A New Loves Challenge! Get Your Geeks On!

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Attention Threadless geeks! The time has come for us to be unashamed of our quest for outrageous knowledge, our intellectual and social quirks, not to mention our big and busy brains. We believe being a geek should be celebrated. It's a badge of honor, a compliment, so it's about time we gave it proper digni-TEE!

Your challenge is to design an amazing tee based on geek-dom!!

Your awesomely geeky tee could net you some mind-blowing loot, courtesy of Microsoft and instant fame,* courtesy of The Society For Geek Advancement. Plus, Microsoft will be donating $2500 to #blamedrewscancer in the chosen designer's name!

So what do you say? Are you in? Then geek out! You have until Oct 1 to submit!

*instant fame not guaranteed

A Revisited Loves Challenge... Horror Ii (The Revenge)

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Every good (or most likely, bad) horror flick has a sequel, right? Usually the second chapter pales in comparison to the original, but not this time, bucko! It’s the revenge of…

Your challenge is to once again design a tee based on the concept of horror!

What frighteningly fantastic submissions are rattling around in that cobweb-ridden attic of yours? We’re shaking in anticipation! Back on board are Rue Morgue and Devil’s Due Publishing to provide an awesome cauldron full of loot, and this time, we’re encouraging the community to get involved too! Email community@threadless.com to donate some stuff!

You have until September 14 to submit! Get creepy, y'all!

9/9/09 - It's Almost Time!

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It’s not 9/9/09 every day (in fact, we’re pretty sure it will only happen once) and we simply cannot pass up the opportunity to have some fun!

And so, on each day of September, leading up to 9/9, we’ll be posting Top 9 lists from some notable folks! We encourage you to comment with your top 9s as well, and take a shot at guessing the #1’s! Set your bookmarks!!!

9/1 - Mary Alice's Top 9 songs to put a smile on your face! 9/2 - Bobby Long's Top 9 movies he wishes he could have written songs for! 9/3 - STV SLV's Top 9 Bass Intros I Wanted To Learn When I Got A Bass In 9th Grade 9/4 - Owen's Top 9 Bad Habits 9/5 - Supernews' Brian Shortall's Top 9 episodes of "Small Wonder" 9/6 - Shira Lazar's top 9 awesome people she follows on Twitter! 9/7 - MCS's Tony Thaxton's top 9 LOST moments (spoilers!) 9/8 - Jake Nickell's top 9 favorite tees! 9/9 - #1s almost ready to be revealed!

We'll be revealing the #1s at 4:00 cst! It's not too late to guess!

Back 2 Cool Sale Extended Till Wednesday!

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Oh yeah! You know we couldn't just end it today! We launched a ton of new tees (and some classics, too) and we're keeping the sale going TWO MORE DAYS! But come Wednesday at 10 am cdt, this sale is over! So get back 2 cool, already, before its 2 late!

Hacked Email Accounts - Spam

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To those of you who may have been affected by the hacking of our mass-email services provider late last weekend, the following information is everything that we are currently up to speed on:

Our mass-email services provider, Campaign Monitor had their had a large portion of their database hacked into last weekend (which continued through the middle of this week) and many of their clients email lists were compromised, including Threadless. As a result, an number (still unknown exactly how many as of this post) of our community members and newsletter subscribers email addresses were compromised and as a result those addresses have been hit with spam.

We can assure you that we always take your privacy very seriously and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this unfortunate incident may have caused. This is a vendor that we are no longer utilizing and we hope that we don't incur problems like this in the future.

This is a post from earlier this week with some details, we'll provide the update shortly thereafter:

Hey everyone - I wanted to clear up a few points before some rumors and speculation start becoming confused with what is actually happening.

Why does this vendor even have an email list to begin with?

Because this vendor provided mass-email messaging services for us (namely sending out newsletters, upcoming sale info, etc.) When we send out our weekly newsletter, keep in mind it goes to hundreds of thousands of subscribers - the process isn't as simple as typing in "to: everyone" then clicking send. As our community grew, it became very difficult to send out our newsletters and updates in house, thus the need for a third-party vendor to provide these services.

So why do they still have the list if you haven't used them in 6 months?

Because when you walk away from a vendor that provides these services, it's not just a clean break. These vendors are required to keep these lists for some time because of opt-out lists - Community members opt-out/unsubscribe from old emails all the time - emails that were sent through the old vendor. This is really common practice and above all, it keeps us compliant with the spam laws regarding the ability of recipients to opt out of our communications (i.e. CAN-SPAM Act of 2003).

So what really happened?

The vendor in question, (I am purposely not giving their name at this point because their site is still under attack as of this message) is being aggressively attacked by some evil hackers who not only gained access to our mailing list, but gained access to at least a few other of their clients email databases as well.

We are currently working with this vendor to assess the damage and find out how many email addresses were actually obtained, once we have this information we will be contacting those people who were affected by this unfortunate incident.

One last point I want to make is that we do take our privacy policy very seriously - so much so that we had our website, our privacy policy and related practices certified by a leading third party watchdog (www.truste.org). Having the trust of our community is of the utmost importance to us and we strive to maintain this level of trust every single day.

Chicago! Swing By The Busybeaver Launch Party Aug 8!

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Investing in gold and art is for everyone. Join Busy Beaver Button Company to celebrate the Grand Opening of its new headquarters with a new Button-O-matic series featuring the first-ever 24-karat gold buttons on August 8, 2009 in Chicago.

Series Ten curator Dustin Hostetler aka Upso from Threadless Select and Faesthetic Magazine used the theme “Currency” to organize artists including Threadless friends; Spacesick, Ginette Lapalme, Travis Millard, Christopher Norris, Damien Correll & Nicholas Gazin!

Busy Beaver received a Small Business Improvement Fund (SBIF) grant from the city of Chicago to rehab a vintage storefront in Logan Square with geothermal heating and cooling, salvaged materials, and recycled rubber tire floors. The opening party features a ribbon cutting with Alderman Rey Colon, and a diverse showcase of Busy Beaver button customers including a DIY ice cream maker, pirate radio station, and music.

Hope to see you there! More info at: BusyBeaver.net


The Threadless Yearbook! Quote 2 Win!

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The Threadless yearbook committee needs your help! Some of our students forgot to fill out the "quote" section to be displayed by their portrait. So it's up to YOU to come up with a ridiculous, hilarious, awesome quote for each pic! Each school day, we'll be posting a new pic, and each school day our favorite quote-r will win a 12 Club Membership!!


It's Time For The Back To Cool Sale!

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Woohoo! We're celebrating that awesome time of the year when everybody goes BACK TO COOL! Everything is ON SALE (even the brand new stuff!) and in easy-to-navigate categories!

The sale ends Monday, August 17, so waste not one minute more! Find some awesome tees NOW!