Threadless Loves Totes!

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Bearer of groceries, handler of borrowed Tupperware, carrier of overnight clothes. Totes, we salute you. This challenge is all about a bag we hold in our hearts because it holds all our stuff. Your challenge is to create a design for a tote.

This is your opportunity to explore new territories in rectangular bag design. Could your design tell a story? Totes. Could it be an intricate design? Totes. Could it be the bag sought the world over? Obvi, totes. Just make sure it's two colors or less and works within the guidelines attached.

Here's the best part: we're picking five designs! (One for each finger on the hand you'll use to carry your new tote.)

We're going to pick 5 designs - you heard us 5! If your design is chosen, here's what you'll get:

  • $500 cash
  • Your design will be printed on a Threadless tote!
  • $50 Threadless gift certificate
  • E-High 5 from us - seriously, we'll send you one! :)

Click here to learn more!

Threadless U Daily Challenge Winners And Advantage Point Tallies!

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We have the final results of the second half of Threadless U challenges. This determines exactly how many advantages each team has today in the Final Exam! (Tune into watch on the Threadless Ustream Channel at 3pm CST)

The winner of Friday’s Photoshop challenge: Delta Bluto Parti +1 advantage at the final exam

Here’s their winning Photoshopped Mascot image: image

The winner of Monday’s tweet challenge: No-it-All-House +1 advantage at the final exam

The winner of Tuesday’s collab challenge: MEGAGIGATERA +1 advantage at the final exam

Here’s their winning collab design: image

The winners of Wednesday’s voting challenge:

most votes overall: No-it-All-House +1 advantage at the final exam

most votes per team member: Phi Club +1 advantage at the final exam

Check out the stats! image

Lastly, the frat with the most design submissions since Threadless U started: Phi Club +1 advantage at the final exam

That leaves the advantage points tally for the today’s Final Exam: No-it-All-House: 6 Phi Club: 3 Delta Bluto Parti: 1 MEGAGIGATERA: 1

See you at 3pm CST on the Threadless Ustream Channel!

Threadless U Final Exam: Today At 3pm Cst!

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Congratulations students, you’ve worked so very hard and you’ve made it to the final exam. You now have a degree in awesome.

Tune in to the Ustream channel today at 3pm CST to watch and cheer on your Threadstaff frat representatives as they compete in the Final Exam.

BetsyM (Phi Club), Speedy Joe (Delta Bluto Parti), Brianne (No-it-All-House) & Shaun (MEGAGIGATERA) will compete to determine which house will win it all!

Right before the final exam starts, we’ll announce the winners of this week’s challenges and exactly how many advantages each house has. Then, it’s all up to your frat to take it home.

Good luck everyone! See you on Ustream at 3pm CST!

Today's Threadless U Challenge: Submit Your Designs!

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Design 406: Whatchu got?

Well today is your last class before the final exam! And it’s an important one. It’s kind of like your Threadless U thesis. Today’s challenge is to complete and submit your tee designs! We know you’ve been working hard for two weeks to come up with the perfect tee idea and now it’s crunch time! Get your tee designs in by 12pm CST or they won’t count towards your frat’s total submissions! This is the last chance for you to win an advantage at the Final Exam tomorrow!

Collab tee designs are also due at 12pm CST! So basically, if you’ve got any tee design, get it in NOW!

Today's Threadless U Challenge: Vote On Even More Designs!

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Class: Voting 404: Making your opinion heard

Good morning class. We know all of you always have a lot to say (especially the peanut gallery in the back row). So now is the time to voice your opinions! Today’s challenge is to vote on as many designs as possible - can you help beat last weeks voting challenge and get more than 152K votes?!? The house who votes the most before 12am CST will win today’s challenge! And, you guessed it, the prize is an advantage at Friday’s Final Exam.

Get started here.

And keep sending in those tee design submissions because at end of day tomorrow it’s “pencils down.”

World Wide Meetup Day In Hong Kong Was A Blast!

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We’re happy to report that our Worldwide Meetup in Hong Kong was a blast! Hong Kong won the first Worldwide Threadless Day Meetup Challenge so we flew over there to host an official meetup. Last month, over 60 Threadfans joined Mimi and Jake at Pure in Soho, Hong Kong for an evening Threadless fun & craftiness. Mimi gave a short speech that included some sneak peeks of what’s coming from Threadless. Artist Yeoh Guan Hong came in from Shanghai to present. Everyone had a great time repurposing old tees into new stuff like necklaces, tanks, and bags. Thanks to everyone who came to the event and showed us such a warm welcome! We love our Hong Kong Threadfans!

We loved giving out SWAG. image

Yay for creating new stuff out of old stuff! image

We broke out the markers and everyone made a tee. image

Jake did a little modeling for us. image

All in all we had a great time and made a lot of new pals! image

Thanks again! We can’t wait until the next Meetup! Stay tuned for when we announce the winning Meetup from the 2nd Worldwide Threadless Day “Make Great Together” challenge!

Thanks to Connie Hum for her great photos!

Today's Threadless U Challenge: Collaborate On A Design!

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Class: Design 305: Celebrating Collaborating

The sum is greater than its parts. Two heads are better than one. 2 + 2 = 5.*

Students, today’s task is all about collaboration! We’re dedicating an entire day to working on collaboration tee designs! Some of you have already started but for those who haven’t, it’s time to partner up with some of your frat brothers and sisters and create design magic!

Collaboration tee design submissions are due this Thursday at 12am CST. The collaborations must be between members of the same house.The designers of the chosen tee (selected by the Threadstaff) will earn an advantage for their frat at Friday’s Final Exam!

*OK, fine, it’s 4. But you know what we were getting at.

826 National T-Shirt Design Challenge

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Design a T-shirt for 826 National.

826 National believes every future superhero, secret agent, space traveler and pirate has something in common: a good education and strong writing skills. Stop by an 826 storefront to shop for superhero capes, intergalactic peace treaties, or pirate peg legs, and you’ll realize the organization is very serious about student writing. The nonprofit’s eight sneaky storefronts are really tutoring and writing centers for students between the ages of six and eighteen. 826 staff and volunteers motivate kids to write about everything from made-up animals to goofy song lyrics to Threadless tees.

Your challenge is to create a t-shirt design around 826 National’s mission of exploring students’ creativity and improving their writing skills. Keep in mind that 826 National is a writing non-profit, so type-based tees are encouraged. For some inspiration, check out the organization’s very own gallery featuring the best student writing from workshops, field trips, and tutoring sessions from 826 centers across the country. The chosen design will be sold on Threadless, with 25% of the sale from each tee going to 826 National.

*The purpose of this challenge is to create a stand-alone design inspired by the theme, not a brand tee. Your design should not have brand names or logos on it.

Up for Grabs: - $750 cash - $250 Threadless gift certificate - Tickets to a celebrity and author-attended VIP 826 event. Check out previous events here and here. - $500 towards travel to a VIP 826 event -Copies of Zeitoun signed by Dave Eggers, The New Kings of Nonfiction signed by Ira Glass and I Found This Funny signed by Judd Apatow

Today's Threadless U Challenge: Tweet!

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Class: Tweets 202

Well students, welcome to your second week at Threadless U! We’re very impressed with your hard work. For today’s tweeting challenge, we’re giving each frat a separate tweet. The winning house will be determined by which link gets the most click-throughs. See below for your frat’s specific message.

Get your $10 tees from @threadless U! Sale ends tomorrow! #MEGAGIGATERA

Get your $10 tees from @threadless U! Sale ends tomorrow! #NoItAllHouse

Get your $10 tees from @threadless U! Sale ends tomorrow! #DeltaBlutoParti

Get your $10 tees from @threadless U! Sale ends tomorrow! #PhiClub

You have until 12am CST to complete this task. The house with the most click-throughs wins an advantage at next Friday’s Final Exam! Ready, set, TWEET!

Also, don’t forget your collaboration tee design and best general tee design submissions are due this Thursday.

Interview With Artist Skylar Hogan!

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Threadless Abmassador Tom interviews the talented Skylar Hogan aka thesleepingsky!

Hi Skylar, wecome to your interview! What's it like living in Nebraska?

Its pretty chill. Fortunately I live in the city of Omaha so its not just corn fields.

Could you tell everybody about your collaboration with your younger brother, Brock?

He was reading a comic book and one of the characters does the classic joke of putting a dot on a piece of paper saying "its a polar bear blinking in a blizzard". He thought it might be fun to put a dot on a shirt to tell the joke, which got the gears in my head spinning and I thought it would great to literally draw a polar blinking in a blizzard.

“It’s A Polar Bear Blinking In A Blizzard" is available as a tee!

What inspires you to make artwork?

I don't know, I'd say its naturally a part of who I am and so I just love to do it.

'Balloon Buddies' is a very light hearted and playful design, would you say that you are a happy and carefree person?

Yes, I would. I have cares don't get me wrong, but I probably take them in a more carefree way.

“Balloon Buddies" is available as a tee!

How do you normally make a design?

I draw a quick sketch of my idea (the idea usually comes at random). I bring the sketch into Photoshop, then I do a more refined digital sketch. After that I do the final line work and then color it.

Could you explain to people how 'The Cheshire' works and what special inks are used to print the design?

The body is printed with UV ink, so its only visible in direct sunlight. The eyes and teeth are printed with glow in the dark ink to give the effect of the Cheshire's face floating in the dark.

“The Cheshire" is available as a tee!

Most of your designs have a very calm feel to them, is this something that is deliberate?

No not really. For the most part I'm a calm quiet person, which naturally reflects in my art.

What makes you angry?

Selfish people make me angry. People that always put themselves first.

Which medium do you prefer to use?

Pen and a sketch book. Nothing too fancy.

How do you hope people feel when they see your designs?

Humored and relaxed.

What kind of drawings do you make when you're not making tee shirt designs?

I like drawing logos, characters and trees.

In your opinion, what makes a good tee shirt design?

Simplicity and adaptable to any clothing style.

If you won $10 million in the lottery, what would you do with the money?

I'd buy a really nice camera and I would donate the money to a worthy cause like my bank account.

Finally, if you could be any fictional character for a day, who would it be?

Totoro. I'd be flying in the air on my spinning top all day long.

Thanks for taking part in the interview, you certainly live up to your chilled persona!

Interview by Ambassador Tom Bryce

826chi Students Write About Threadless Tees!

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Our Threadstaff band of writers, Colleen and Betsy, have a special place in their hearts for young folks and organizations that help them be the best writers they can be. So, they held a writing workshop at Threadless HQ for 12 students from 826CHI. Both Colleen and Betsy have volunteered for the organization, so they were not surprised to find themselves working with super cool and creative kids.



For those who are not familiar, 826CHI is the Chicago chapter of 826 National, the nonprofit started by author Dave Eggers educator Ninive Calegari. 826 National aims to explore student’s creativity and improve their writing skills. Each of their chapter cities has a store affiliated with the tutoring centers. 826 Seattle sells space travel supplies, 826 Valencia sells pirate supplies, and 826NYC sells superhero supplies. 826CHI is not a secret agent store.

We'll be launching an Atrium design challenge with 826 National on Monday, so to get ready for it, we suggest reading these wonderful stories the 12 workshop students wrote about different Threadless designs!

Natalie Alicea, 5th grade, age 10
Hill Race by Aaron Jay


There was a planet where all the shapes lived but there was only one that could win a race. It was Oscar. Oscar was the only shape that could move. But his friends Magey and Chris were sick of it. They always wanted to win a race. Oscar would never let them win.

So Magey and Chris devised a plan. The next day, Oscar said, "Wanna race?" "Yes!" Magey and Chris replied. “Ready, set, go!” Magey and Chris jumped on Oscar and rolled down the hill. They jumped over the finish line and WON!

Oscar was amazed and was proud of his friends. They all were happy.

The end.

Quinn Mankowski, 7th grade, age 12 Owls Ask Too Many Questions by Michelle Dockrey


There was once a forest, and an old tree in that forest, and an owl in that tree. The other animals of the forest didn't know this owl and didn't care to talk to him, because he would ask too many questions. One day the owl in the old tree set off to find food and landed on a branch occupied by another owl. The other owl looked up and stared at the owl who had just landed on the branch. There was a silence between them until one asked, "Who?" The other simply replied with a "Who?" The owls talked for hours, until the owl decided to go back home to his old tree. He flew away, neither owls' questions answered.

Natalie Magnus, 7th grade, age 12 Cooling Down by NPNLV


"Finally!" Jimmy the sun thought to himself. It was almost night time, which meant Jimmy was going to take a bath. When Jimmy saw Mic the moon he knew his daily job of keeping light for earth was almost over.

The only time Jimmy got a break from heating the world was when the clouds passed over him. Jimmy would get so hot trying to keep the world nice and warm, which would make him sweat. And that's why he likes being able to sit down by the lake.

Now it was Jimmy's favorite part of the day. He made a splash when he jumped into the lake. He grabbed his soap and started scrubbing down. Jimmy was so relieved that he started to fall asleep. "Just another day as a sun," Jimmy thought to himself.

Evan W. Siebert, 6th grade, age 11 Funkalicious by Christopher Golebiowski


Moonwalk was an astronaut who lived on the moon in his retro style apartment. One day his apartment was invaded by aliens while Moonwalk was out grocery shopping on Earth. They threw the wildest party ever!!! The bad thing, at least for Moonwalk, was that these were modern Auto-Tuned aliens, and Moonwalk was an old retro style astronaut who was turning 60 years old that week!

Meanwhile on Earth, Moonwalk was buying eggs and frozen strawberry yogurt and dried ice cream. When he was finished he headed to the NASA HQ and said his goodbyes. Then he slowly stepped into the spaceship and in an astronaut slow motion, he was off to the moon. Back on the moon, the modern aliens decided to take their party to the next level!!! A week later, the aliens decided to leave and suddenly were caught off guard by Moonwalk who punished them by making them listen to retro style music. After a week, Moonwalk was infected by Auto-Tuned music, thus began the adventures of Auto-Tuned astronaut.

Courtney Mankowski, 9th grade, age 14 See Arm for Details by Nathan W. Pyle


Ryan didn't think much of his phone number. It was sweet and simple, and he didn't have to go through all the trouble of memorizing it. He didn't have the best memory one could have - that is to say, he didn't have the worst either - and so what if he liked the number eight, and he was born on August 8th, 1988 at 8:18. And his dog was named ocho. It was an easy phone number.


"Yes?" He sat in one of his chairs, holding his phone in one hand.

"I see you have an octopus up for hire."

"I'm sorry?" Ryan scratched one hand with the other.

"You have an octopus, one that you'd like to hire out?"

"No, I don't own an octopus."

"But I..."

"What do you think I am, owning an octopus," he slapped his forehead impatiently.

"I'm sorry, I didn't..."

"Listen, I've already gotten this call three or four times, what kind of creature do you think 'owns' another octopus!" Ryan held the phone to his ear, slapped his forehead, and scratched one hand with the other all at once while he hung up. "Some animals..." (sigh)

"I don't go around asking people if they own other humans." He crossed his remaining four legs. "all he had to do was ask if he wanted to hire me."

Zola Price, 7th grade, age 12 Hill Race by Aaron Jay


In a small town called Weinberg, there was a population of 100 triangles, 50 squares, 12 diamonds and 1 circle. This young circle presented a problem as I shall now entail to you. Our story starts when he wins his first hill-rolling race.

“Bet you can’t beat me roundy,” Tracy Triangle sneered at him. “I’m the fastest.”

Samuel Square took the lead. However, Casper the Circle was gaining on him, rolling effortlessly. Samuel huffed, and puffed, and rolled with all his might, but could not match Casper’s speed. Tracy Triangle was already passed out after the first two feet. BEEEEEEEEP! The whistle blew again, and the commentator boomed “CASPER CIRCLE HAS WON THE RACE!!!!!” Samuel sat fuming at the finish line, giving everyone dirty looks.

And so Casper’s dilemma begins. The main sport of Weinberg is hill-rolling, and so Casper was now treated like a king, and nearly took the post of one. Casper was given a mansion, threw parties, and became very conceited, because he always won. And so after awhile, people grew tired of his antics, but were powerless, and could not do anything about it.

Until a sharp little diamond named Darla had a very interesting idea one day when Casper was walking through town. "Move out of the way you little punks!" he shouted. “Treat me with some respect."

"Why should anyone respect him? He's such a complete jerk," Darla said to herself. Then a lightbulb went off. No, literally, the square box she was in had a power surge. Although Darla still had an idea. Her plan was to cover Casper's strip of grass with glue just before the game started so he couldn't win.

Yara Pfanner, 7th grade, age 13 See Arm for Details by Nathan W. Pyle


Ollie the Octopus looked in obvious distress. He was pinned to a pole suspended hundreds of feet in the air. He didn’t remember how he got there only it seemed only days ago he was a piece of paper in a package of paper. Ollie was bleeding and in pain. He was there for a long time and he noticed an about 1 foot long thing nearly invisible strip of something. He thought he had seen something like it at his home. Staples. Suddenly a huge amount of force. Ollie was ripped free from his sticky connection and with one more push of immense force, he is pushed through the air.

Carly Nelson, 8th grade, age 13 It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts by Joao Ferreira


Sir Cashworth wasn’t very happy. The other cashier simply did not like him because his open button was broken, so the others did not know how much he was worth.

“Oh dear me. How will I ever know how much I really am worth? I can be worth $1,000,000! I can be worth nothing at all! Oh dear me!” Sir Cashworth cried. Then he heard a knocking at the door. He peeped through the peephole, and saw an unusual sight. A man with many tools was at his door.

“Hello?” he asked.

“Hi there!” the man said. “I heard you had a broken button! I’m here to help.” Before he could reply, the man bent down, took out his button, replaced the screw, and put the button back in.

“Good as new!” said the man. Before Sir Cashworth could thank him, he was out the door. Sir Cashworth pushed the button and was glad to see he was worth a great amount.

Cooling Down by NPNLV

“Boy is it hot up here!” Oscar the sun exclaimed. It was time for him to start setting, and he was relieved. It wasn’t all fun and games being the sun. He had to stay up in the air all day and keep everything warm. Sometimes he got a break when clouds passed by or it stormed outside. Other than that, it was shine, shine, shine until the moon came up. He started to lower, relieved his job was almost through. He saw Roy, the moon, poke through the clouds. He set down into the ocean and grabbed his bar of soap. He smiled and splashed himself with water, then covered himself in bubbles.

“Aaah,” Oscar whispered. He disappeared out of sight. Oscar was cooled off, and ready for the next day to come.

Cherokee Sperry, 7th grade, age 13 Sushi by Benjamin Ang


Rogue Sushi Long ago in Tokyo there lived a young chef named Daisuke. Since he lived in Japan, he had to master sushi. It was Friday night and he just got home from work. It was dark and rainy. Daisuke went to the fish market to buy some fish because on his way home he was like, “I want to make some sushi.” He paid the man for the salmon and went home. In his home he began to prepare his sushi. He wanted to add something else to his sushi roll. He looked in the fridge and saw avocado. He then put it on the salmon. The three pieces of salmon, Bob, Bill, and John suddenly jumped off. They were like, “No man. I don’t roll with avocado bro.” Since they were trained in ninjutsu they killed the avocado and escaped. Ever since then they have been traveling the streets of Tokyo refusing to be combined with avocado.

Dugan Kenaz-Mara, 5th grade, age 10 Frenemies by Victor Maury


Everyone in this picture was sort of an enemy but they’re all together in a meeting for peace, holding hands with their enemies. The main character is either the dragon or the balloon (Jeremey or Oswald) and they’re holding the meeting for peace when everyone gets together. Oswald and Jeremy talk about peace but everyone gets bored and isn’t listening. Then the pirate (Jack) and ninja (Jake) stab each other with their swords and Oswald (the balloon) and Jeremy (dragon) run over to stop the fight. They forget they are holding hands and pull over Moriss (the tack) and Sir Dug (the great knight) who stab and deflate Oswald and Jeremy. With them injured everyone starts killing injuring and destroying. John (ax man) cuts down Greg (the tree), the devil (Dave) burned Nancy (the angel), and cowboy (Douglass) lassoed Chief Big Dog (the Indian), soldier (Walter) shot hippie (Harry), the slide fell on the ladder (both named Joe), the sun blinded the moon (sun and moon are their names), the house and the dagger (John and Larry) got in a fight and the police executed the robber. The peace meeting was a disaster. The end.

Aphra Price, 5th grade, age 10 T-Shark by Branko Ricov


I was just swimming along minding my own business when someone decided it would be funny to put a t-shirt on me! I looked so utterly ridiculous that sea creatures from all over the ocean came to laugh at me. Then my seahorse friend Simon Byars came up with the idea that I could charge people to come and see me! So I made a sign that said: “Come look at a shark who wears a t-shirt!” Simon said that was no good. His sister Sandi came up with the slogan: “Check out the T-Shark!” Someone filmed it and put it on YouTube! I became viral, pulling over 9,000,000,000,0001/2 views. Crowds flocked to see “the T-Shark!” I was rich! I told Simon I wanted to retire. I certainly had enough money. Simon and Sandi got 40% of the money, but I was still a billionaire. Whoever put that t-shirt on me... thank you very much!

Amelia Curry, 7th grade, age 12 All Conference Squirrel by Brock Davis


The Glorious Nut Of Extreme Nuttiness Once upon a time, there was a squirrel named Dean, he lived in a hollow oak tree. One morning, Dean woke up and he was hungry, but not just hungry, he was hungry for a nut. But Dean was tired of ordinary nuts, he wanted a special nut of extreme nuttiness, so Dean went to talk to the wise Mr. Owl who lived in the hollow above him. Dean climbed the tree and crawled into opening.

“Hello!” Dean shouted, hearing his echo around the hollow.

“Who is there?” came Mr. Owl from a distance.

“It’s me, Dean!” he answered.

“Ah, Dean. Have you come the borrow my fallen feathers for your nest?” Mr. Owl asked.

“No, I have come for your guidance,” Dean said.

“What is it, my young bottle-brush tailed friend?” he asked.

“I woke up this morning very hungry, and did not want a walnut or a hazelnut, not even a cashew,” Dean explained.

“Hmm, I think I know the nut for you my crafty friend, but it will not be easy to get it,” said Mr. Owl.

“I’ll do anything! Please tell me of this nut!” said Dean eagerly.

“The Glorious Nut of Extreme Nuttiness is an acorn that tastes like no acorn ever tasted! Its shell never empties. But to reach it you must face three tasks. Follow the trail lined with oaks to reach it. Good luck!” said Mr. Owl as Dean ran out down the tree and toward the nut of glory. He soon found the path and moved very quickly until he met a river.

“To reach the Glorious Nut of Extreme Nuttiness you must cross me,” the river said in a deep voice.

“Oh, dear! I cannot swim and the river is far too wide to leap,” said Dean. Dean would not give up that easy, soon he fashioned a raft out of log and floated across.

“Ha, ha! I’m too clever for you, old river!” cried Dean as he ran down the path. Soon Dean came to a halt at a tall wall.

“To reach the Glorious Nut of Extreme Nuttiness you must pass me,” bellowed the wall in an arrogant manner.

“The wall is too slick to climb and I see no way around!” cried Dean. But Dean was crafty. He grabbed a sharp stick and then tricked a hawk into grabbing him. When they were over the wall Dean poked the hawk with the stick making the hawk drop him into a tree.

“Ha, ha! I’m too crafty for you slick wall!” Dean cried as he hurried down the path, soon he reached a clearing. At the center stood an oak tree twice as tall as his own and on that oak was the Glorious Nut of Extreme Nuttiness, but standing in front of it was a Unicorn.

“To reach the Glorious Nut of Extreme Nuttiness you must pass me” she said in a voice of silk. Dean didn’t know what to do. I cannot fight this unicorn, nor can I out smart her, thought Dean. Then Dean had an idea.

“Please, may I pass to reach Glorious Nut of Extreme nuttiness?” asked Dean politely.

“Clever Squirrel. You know not to start a battle until you must, for that you may pass.” the unicorn said smiling and stepping aside.

“Thank you!” said Dean hurrying to the Glorious nut of extreme nuttiness, but when he tried to crack it, it would not open to reveal its riches.

“Why will it not open?” cried Dean in frustration.

“You may be clever Dean, but I do not praise greed, what did you intend to do with that nut?” she asked coldly.

“I wanted to eat it!” shouted Dean. Then it dawned on him, he was eating the Glorious nut of extreme nuttiness all for himself. He ran back to his oak tree and climbed into Mr. Owl’s hollow and invited him to share the nut, at this the nut opened.

Threadless U Midterm Results Are In!

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The results from the Threadless U Midterm are in! Maybe we should have expected this, but the No-it-All-House is REALLY cleaning up. But we do have a special bonus prize for a certain group of scrappy PHI-ghters.

The winner of Monday’s tweet challenge: No-it-All-House +1 advantage at the final exam

The winner of Tuesday’s mascot challenge: No-it-All-House +1 advantage at the final exam

Here’s their winning mascot: image

The winner of Wednesday’s voting challenge: No-it-All-House +1 advantage at the final exam

Now, this challenge got pretty interesting. The No-It-All-House had an amazing 25,714 votes. But, the Phi Club who has the least members almost took the win with 24,421. Check out the stats!


So, because of their incredible per person voting average of 469 votes/member, we’re awarding an advantage to Phi Club as well! Congrats Phi Club. You’re kind of like Rudy! +1 advantage at the final exam

And last but not least, the winner of Thursday's frat motto challenge: No-it-All-House +1 advantage at the final exam

Their motto is: The Only Thing We Don't Know Is How To Lose.

Now, don’t fret, other frats. All is not lost. You’ve still got another week of challenges coming your way! Rally the troops and make next week’s numbers even higher! Class dismissed.

Today's Threadless U Challenge: Mascot Photoshop Challenge!

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Photoshop 403: Mascot Portaits

Settle down class, settle down. It’s time to announce today’s activity! Your task for today is a Photoshop challenge! The rules are simple: Photoshop your house’s mascot into the most awesome of awesome photos. Make it awesome. Make it scary. Make it scary awesome.

Your ambassador will send in your house’s top two picks and Threadstaff will choose a winner. That house will win the challenge and an advantage at next Friday’s Final Exam! Ready? Commence ‘shopping!

Also, don’t forget, we’re still accepting subs for best collab tee design and best general tee design. Submissions must be in by next Thursday, August 25!

Today's Threadless U Challenge: Create Your Frat's Motto!

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Slogans 203: Why Mottos Matter

Good morning, class! Well, all we can say is WOW. You guys really rocked the voting challenge yesterday. Nice work.

But now it’s time to take your seats because we’re ready with today’s challenge. Your task today is to come up with a motto for your frat house.

Work together with your house to craft the words your house lives by. What will it be? “Design ‘til you die”? “Nerds Rule because Nerds have Rulers”? “Never party alone”? Whatever it is, decide amongst your house and your ambassador will submit your totally awesome motto. Threadstaff will choose the winning motto and that house will win the challenge and an advantage at next Friday’s Final Exam!

Carpe Diem!

Today's Threadless U Challenge: Vote On Designs!

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Voting 304: Every vote counts

Happy hump day students! Today your challenge is to vote your little hearts out. There’s tons of designs up right now so you might be pulling an all-nighter trying to vote on all of them. But it will all be worth it, because the house that votes the most wins today’s challenge and a special advantage at the Final Exam!

So don’t just stand there, start voting!

The winners for this week’s challenges will be announced this Friday.

Also, don’t forget, we’re also accepting subs for best collab tee design and best general tee design. Submissions are due by next Thursday, August 25!

Today's Threadless U Challenge: Create A House Mascot!

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Class: Your Mascot and You

Good morning Threadless U. Very nice tweeting yesterday. A+ to everyone. Now on to today’s task. As a house, you must create a mascot for your frat. It’s kind of like choosing your spirit animal.

Creating the symbol that most accurately represents what your house stands for could be difficult, but we know you’re up to the challenge. Work together to develop the most awesome, totally terrific, unbelievably cool mascot you possibly can. Your house mascot will also be used in this Friday’s Photoshop Challenge, so make it awesome.

Your ambassador will submit your final design and then the Threadstaff will decide which house has the best mascot.

Good luck!

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