Name Our Dance Moves! - Mig

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rhythmdev9 named this one The Stop Drop and Reckon and won a display art panel!

We'll pick our favorite Friday morning 8/20 at 10 am CT! The winner will get their choice of display art panel!

(4 more dancers to come - 4 more chances to win!)

Threadspotting: Funkalicious Vs. The World!

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It's the valiant return of Threadspotting! Just because we haven't been talkin' about it, doesn't mean the spotting isn't happening! We've been crazy busy over here, cranking out tanks, new color options, and other mysterious operations!

But we just couldn't let this one pass! A bunch of folks emailed about...


It's Funkalicious! In Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World! True, it's on a strange color, and normally such thing would be a red flag, but you'll be pleased to know that Mr. Pilgrim reached out to us last year and we gave 'em the A-OK symbol. In FACT, digging back into the archives... Way back in '07, an eagle eyed community member sent us this...

Funkalicious comic

A panel from the actual comic! Volume 4. They wanted Funkalicious all along!

Wow. We're psyched!

As always, if you see Threadless tees in the wild, send us a note at and we'll talk about them here... AND we'll give you some Street Team Points too!

5 Designs Now On Tank Tops!

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You wanted it, we wanted it, we both got it! Today we launched 5 choice Threadless designs on Tank Tops! Now you can expose your arms and show your shoulders in style! Check these out...

99 Luftballoons Swan Song Cookie Loves Milk

Because I Can't Forget Fake Pandas Have More Fun

Make An August/September Mix For The Warehouse

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We have a winner!

We love music in the warehouse here at Threadless and we want to get our community involved. Due to Threadless moving to a new location we have combined this into two months. This time we are going to use the theme of "Dead Stars." Make us a mix of songs that are by or about stars that have passed on. It can be rock stars, movie stars, or even balls of gas stars. Here's an example:

Please include "Dead Stars" in your mix title and tag it Threadless

Use the awesome site

Upload your mix of at least 8 tracks and submit the link in a comment on this blog. The warehouse crew will vote on their fave mix of the month and that person will win a $50 Gift Certificate and 8tracks will send the winner an 8tracks tee shirt!

To keep things fair and simple we will only listen to the first mix submitted and only 8 tracks of the mix.

We have a wide variety of taste but first and foremost we like to keep it fun.


A New Design Challenge! Loves Maxtopia!

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Threadless Loves MAXtopia

Mother nature meets motherboard in this amazing new challenge brought to us by the wonderful folks at Adobe. Nature and technology have been at odds for too darn long and we think it’s time to for ‘em to get along! (On a tee.)

Your challenge is to design an awesome tee inspired by MAXtopia: the celebration of nature + technology!

Your design could net you a full Adobe® Creative Suite 5 Design Premium PLUS it could play a major role at the Adobe MAX event! Connecting, discovering, inspiring: It's all part of why we LOVES this challenge! You have until August 29 to submit!

And speaking of Adobe MAX, Threadless will be holding a panel there, featuring some of our printed artists! It's October 26th at 4:30! Hope you can join us!

@Home Game #4: Dream Dj!

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TOUR STOP: 7/15 - West Coast Social w/ DJ Greg Dulli in Los Angeles, CA!


SAY WHAT?: Bob Nanna nearly dropped his sandwich when he found out that Greg Dulli of the Afghan Whigs would be DJ-ing our West Coast Social event. Who would be your dream DJ and why? What would they play? Could be anyone living, dead, fictional or otherwise! Tell us who, why and what and we'll pick our favorite answers.

YOUR REWARD: One (1) winner will receive this awesome piece of retail art and be entered into October grand prize raffle. Two (2) runners up to be entered into the October grand prize raffle.

DEADLINE: August 9th. 10am CT.

ENCOURAGEMENT: Dreams do come true!

Yay For Threadless Kids!

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We’ve got 24 more designs made just for the little ones in your life. Snag any tee, hoody, hoodsie, or onesie for the kiddos and get free shipping on your order!

We’ve also got a new activity corner, where you can download coloring pages and play puzzles online, inspired by Threadless Kids! designs.

Oh, and the icing on the Threadcake? Every single Threadless order gets a free coloring book until forever (or until we run out). Oh oh and wait kids, there’s more! You can buy the full 52-page coloring book too! Check it out over on Lulu!

Little Designers, Big Ideas!

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Is your kid crazy for crayons? Mad for markers? Tickled by tees? You may have a future Threadless designer on your hands!

Download this tee template and have your kids draw a design of their very own on it, then scan it or take a picture and post it to the Threadless Kids! facebook wall.

Be sure to put your child's first name, last initial, age and the name of their design in the description. Share the picture on your own wall too and see if your friends "Like" it! :)

We'll choose a winner from each age group (4 and under, 5-6, 7-8 and 10-12) to win a $50 Threadless gift certificate. We'll also choose an overall winner to receive a pack of 12 Threadless Kids! tees and a $100 Threadless gift certificate. Woo hoo! Be sure to upload your pictures by 10am CT on Monday, August 9th.

Winners will be chosen based on the 3 A's- Awesomeness, Adorability, and Artistry.