

Score 75 duvet designs by August 24 for your chance at $50 in Threadless cash and a Bed Bath and Beyond duvet from the line in stores now.*

Four lucky voters will be chosen randomly to receive the prize. Check back here after the challenge to find out who scored the goods.

Get your pointer finger in position and start scoring.

*If you’ve already scored 75 designs from this challenge, you’re automatically entered.

Coming To The Meetup? Join Us The Day Before For A Focus Group And Some Free Stuff!

by Threadless / None /

We’re so excited to see you guys on August 25th! It’s gonna be a fun day filled with awesome!

If you are in town the afternoon before, we’d love for you to come in and join us for a focus group to hear your comments, questions, and ideas for Threadless.

The focus group will be held on Aug 24 at 3:30-5pm at HQ. (1260 W. Madison St.) You’ll go through six 12-minute sessions. As a thank you, everyone who goes through all six sessions will get some SWAG!

If you’re able to make it, please comment below so we have an idea of who is coming!

The Skinny: what: Threadless Focus Group when: August 24, 2012 - 3:30-5pm why: To hear your comments, questions, and great ideas for Threadless who: Any Threadfan

See ya soon, friends.

Threadspotting: Gif Edition!

by KyleGeib / None /

As many of you are aware, Nathan W. Pyle’s ThreadGIF Challenge has recently sent everyone into a dizzying obsession with creating GIFs made from an overwhelming chunk of Threadless designs. These incredible ThreadGIFs have been showing up everywhere - Tumblr, Reddit & even Laughing Squid - and we couldn’t be happier!

Now we’ve discovered another gentleman, ste7, who has harnessed the power of the GIF, this time to animate himself wearing all of his Threadless tees! Check it out:

Hey, who was dancing all over his closet door? Oh, nevermind, that’s just one of the Threadless BLIK wall graphics! Thanks ste7 for rocking so much Threadless gear and for being so creative while you do so!

Remember, as always, if you see Threadless tees in the wild, send us a note at and we'll talk about them here... AND we'll give you some Street Team Points to boot! Enjoy!

Submit A Design Inspired By The Dangers Of The Deep On A Towel, Tank, Or Tote!

by Threadless / None /


What lurks deep beneath the water's surface that hasn't been discovered yet? What are the creatures we keep in the back of our minds, even when we're just dipping our toes at the shore?

Travel all those leagues beneath the sea and bring those aqua beasts to the surface.

Design a towel, tank, or tote inspired by the Dangers of the Deep. If you'd like to submit the same design for all three products, please include them in one submission.

Show us what deep water residin' monsters you have floating around in your head. And, if you've never designed anything related to marine life, then it's time to get your feet wet.

Download the sub kits, check out the prizing and submit!

8/19 Update! Snag Your Backpack Now And Then Watch It Be Created In Just One Week!

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image The $85.50 pre-sale price is available until 8/20 as the backpacks are being produced. Make sure to get yours before all 250 are gone.

9/4 UPDATE: Congrats to yardwolves! You snagged the backpack for free! By scoring 50 backpacks designs, you were entered in a random drawing for the backpack and now you'lre gettin' it!

8/19 UPDATE: Threadless Select Backpack Completed and Revealed

8/18 UPDATE: We flew in Eric Zelinski, the designer of the Threadless Select: Backpacks from Florida. He toured the factory and watched his design come to life. He signed all 250 limited edition bags! Check out the whole creation process and order yours on pre-sale before they sell out.



8/17 UPDATE:

Threadless Select Backpack Construction and Finishing Touches

8/16 UPDATE:



Check out the screenprinting process.

The sky is on the floor!



8/15 UPDATE: Prototyping!

Check out the reflective ink we're using for the stars! Oooooh, shiney.


From the 194 awesome backpack designs submitted in 10 days, one design has been chosen!

Congratulations Eric Zelinski! we’ll document the entire production of your design Space & Sky as it’s transformed into 250 limited edition Threadless Select Backpacks. We’re producing these backpack at Bearse USA, just three miles from Threadless HQ in Chicago. We’re even flying Eric in to help with the process.

Keep checking back here to watch the backpack being made from start to finish.

Take A Peek At Threadless Beta!

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^ design by ArmoredFowl

After about a year and a half of sweat, tears, HTML & CMYK, we’re so excited to unveil the newest version of Threadless! It's been a long time coming and there’s still a lot to do, but we're finally in a place where we let all of you play with the brand new version of Threadless.

Check it out here:

Keep in mind, it's running on live data, so if you post in the forum there, it'll show up on the current Threadless as well! You can even shop on beta.

There is so much newness to talk about. First of all, the site is bolder and brighter overall. When coupled with all of the amazing designs, it brings what Threadless is like on the inside to the outside. The navigation being MAKE, PICK, PLAY, SHOP is a nod at how Threadless works. It explains the process while also being descriptive and functional actions. First you make the designs, then you help us pick which ones to produce, play along the way, and shop for the products that get made. The MAKE section is way more detailed, making it much easier to figure out how to succeed as an artist on Threadless. The PICK section is mostly about scoring designs and takes a cue from Atrium. The forum and other fun stuff (like the new Artist stories section) is in the PLAY section. The SHOP section is redesigned to better showcase the wide away of product types we now carry.

As for the submission/scoring process - this is all new in Beta, based loosely on the system that was built for Atrium. The new and old system don't overlap so you won't be able to score existing submissions on Beta. However, we're hosting two challenges on there for testing… the beta challenge for screwing around and testing things and the special "taking leaps" challenge to actually submit real designs. When this site goes live, Atrium will be shut down (all design challenges will run on and all of the old Threadless submissions will be visible on the new site.

We're almost there! Huge props to everyone in the Art & Tech departments at Threadless who poured their blood and sweat into this project. A special nod to Sean Donohue who took the initiative over a weekend a year ago to set aside all preconceived notions and rethink the way should look/work.

Give it a try, submit designs, score designs, try the forum… dig in! This is the first step in an ongoing effort to constantly be improving the site. We've got a ton of new things lined up that we're excited to dig into once we get the new site live.

Here's a list of a few of the many things we're still plugging away at before we launch: - Home page sliders - Cross-browser testing - Speed, speed, speed! - Bugs, bugs, bugs. - Hooking up Threadspotting & Artist Stories to content - Moving a lot of things a pixel here, a pixel there - Sliding submissions powerscore-style when scoring (like Atrium also) - Lots of backend stuff - A special 404 page :) - Submission kit page

There are also a whole slew of new features we're going to get working on as soon as we get this new site launched like a new critique section, following other users, earning badges, more scoring improvements, a new Threadbucks program, and vanity URLs. This is just the beginning!

Going To Chicago Wizard World This Weekend? We’Ll Be At Booth #2758!

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Midwestern comic fans and sci-fi nerds, a very exciting weekend is upon us. Wizard World Chicago Comic Con is being held is Thursday through Saturday, and we’re gonna be there the whole geekin’ time.

Come stop by booth #2758 to say hi, enter the raffle, shop tees (including comic designs), chase the fridge, pose with the Threadless zombie, and doodle. Lance, Jess, Danny, Dane & Kyle will be there to hang out and star gaze with ya. See ya this weekend, Threadpals.

Check Out Our Highest Quality Tee Yet! Exciting Info From Skaw

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We take t-shirts very seriously. We’re proud to announce that we’ve made improvements to the blank tees we print on. When you order a Threadless tee, you can expect more durable fabric, improved construction, and better consistency in fit and quality. We know this because you’ve told us. We've been using customer surveys to track our product quality, and over the past couple of months we’ve seen improvements.

And better quality is just the beginning of how we are improving our product.

Over the next few months you'll begin to see our new Threadless custom t-shirt. We spent weeks researching a soft and comfy fabric that’ll keep its shape through hundreds of washes. Then, we spent months in fitting, making sure each spec fit well, looked good, and would stay that way through the life of the tee. We researched manufacturers to find the ones that produce the best product and have the highest standards of excellence. We set up a Quality Assurance service to inspect our products as they're being produced to ensure our standards are being met consistently.

Then, we road tested the tee in the real world, making additional enhancements based on feedback. We even wore, washed, and re-wore the tees ourselves to see how they held up. We also integrated subtle Threadless branding like cyan back neck tape. This makes the tee our own, but doesn’t take away from what’s most important: the awesome Threadless design.

You're gonna love it!

Thanks & Never Stop Making, Jake Nickell, @skaw Founder & Chief Community Officer

New Stuff To Carry Your Stuff!

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Handles, straps, and snaps, oh my! Today we released 3 new custom bags featuring both new and classic Threadless designs. We’ve improved the design on all our bags so they’re easier to carry and can fit more stuff. And we’ve made the prints more prominent, too. We’re excited to feature 21 of the community’s awesome designs!

Here’s the deets: Thanks to Salvage One for letting us film in their space.

Threadless Canvas Totes - Interior pocket for a laptop - Handy side pockets on both sides - Custom Threadless snaps that allow for expanding or compressing - 23-inch handles so the tote hangs easily on your shoulders

image Threadless Nylon Totes - Attached pouch so you can fold up the tote for easy storage. Plus, you’ll never lose the pouch - Threadless loop so it’s easy to hang anywhere

The nylon tote featured above, Dio by Aled Lewis, is the chosen design from Threadless Loves Totes!

image Jetpacks - Side pockets, one with a zipper and headphone access - Front compartment with organizer for phone, sketchbooks, iPad, pens, pencils, and other odds ‘n’ ends. - Back compartment with laptop sleeve (elastic edge holds your laptop secure) - Padded back and straps

The jetpack featured above, The Big Spill by Eric Zelinski, is the chosen design from Threadless Loves Jetpacks!

Dogs Of Threadless: Bruce

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We’re back with another installment of Dogs of Threadless. Meet Bruce, who works hard every day beside User Experience Director Brock. His birthday is coming up, so make sure to throw him a bone!


Name, Age, Breed Bruce, 4 years old (on August 15). Boston Terrier.

What department do you work in? Snacks and Naps.


What do you like most about Threadless? Visits from the Starfruit Kefir truck! Oh, and getting to hang out with fun people all day.

What is your proudest accomplishment? I've trained Brock to give me snacks just for doing stuff like sitting, laying down, or going in a circle.

What hobbies or tricks do you have? My true passion is the pursuit of snacks, but I've been known to hop on a skateboard, take an agility class, or head to the beach.

What was your life like before Threadless? When I was little the great people of the Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue looked after me, and I lived with a nice lady in Michigan until I found my forever home with Brock in Chicago.


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